Dream Interpretation Exposed Breasts Dream

Dream Interpretation Exposed Breasts Dream

I am going to classify this as a confirmation as a miracle instead of a prophecy. My son and I had been apart for over a year and he had no idea that I was doing dream translations/transcriptions until I did this one for him. You will see why it is a miracle as it unfolds.

Mar 2, 2007 at 10:27am

Post by Adam Kadman on Mar 2, 2007 at 10:27am
Hi everyone,
Please say a prayer for my son as he is experiencing some problems. He is doing well in school but he just split up with his girlfriend and is having a hard time dealing with it. Unfortunately he lets his emotions get the best of him, and then it affects his decisions in life. Right now he has the lead roll in his high school musical play, which I am very proud of him for, but he just had a split up with his girlfriend and I pray it does not affect him too much. He has taken the last 2 days off school because of it, so I asked God to give me direction and send me a dream so that I may be able to help him in some way, as I have talked to him several times about it, but nothing seems to work.

Yesterday I told him I would be sending him a transcription of the dream that I received and this is the email I sent to him.

Hi Anthony,

I mentioned I was going to do a transcription for you about the dream I had the other night. Somehow I believe what I am doing has opened up a spiritual part of me I never had before and I thank God for that. Many people in my religious group believe that I have this spiritual connection as well. There is usually something in the transcription that is revealed to them that only God would know. I hope this is the same in this transcription. Never the less, you may find some things in it that you may not agree with or understand, but also things that you can learn from. You may have to read it several times. It may start off a bit rough but then it explains things more clearly as the transcription unfolds.

My dream:
It was kind of a weird dream. I observed you in a room with your girlfriend. She was laying in a bed with her breasts exposed. Don't worry, I did not look. :-) She had a cover on most of her body, up to her stomach. You were in the room at the foot of the bed and you walked over to the right side of the bed, and asked her if there was anything that she wanted. She replied, "Something sweet."

This is the transcription that I received from this dream. Again, it may trigger something that happened to you or it may not, but there is always something to learn. I have done many transcriptions for people in my religious group and they have a much better understanding of spirituality then they ever had before. When I receive the transcription, I type what I hear. If you want to think that it has opened up some kind of inspirational area in my mind or soul, that is OK. But I believe that it is God's way of communicating with me and others.

