God's Pizza and Old Friend Dream

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God’s Pizza & Old Friend Dream Interpretation / Transcription

December 18, 2007

I was in a school and the class I was in was a small group of people. We were invited over to see a presentation of this other group of people who had a web business of some sort and they were presenting it to this group of students. I think the group I was in mis-took what they were teaching and we kind of put it down. Afterwards we realized that we had misunderstood the entire concept and we shouldn't have put it down so quickly. Then I was working at a pizza place and I was learning in the back how to make pizzas for this shop. I remember talking to an old friend of mine on the phone for a while. I got off the phone and called her back and she was busy. Then I got together with this girl in the afternoon and she wanted me to take the evening off so we could hang out together some more. I said I just started this job and didn't know if I could get time off yet already. So in the afternoon I ended up by myself again in this pizza place and ate a pizza there. I think I was considering asking for the time off but I think the dream ended where I didn't ask for the time off.

Linda's "Old Friend & God's Pizza" Transcript

Transcription by Adam Kadmon February 24, 2008

1. And we have made this as a gift to Adam on his birthday. Linda had a dream that she is in a building with others who were learning. The class was there to listen to a presentation about the web. This presentation was to reverse evil or confusion.

2. Everyone knows that our reactions to emotions can help protect us from evil. When our emotions take control of us, we often act on them. So evil emotions can make bad things happen in our life.

3. The web presentation is a symbol of misunderstanding. People have a lot of misunderstanding throughout their life and this will stunt their growth spirituality. Misunderstanding will also prevent people from learning.

4. When one gets a lesson from God, He helps you to understand, and if God fails, He will try again. So why are we talking about the reversal of evil in this dream?

5. We need to teach each visionary, why God's religion promises a reverse of evil and everyone must understand this concept. That is why Linda had a dream for it.

6. Let's go back to our original reactions of the learning process. Especially in the Procession when we did not believe God would speak to us through dreams and visions. Eventually we came to believe that God could really speak to us through the angels in heaven, so you had a reversal of religious evil.

7. In the beginning, when we spoke of spirituality, many did not really understand it. Their vision of spirituality was much different then it is now. We talked much about confusion and many had their own concept of it.

8. These same people can now feel it when you are confused and can sense the confusion of other people they have relationships with. They also see how it affected them emotionally.

9. Many also began to understand the evil emotions within ourselves and they have seen a reversal of evil within their own soul. They originally did not understand how their emotions could cause evil, however, they have experienced it on many occasions since then.

10. This will help those that are new have a better understanding of how reacting to evil can cause evil. During the birth of this religion, God taught you the concept of spirituality. Through it we witnessed how fear causes confusion and that evil is bread from confusion.

11. So these are evil things that happen to all humanity because we do not understand God's reasoning. We know life is filled with problems and we know that our soul is affected by them. We know spiritual evolution is progressing with God and you need to progress with God before you go to heaven.

12. We know that God has a mission for every one of our souls to join him in heaven. We have had lessons on how God works spiritually throughout creation and we understand how His direction in life can change our future.

13. No one could teach you these lessons in such a complete way unless they were sent from heaven and all of these lessons have been sent for a reason.

14. You have seen prophecy. We know that originally, there was no real understanding of it. We all know it has caused confusion with misinterpretations in Revelations in the bible and how this is religious evil at its worse.

15. Linda had a mission to make a pizza in this dream. The pizza was a symbol of this religion and she was learning how to make the crust. When she threw it up in the air, she was careful that she did not rip it, for if she ripped it, she would have to start kneading the dough all over again.

16. This dough symbolized the fragility of our soul. Your soul is the base of this religion. If the base of this pizza has a big tear in it, it will not be able to hold all the toppings. Each of the pizza's toppings are things that we like to eat on it. And we all need some ingredients that each of us like.

17. When the pizza is ready, it is cooked and served to God's people. Cooking is a symbol of how we purify our food before we eat it. This purification is a process we are going through here.

18. When it is ready to serve it will be a pizza that is very delicious because the recipe comes from heaven. Linda had a friend call her while she was making this pizza and this friend wanted to go out with her. Linda thought she couldn't go because she was working and her pizza wasn't ready yet.

19. Later on this girl and her got together in the afternoon, but she didn't go with her in the evening. There was some religious confusion with this person, so Linda decided to eat her pizza alone.

20. This is a symbol of the devotion that Linda had to eat the food of God, even if she had to do it alone. All the visionaries have relationships with many people in their life that would not like the ingredients that God has put in His recipe. But all these ingredients are very important in your relationships.

21. You are eating this pizza to purify you own soul first and if someone else likes the ingredients, they shall eat with you. They will learn from the miracle of your spirituality and when they ask you for your recipe, you will be able to give them the recipe for your own life.

22. Once we know the recipe for life, we will see a reaction every time someone tastes it. When we eat the pizza from heaven, it will fill us up with the wonders of the universe.


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