Born on The Bayou

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Born on The Bayou Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam Posted: August 20, 2008 at 8:12 am

 As we know, not all of the prophecies in the transcripts turn out as we think they will. We were a little confused that we did not have any people respond to the invite to the camping, so no one came out, however, Linda and I had a great time anyways. Spiritually we were ready to meet some people from the group and we did have a chance to spend some time with my friend and his wife. We both thank God that he is doing well and there are no signs of any of his cancer returning at this point.

We also had some time to talk to him about spirituality and some of our beliefs. I think the most important part of this transcript was how God wants us to know that impressions for starting relationships with people are very important. When we want to have lasting relationships with people, we have to show how spiritual Linda and I are together, so people will see that we are happy in our love with each other.

Linda Posted: March 23, 2008 at 5:51 pm

Born on the Bayou from February 21, 2008

It was at a cabin setting. There were cabins with a long central log building all one level with lots of rooms. I remember going to a school or going out looking for clothes to wear. I think I didn't have the proper clothes or I realized some of my clothes were ruined. I believe my sister-in-law Sheila and my brother were there and they were telling me the story about when Sheila was staying in this place we were staying at and she was pregnant with the baby and the baby was due. The doctor that was to deliver the baby was staying there also. When Sheila started having contractions she was saying her daughter, who she was calling Linda (who was me) was 6 or 7 years old was pulling on her hand to take her to the doctor who was in the building. Sheila didn't think the doctor was there but the doctor was there and the little girl was right about that. The story ended with Sheila having the baby there. Also during part of the conversation I was telling my brother I was moving and my bother was saying that it was too bad I was moving because he wanted to have this tattoo done on his ankle. I said don't worry because I would have the same contacts with the artist who he wanted to do the tattoo.

At the end of this dream I have the song 'Born on the Bayou' going through my head.

Posted: August 20, 2008 at 8:02 am

Hi Everyone,

Well Linda and I are back from holidays and we have some good news and some not so good news. I am going to post the transcripts first and then try and explain it as there is much to share with you.

I transcribed this dream on August 13 while we were camping.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon

1. This log cabin was a place where you seek a better life. It was near a long building where these people were there for learning. Each room was a different thing to learn and they were lessons that came from a spiritual place. They were also lessons that people could learn in their daily life. Every lesson gave them a mission to practice something they had learned. And often these lessons would lead to a prophecy that always happened sooner or later in the student's spiritual journey.

2. Each time the students were ready to practice what they learned, they could move on to the next room in the building. The lessons they had were never forgotten and they were always performing them in the metaphysical, until the time would come where they would use them in their physical life.

3. We know Linda will be pregnant very soon. Every time there is a reversal of evil we will see a miracle. In this building people were learning through religious exercise. The reason that they have to exercise is so they will begin to evolve through reversing some of the evil that prevents them from accomplishing their original mission in religion. If there is confusion you fail to evolve.

4. Each of the lessons that you learn evolve your mission and the lessons you put into practice, will give you spiritual growth. You cannot really experience a prophecy until it happens. The reason we call it a lesson resulting in prophecy is because we are sure it will be happening when you are spiritually ready. Also each reversal of evil in your spiritual soul will enable the miracle to happen when the time is right.

5. When we give you a time for a prophecy it will make you ready to complete God's mission. Each mission is practiced in the spiritual and it will make you evolve spiritually to make it happen in the physical. With some missions that God gives you, you will be able to make them happen immediately because you have learned the lesson very well and practiced many other times in a different lesson. So when you are ready the miracle will happen as described in the prophecy.

6. In this dream Linda was worried about some clothes that she didn't have for the right occasion. Some of her clothes were ruined. So these clothes are a symbol of the lessons that you have that were not worn on the occasions that were predicted in the prophecies. She was also worried that the prophecies that did not happen were ruined because the timing was off.

7. When we are wearing clothes that aren't appropriate for the occasion, it doesn't mean that they are ruined. When we wear clothes that are not appropriate for a certain event we are often confused about the dress code of where we are going, but we also know that there will be another time that we can wear them.

8. When Linda's sister-in-law was pregnant, they stayed at this place and talked of how her sister-in-law, Sheila had a doctor who was ready to deliver the baby. He knew Sheila had a chance to have this baby there. And when Sheila was having a new lesson she started to have serious contractions. She went with Linda and knew Linda had a reason to go to the doctor with her.

9. The symbol of Linda being so small did not live in reality because she already had everything she needed to create a life. When we have everything we need to evolve in spiritual evolution, God will give you the opportunity to evolve. There can never be a reverse of evil, if there is no opportunity for evil. Therefore this evil can be reversed in life before it happens.

10. This is why we are always trying to reverse evil with every lesson so these miracles keep happening in your life. Reversing evil will give you a reason to reach out to someone with love. When you reach out with love instead of evil you will get the spiritual help that you need.

11. This symbol of this tattoo that the brother of Linda wanted was a representation of evil that he wanted to attach to himself. There can be a permanent representation of something that is evil on you and you can't spiritually evolve if something evil lives in your soul. Linda had a reason to encourage him to seek out someone she knew to put on this tattoo. For the tattoo that Linda wanted him to have would be filled with beauty and love.

12. When we evolve spiritually we will have occasions to show our permanent representation of something that exists in love and beauty. If we are representing something that is evil then we will not get the opportunity to progress in spiritual evolution. For example, with your friend Jack, there is opportunity to spiritually represent something that lives in love and beauty and that is the friendship that you share with each other. So when you give Jack and Pat a reason to see that you share something special, it is your opportunity. It is an opportunity to reverse any evil that exists in the mind of someone who needs to see that there is a lot more in life to the spiritual evolution. So Linda had this song, born on the bayou playing in her head at the end because the dream wasn't finished.

13. Jack said his dream would continue when he went back to bed. When we have a dream that continues, it tells you that you need to make a representation of something that is good or you won't get the opportunity for spiritual growth. The relationship that you have with each other is the best representation you can give. When love gives you the opportunity for spiritual evolution it exists in something that is good in the relationships. If your love exists in evil, your tattoo will be displayed for people who are looking for your evil and they will not be able to see the love and beauty that exists in it.

14. When you are born on the bayou, you live in a place that is very beautiful and spiritual. The people who are in your family have the opportunity to experience the beauty that exists when they visit you. They will look at it as an opportunity for spiritual growth each time they come and visit you. They know that you have a spiritual connection to the things you have learned while living there. Each time they have an opportunity to visit you, they will remember the love that your family has for each other.

15. They know that this bayou is a place that they could get lost trying to find, so they will need someone who knows where they are going to lead the way. When you live on the bayou, it is an opportunity when someone visits you, to show them all the things of beauty. If you take them to a place where something evil is, they will not have a reason to come and visit you again.  And you will not have an opportunity to help them with spiritual growth. We have to reverse this confusion that is a result of those who want to see the evil in us.

16. It isn't a reversal if you display something that is evil. So you will never evolve spiritually when you constantly display your evil. Remember there is a reason for every action that happens when we show our evil and when we display it, it will be a permanent representation as we begin new relationships. Each time we display evil in a new relationship, we damage the relationship permanently.

17. Each of us want lasting and loving relationships. So with each new relationship we have to be careful not to display anything that is evil or you will lose an opportunity for spiritual growth.


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