Presentation 11 - A Spiritual Song




Linda says: “Ryan had to go.” On my way down the hall to leave I stop at the washroom to have a pee. Unfortunately, the new highly sensitive mic I just bought picks it up quite clearly, and Danny says:

Part 1

Gosh! He chuckles and then says: Will you stop that! The mic carried your washroom here. Trust me boss, we can’t change what here is not a good time to go to the washroom and hear you tinkling.

They might think your pee was made purposely. They are now laughing and even think you should laugh here too. Yes, you must use responsibly, your need to make it ever during this work. We can sure make a goal to pass none in front of my videos, like here. So here, what we did do isn’t agreeable but it shows that I’m allowed to work on anything that can change my spiritual life.

This is very hard. I suggest here, what you withdraw from life will leave you hoping that there is time to absolve every one of these things for the life you want. What is it when you have to spiritually change? If you care what I’m offering right here, we should pray and at least record now, a terrific song.  People must talk, and by the way, we think this forum will get to offer belief in following parts that affect everyone. Don’t believe, unfortunately, the stories that silence the things you can know while seeking a spiritual song. You won’t hear that song if you question that you have the supreme antidote. You will depend on it.



Moving on to the reverse of what you just heard, you will be able to hear Linda speaking in reverse as well. The first third of this is quite hard to understand but it gets better as the connection gets stronger while I am transcribing it.

Linda says: Is the answer imagination? When it comes from heaven, it isn’t. We know your budgies see heaven is in quantum reverse motion. Our evidence shall support this event with prophecy.

This is God here trying to save the Earth. The angels have the right to view and help you with a plan. In the summer, if you can’t listen, Ryan shall learn of this with family. Now we must feel this stream from heaven. You are feeling strength in using powerful messages we have sent through him.

We need to review what we saw in him as a soldier of rules and how the angels did elect him. Now there’s nothing like seeing our vision of a special man’s miracle. You will have to listen of how that year was kind of questionable. Passion always is a light that can offer you an unusual memory.

It’s something the angels will hope you will see as very real. Though we might say he’s not evolving in all things we will say, he’s got our help. My family followed his lessons. How do you really share his time and get to know him properly? Let’s start with real questions of how we have a mission of a reversal of evil.

You should have useful results that tell you how you wish to proceed here. We know your issues are passing, closing in on the area of love and light. There’s such hope if you understand Ryan’s videos.

The people surrounding you will help define that love when you’re evil. Truth already lives in time. You have something for a life that truly promises there’s a gate to heaven. In time, you’ll begin to feel His angels are singing all the music we have written for good. Fearlessly and passionately, we’ll give you God’s answers, for His angels always hear you.

And this fear of some of you is sad. It’s gone when (Linda) the starry night finishes its work in here.

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