Presentation 12b - Summer Prophecy (Short Version)



Words to "Summer Prophecy"

Presentation 12

Part 1

(for) Okay, he published so far this video about his family and how they like to eat. And that little part when you seen Linda trying to get out of the way denotes having a kind

(rev) effort to affect what is merely shown, and finally you’ll see his home. With his family, we see strength when you stress to the people what they’ll see is not possible to fake. (Ryan in reverse says:)    They will see..

Part 2

(for) Linda is not knowing in any form, and cannot even take a break. God’s assured, in the future she can. We’ve got to pick out a time when we’re going to begin.

(rev) Ryan, you should work on a closer view and practice it. If you haven’t, use the zoom. You have even  this little girl who has a spiritual home. Here’s a prophecy.

Part 3

(for) Doing rare work you love, you’re a great pioneer to our world. We need a little more to be like Ryan who have experienced God.

(rev) How they explore their love will tell you how we know them. You are able to show your first following. They will get to walk

Part 4

(for) in every garden we have walked. What shall we giveth a man on Earth that doesn’t fly? We need to work more and show a form that helps him experience everything good. We’ll carry him

(rev) a religion that will give him some help where it’s possible. Help us show you actions that are more spiritual for Earth. They have made their lives for God. During the experience

Part 5

(for) the progress you invest is swift. Remember, we live by respect. We expect the next chapter you’ll hear Linda playing with Danny while being psycho on her hand.

(rev) They might cause an issue, as he is an animal emotionally. Danny has an affection for her. If this upsets you, the passion of some parrots will feel this challenge for love.

Part 6

(for) Ryan will commit and begin to work on many things here and it will be big by the summer. By next February, with video,

(rev) Ryan gets help here with someone. He is actually a minister who encourages him in a special title heaven bestowed on him.

Part 7

(for) I’ll be going somewhere with God. We’re going up really far. We cannot forget a friend is coming from afar to enjoy and believe in Ryan. In addition, we’re going to reveal a future you’ll like with him.

(rev) They will accept your reasoning if you show you’ll approach it with the Angels up in heaven. God chose to help them find this light. Ryan, we’ll insist you are the person for a religious union

Part 8

(for) that really believes in prophecy. They’ll finally speak in the kitchen and swear that they like what we’re doing. We were seeking these people to give some light on what’s come here.  You will not provide anything.

(rev) You will make a house of God for expressing your practical mission. We wish you more help in quantum reverse.  If they listen, many will have the miracle and hear it right.

Part 9

(for) Everything that is here, we bring, with a need to resolve a future religion. It will let you link to a kind of life they offer. There’s a group we love

(rev) exploring your whole culture. Hearing God’s Angels shall help them get it done from heaven. When you post your videos, you shall have a message for them.

Part 10

(for) Before your dinner with God, we know there were bad times. This little budgie died and gave their people a mission and spiritual

(rev) goal. We will see soon how all of you people know the skeptics who have elected to rebuke it. As long as you’re spiritual,

Part 11

(for) what they do won’t strengthen the future of Earth. Belief and authority will get you results. This one prophecy will move forward when they catch on. The many reporters that they welcome get to be there. We will all have to work out the versions with some sort of compromise that ensures it’s a good version.

(rev) They should be close to what the Angels said. Mostly, we shall find out which one to use. You’ll find that heaven will approve what we are proud to do. We all know confusion will induce what truth is. There’s no pressure, for Ryan trains you to listen to Angels.

Part 12

(for) And this is not believable if anyone can offer a transcript, so everyone shouldn’t be able to.

(rev) In heaven, we shall declare this as a miracle. In our view, Ryan’s a saint.

Part 13

(for) In his spirit, God will right any wrongs through what we will get by Angels who look at your group posts. God will provide everything you’re struggling with.

(rev) You will usually have adventures in history as a prophet. Even in science you’ll hear of Ryan as a powerful man. Here we have defined Ryan.


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