Positions-Ariana Grande (Reversed)

Positions by Ariana Grande (Reversed)



 The words to this reversed song as transcribed by Ryan go like this:

Ryan, the Angels had faith and now implore you to have some fun, for the election did elect President Biden.
In the course of this, the Angels have seen you explore the truth and make this miracle highly obvious.
For those who love God did elect President Biden who endorses a reverse of this evil Trump created.
Humanities call was to fight chaos that just manifests evil.
Know Biden was wiser and could know why divine knowledge supports a mandate that's good.
Your projections were so importantly for Biden, and you are fortunate to know that this knowledge could foresee and connect issues born in selfishness.
For all that's good they elected President Biden who'll work in the presence of Angels more than the presidents who previously held the office.
Biden follows the good men who have.
President Biden will work in the presence of Angels.
You'll know spiritually, when he speaks out.
Ryan will suggest the Angels stream the philosophy that's in our religion when men are not lying.
When there's not a mountain that shows subversion, good humans will wake up to a man who forecasts the shadow to forge hate in his effort.
The court cases that we'll see prevents the evil that evil wishes.
The quorum forwards the forms to elect President Biden for he'll work in the presence of Angels.
When your election has experienced this miracle, could we all suggest humanity sees that these things are not done in an election and are not allowed again?
If it does not allow him to have guilt, he will believe he won and enforce his black pain that encourages neglect.


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