  1. Ryan had a dream of Anthony's girlfriend. She was naked with her breasts exposed to Anthony. Anthony asked her if she wanted something and she said "a sweet thing". That is why Anthony had a fall out with her.
  2. He wasn't very experienced with problems that arise in a relationship. She has done many things for him, but Anthony does not know how to show love in return. This is a problem for many people who are in love.
  3. Breasts are a symbol of beauty, and she needed to hear that she was beautiful. He has to give her many compliments for her to be happy. This is a way to show that he is loving.
  4. And he will be able to have some fun with her. And he must show her how special she is to him. He must always find a reason to show her that he cares.
  5. So this is a lesson for him. Always have compassion for others. Especially those that you care for.
  6. There is a question. If he will show her he is suffering, will she come back to him in a relationship? If he really feels her love is deep in his soul, then he will have to find a way to make it stop hurting, if she doesn't.
  7. When you feel there is pain in your heart, you must learn from it Anthony. Or else people in your life will think that you are not a very good person. Your dad told you to move on with your life and you agreed you should do it.
  8. You cannot hold on to all your problems in life. When you move on, you will have other problems to deal with. If you carry all of your problems, they will get so heavy you won't be able to deal with any of them.
  9. You are a beautiful young man, who is looked up to by many of people. You have to show them why they look up to you.
  10. You are very special and your father is proud of you. God knows you will do a lot of good for this world Anthony. Music is just one of the gifts that you have.
  11. God is also very proud of you Anthony. You have to begin to wake up the spiritual part of you to experience all the miracles God has in store for you. Right now your heart is hurting. So you have to get rid of this hurt in your soul.
  12. When you let these things affect your life then you begin to experience fear. Your confusion affects a part of your soul and it affects your happiness and then you question God and you feel like God has abandoned you in life.
  13. You question the very existence of the relationship you have with God. This is when the evil attaches itself to your heart and causes evil emotions in your soul.
  14. As soon as you feel confusion, then you know there is evil in you, and it will affect your life through your actions.
  15. Anthony didn't go to school today because he had some confusion. The actions that we have in confusion will often be in the direction of evil. Evil is anything that is not good and has a negative impact on your future.
  16. People who love you want the best for your future. Anthony you need to free yourself of all this hurt that is in your heart. It doesn't do you any good. If you are spiritual you can learn from these experiences in your life.
  17. Don't you ever forget God is with you and He wants the best for you. When we begin to learn from each event we make spiritual growth in our life. When you refuse to let this evil in your heart, then you can grow with the gifts God has given you.
  18. You want to be a spiritual person and we are telling you how you can do it. God gives you many choices throughout your life and it is up to you to make the right decision for a better future. You know it is evil not to forgive the people that do you harm in life. You have to learn how to forgive others to be able to forgive yourself.
  19. Do you know that spirituality is the main source of inspiration in life? People who are inspired by love, listen to music to feel the spirituality of it and not to experience depression from it.
  20. Spiritual people get their direction from God. So every time you have a problem, seek His direction, and you will have a happier life.
  21. Your father has sent you this transcription by email because he is worried. You can refuse to listen if you want because you are old enough to make your own decisions. However, he hopes that you will learn from this. He can only help you if you choose to listen.
  22. Spirituality is the evolution of your soul. Spirituality has the answers to all the questions that you shall have in life. Anthony has to make a big decision. If he cannot listen he will be miserable, or he can accept change in his life.
  23. Your dad has a reason to worry about you. He carried a lot of evil in his heart which affected him much of his life too, but he realized that he needed to make changes.
  24. And he hopes you will forgive him, so you will not make the same mistakes. He would like to resume this relationship that he had with you when you were younger. He knows you have a real good reason to doubt him, but this is the event that made him want to change his life. He knew he would have to make these changes through spirituality to rid himself of his evil ways.

    The Ryan Reynolds Adam Kadmon
    Mar 2, 2007 at 11:29am

    Post by Anne Terri on Mar 2, 2007 at 11:29am
    Hello Ryan and Everyone,

    I hope one day to see Anthony here in this forum. That would make me so happy. I'm sure we all hope our children embrace this religion. It's my dream.

    I feel the love in this transcript Ryan, and I know God has given Anthony sound advice. In addition, his talent is something special. We are all given gifts from God. I feel Anthony is blessed in many ways, especially in being your son. He's about to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

    I'm placing this transcript into March dreams and Symbols in Religion.

    Anne Terri

    Mar 3, 2007 at 3:54pm

    Post by Signgirl on Mar 3, 2007 at 3:54pm
    Hi Everyone,
    Anthony's Direction from God has a very important tip for all our relationships. This is a problem for many people who are in love.

Breasts are a symbol of beauty, and she needed to hear that she was beautiful.
He has to give her many compliments for her to be happy.
This is a way to show that he is loving.
And he will be able to have some fun with her.
And he must show her how special she is to him.
He must always find a reason to show her that he cares.

Signgirl said:
I am so glad God has helped us all with this. I am single now and of course prayers for the perfect man for me have been on my list. Last week I had an experience that made me realize how much I need to hear open words of affection from the man I will be with. I put that into my prayers too. So when I got to this part of the transcript I burst into tears. I have been in a relationship where I was rarely shown affection, and it certainly was not expressed with words. I felt hurt so many times and I would allow my emotions to get me down. It caused a lot of confusion in my life. In my experience often men think that making love is the only expression of love and emotion that a woman needs as that is often enough for them, however, women tend to need more and God has put it perfectly.
If all of us can learn from this lesson I think we will go far in being truly happy in our relationships.
Thank you God for this loving advise for everyone.

