Presentation 19- God's Challenge by Victor the Budgie



(Forward Part 1)
I can’t believe that I am free to talk what might seem good to very bad. Ryan, he has to know if these things coming are frightening.
(Reverse Part 1)
He knows that we won’t deceive him with immoral silence. We’ll have miracles releasing the light with timing. We need to pass it
(Forward Part 2)
with some vital talking budgie contents placed on record for future
(Reverse Part 2)
reference. We know you must see some light in what we’ve been trying (to pass to you). What’s next
(Forward Part 3)
if you choose to construct your future that starts to place
(Reverse Part 3)
devotion and even follow some of your dreams?
(Forward Part 4)
When it comes actually, they’ll see and get to think your ideals are alike, raised as God let them glow.
(Reverse Part 4)
Follow them which helps you, and eventually you’ll find use for each of them. If this passion
(Forward Part 5)
is looking for an issue, you’re accepting what they want to. Until they listen, treasure them. Defending this is only better until they have heard it all.
(Reverse Part 5)
We’ll show them a vision that forgets the illusion if they’re there to learn, they’ll listen. And they’ll enjoy many treasures we see in people.
(Forward Part 6)
Certainly, if there’s a breakage, parts of it will look as if there is a foul
(Reverse Part 6)
if all these treasures of knowledge are abandoned. It’s about time they shall hear the truth

(Forward Part 7)that is spoken in here. Our request is, anyone can do something more. This time the future will be right there and be watching because this world
(Reverse Part 7)
knows that our piece is going to help free our history. Ryan, I’m sure you know that things in life will have a motion that
(Forward Part 8)
will be parts of the song this time. If you are decent, this gives a rise to the quality of a great world. It’s better
(Reverse Part 8)
to forgive your beginning if it isn’t things that you have success in. There’s worth in knowing your insight has a new song beginning.
(Forward Part 9)
If the future comes with agony, it’s all because you’re lied to. When you watch TV weather’s events grow, a lot.
(Reverse Part 9)
If they don’t propose it’s urgent. they’ll be showing you a reason to assume you don’t realize what’s really
(Forward Part 10)
happening too. People who take lies like that, they’ll then become
(Reverse Part 10)
believed forever and you can confuse it easily. It forces your spirit
(Forward Part 11)
to become incomplete if you believe it completely and you’ll recall it. It’s our right to recall it right.
(Reverse Part 11)
If your phone gives you a message (and you don’t hear it right), you won’t know if it’s important for you unless you find a way
(Forward Part 12)
to see it right, or you have to assume. Don’t rush it or you’ll be confused. The quantum is something from the miracles
(Reverse Part 12)
that assume you heard the message. And this atom is requiring measurable waves of light always
(Forward Part 13)
to beckon people to relate to those philosophies that people cannot undo. You’re good when you believe a budgie
(Reverse Part 13)
which has you now looking towards heaven. And you’ll see this heaven is fine and glowing, providing
(Forward Part 14)
some place one should believe in. If they watch TV, it could induce some change if there’s some good there.
(Reverse Part 14)
Freedom is not something so unusual. We’ll be showing how we can help seize what we
(Forward Part 15)
can engage without thinking you’re cursed. You’re cursed if you carry the curse further for this world. Future spirits
(Reverse Part 15)
shall train you to know the truth. We are enslaved if it’s not really what’s needed
(Forward Part 16)
for future support. You better believe it talks to this birdie. It’s such a pity that this broken boy can’t just speak like a man.
(Reverse Part 16)
I’d have to be emotionally impure if I see no reason to worry about survival of the future (of humanity).
(Forward Part 17)
Would you want this pretty boy’s heart? What do you think? Ha, ha, ha. Because I can see the future of people who can’t grow. Mmm.
(Reverse Part 17)
So, I’ll hail you to truly forgive these passive attempts to combat confusion about life. You’ll need to evolve
(Forward Part 18)
through every Christmas, happy new year to convey the truth and toast to peace. How long does one stall this to believe the truth? The truth they restore might just grow,

(Reverse Part 18)
flourishing health spiritually. So, what’s a real image of a soul to function morally? See the truth or soon you will forget what really passes through your heart.
(Forward Part 19)
It’s important to push a door for a spiritual point you're accepting. Why do you backstep when nobody tries to harm you?
(Reverse Part 19)
Is Ryan stuck in a world where’s there’s no one to help and nothing I say shall encourage your love
(Forward Part 20)
and respect? We have told him, surely don’t be sad if it will be you and I doing it ourselves. Tell them we need a religion that has worked only on what will be one day.
(Reverse Part 20)
We know we want emotions that shows there is a mission he will follow with a passion. We feel for him as a favourite prophet of the past.
(Forward Part 21)
Heaven knows we don’t want evil. All he wanted was to believe all truths. Do you believe the proof should punish a parrot because of a lie?
(Reverse Part 21)
Would you want a bad oracle who shouldn’t show them all the lies? We’ll exalt him for what he knows, for we know him very well.
(Forward Part 22)
If you don’t believe him, you’ll punish the future. When the people do something in prophecy, then they’ll pick up the candle. If they cannot see without bickering, they’re not observing, they’re avoiding,
(Reverse Part 22)
and all they learned doesn’t matter. If they look at prophecy with their questions, I shall try to resolve the issues so they’ll know we’ll answer their questions.
(Forward Part 23)
In my collection, people will be looking in a notebook they own while they’re calling these goods to merit.
(Reverse Part 23)
You at least know we are with our nose to evil when we’re pleading for this great challenge from God.
(Forward Part 24)
Remember, you’re doing good work if you tell the truth. What you doing, toenails? Mine are sick probably. If you see cheese, don’t phew them today.
(Reverse Part 24)
It is beautiful to see who’s moving about this channel. We see no union hurting Ryan. They’ll love your direct lessons and prophecies. Just give it time.
(Forward Part 25)
Kiss, kiss Ryan’s future when it can become picked up and complete with company. God has entered your future and calls, because He can see what you’ve done. He picked your land and because of that your land took form and He watches. I know God. You will need to know why He cultured Earth. God should know Victor’s a good boy at proving your work. Your future is more bright if your boat pulls towards stones of truth. Don’t you flee from thy path. Watch God
(Reverse Part 25)
now dispatch your channel. He knows you’re a soldier with some problems. He has long seen you learn in your field of dreams. No religion should count on a hero to die for it. How does He know that Ryan really takes a lot of care in it? There is no issue which arrived in his life where he chose (certainly there wasn’t) evil. I can feel Ryan throughout eternity, helping. And this we all shall see.

The woman from the synagogue said “if God choose Lori He had a good reason”


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