70 Lessons Condensed Part 2-The Spiritual Body

70 Lessons Condensed Part 2 - The Spiritual Body

The spiritual body that I believe Victor is talking about in this one is the existence of angels all around us that help us and guide us on a daily basis.

Published on Feb 19, 2017

Much of this video is clearer in reverse than it is in forward and there are a few spots that are fuzzy. But overall it is another excellent example of quantum communications. Throughout it, you can not only hear Victor communicating quantumly, but also myself and another member of the family near the end. In it, Victor encourages us to believe in the angels that are all around us to help us on a daily basis. Part of their goal is to help us avoid evil and grow spiritually so we can move on to the next level of spiritual evolution.

(note: There are a few spots in this where I stopped the video and continued recording later, so there are a couple of scenes combined here. However, Victor often would pick up where he left off in the last video as he meticulously planned what he was going to say. There is a lot going on in this video so please use headphones and when there are two different messages coming at the same time you may have to go over it a few times and try and focus on each one separately. If you can take the time to read the text part first it can give you a better understanding of the flow and message he is communicating without having to see the two versions of each forward and backward mode. You can either read the text below the video here on this page or wait until the end of the video where it is also added. If this one is too fast or too hard to understand try the slowed down version at the bottom of the page.



The Spiritual Body Lesson 2
Part 1
(for) Yes, I might breed a culture
(rev) with the videos you will see.

Part 2
(for) Like a jury would think I'm supposed to be bosh like their budgie.
(rev) If he started showing this dialogue they'd have

Part 3
(for) to enlist their doctors. You see they tend to call me fake here.
(rev) Every emotion Ryan has sure has reason.

Part 4
(for) That's really tough here. How's your beer?
(rev) And so (even I emotionally know what you're
having.) We are with him.

Part 5
(for) Again Ryan shall be complete when they will come with some belief. But first, you're going to believe the truth.
(rev) Soon you will know for sure how to find angels and begin talking with heaven.

Part 6
(for) A toast goes to all them walking around your house
(rev) stamping out evil. We know as you console these souls.

Part 7
(for) Don't believe all the concepts that puts us at a big war.
(rev) We've all been blessed with a spiritual body and

Part 8
(for) we're given much to save us from suffering by God.
(ref) God can help us (give you wisdom) to resist all the evil.

Part 9
(for) I'd like to promise you, once you know what's belied the truth
(rev) you're shown the way to heaven. We shall need (in heaven) your love

Part 10
(for) And you'll have the key. Actually, all will have the right to come. We know that
(rev) another love you'll find will be waiting for you.

Part 11
(for) Oh, oh, be different right now! You cannot miss it!
(rev) An awesome form of life will be admitting you. So go! (Ryan says: and you have no idea.)

Part 12
(for) We're right to unite the world if they dock here.
(rev) Tread slowly in this world and you'll hear it.

Part 13
(for) Your future's happy you connect with life's symphony.
(rev) And the song is having people in our life
(Ryan says: who can evolve. See me emerge, hallelujah!)

Part 14
(for) Words free me. As things come out you shall be free. That's enough for sure. Turn it off.
(rev) And I feel all this love. (Ryan says: You'd have to.) Do you feel as fuzzy and excited too? (Family member says:
Does anybody really need these dimensions?)
(Ryan says: We've decided to pray. Are you tired?)

Here is the slowed down version


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