My prayers are with Anthony, he is not alone, I am still learning the lessons of love and I am twice his age. If we all had this advise when we were Anthony's age things would likely have been different for us. I pray Anthony accepts this wonderful gift.

Mar 4, 2007 at 5:26pm

Post by Adam Kadman on Mar 4, 2007 at 5:26pm
Hi Everyone,
I talked to my son today and he thanked me for the transcription. He did not agree with the first part though as he believes he treated her with lots of love. However, the rest of it he did.

Interestingly enough, the part of the play that he is in is Joseph and the Technocolour Dream Coat. He plays the lead role of Joseph who is a dream translator. I did not know what the play was about until now so I though it was quite interesting how God chose him to be the lead in the play.

The Ryan Reynolds Adam Kadmon

Mar 4, 2007 at 6:52pm

Post by Adam Kadman on Mar 4, 2007 at 6:52pm
Hi everyone,
After I talked to Anthony today, I did another transcription to see if there was more about what he said. I was also very amazed at how he got this lead role in this particular play as well. He was not part of the drama team and he was chosen over a number of other students. He even took one term off school that he is going to make up in the summer, and went to the audition during his time off. Here is the angels response.


  1. Anthony did treat her very good in this relationship. But, he felt that he was treating her too good. And this is where the evil could attach itself to his heart. It is never wrong to treat someone with love and compassion. And he should never change.
  2. God is beginning to make everything center on your religion here. It is the gift of intervention from your God. God will bless your life through miracles full of blessings from family. Now Anthony has a lesson in understanding your mission.
  3. Do you think it is a coincidence, the prophet he is playing? These miracles will happen often in this religion. This is how your son understands you are a religious man and gains some respect for your religion.
  4. God sent you this miracle for a reason. It is a reversal of evil that comes from our religion here. And you shall believe in it.

    Mar 5, 2007 at 8:39am

    Post by Anne Terri on Mar 5, 2007 at 8:39am
    Hello Ryan and Everyone,

    I'm glad I didn't miss this post. I almost did!!!

    I must reply to this one, for Joseph and The Amazing Technocolor Dreamcoat is one of my favorite broadway musicals. I have a copy of the movie version starring Donny Osmond. In fact, I was thinking of this musical when I painted the multi colored cloak that Jesus wears in the miracle painting I'm working on. I call it Jesus's dream coat.

    I believe Anthony looks the part of Joseph. This is awesome, not only because I feel such an affinity with this musical, but because of the way God is working here.

    A big WOW!


    Mar 5, 2007 at 9:57am

    Post by Adam Kadman on Mar 5, 2007 at 9:57am
    Hi Terri,
    This is also a big wow! So many miracles on top of miracles taking place each day here.
    The Ryan Reynolds Adam Kadmon
  5. Mar 6, 2007 at 6:57am

    Post by Carlo Ferdinando on Mar 6, 2007 at 6:57am
    Hi Terri,
    Actually, Joseph was MY most loved musical, remember?
    When you saw it in the USA you did not think a lot of it.
    You changed you mind later and that was a good thing. A miracle too?
    One never knows what some action can bring, even so many times later. You know that I went to see Joseph because of my daughter and now Ryan is going to see it because of his son. Amazing.

    Mar 6, 2007 at 8:10am

    Post by Anne Terri on Mar 6, 2007 at 8:10am
    Hi Carlo,

    I stand corrected! ;D Of course, I'm using what God has taught us on conceding to the other. ;)

    You are right! The first production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, I saw, was in a dinner theater in America. That's over 20 years ago!!!

    My spiritualism was not too high yet either. To make it worse, they didn't do too good a job on it, and it's such a fine musical. I have a long history with that show don't I?

    God works wonders on all of us here.


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