Presentation 15 - The Microscope and The Observer




 Re-transcribed in 2019 from Maylor's "The Microscope"

In the forward mode Maylor says:

Most of you who saw this happen will accept what’s in reverse if you adjust your microscope. We must have some light to begin revealing something that's still unknown. If you don't have enough, something will remain. Clearly, they can see alike when there is progress. Their brain will still engage and might accept what's right for our philosophy.

They may know what's going to enrich the fabric of their knowledge. If we light again what we know, and it's something that's so fragile, they must correct their view and be alert you stick to your progress. Trust people when they test you and you’ll find it forces movement that recreates a symmetry for many. Such a force can illuminate what you accepted.

With some light, we know it looks strange at first. What we'll accept when we look at it is important. And this time we cannot delay that the philosophy will be understanding with belief! Of course, people who do not believe have this right.

There will be many who will write some reports. This is coming just so you will believe full force. You have come this far. If you left trust open, good, then let me in and open this door from someone who can observe it and hear it. When they look at our timing, there'll be a payload coming. You better listen to this. When you've got something great, you can now offer to better it when our quest is to focus it on something factual.

In the reverse part of this recording, Maylor talks about how humanity has friends in Heaven who want us to evolve spiritually.

In reverse he says:

When we pass to Heaven there are people that are friends. It's evident you'll see they're there to help you. It's a force of Heaven and the formula to evolve spiritually. And Ryan is trying to give you all some philosophies of how we live for a reason. Everything will come from a mission of God.

Now He shall show humanity, Heaven knows it is up to your review assembled from our real submissions. The announcement from you shall help humanity have a later reduction of fear. It will show real intervention from Angels and from God. We live through emotions of compassion. If it's rebuked, it's criminal! As a friend, we promise to rebuke evil and suffering. And as this is developing with God, He shall offer you a release of many events due to a religion that's surely is great! This emissary will help us evolve in it.

Ryan never chose an adventure so rare. And Ryan knows the future is so evident of a cancer in this human civilization. It’s no lie, humanities progress is from an evil comprehension of the truth. God wants a religion of compassion to reverse lots of evil. Unless you choose distress in life, you'll help yourself, and listen to our intervention and find the love that's up in Heaven.



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