The Kidnapping

Dream - The Kidnapping Oct 29, 2014 (Lesson)

This first dream was quite unsettling. I was riding around in a car with my wife and child. Once in a while I would look in my rearview mirror and notice that someone was riding on the back of my car by holding on to the bumper or something. I could not really get a good look at the person but felt their presence. When we finally arrived at home we were with a couple of other kids that we were taking care of I think. One of them was an older boy about 15. I had to leave the house for a couple of minutes and when I came back I noticed my wife and child were not there. The older child said that a man came and took them. I quickly looked out the window and saw them quickly leaving in our car with the man driving. Panic set in and I immediately called the police and told them what happened. I don't think the police believed me at first until I told them that the boy witnessed what happened. One of the police officers and I decided to go look for them. I remember the female police officer saying something about having to bring the other children which is something that she really did not want to do.

As we were looking, I thought that I should try and call my wife on her cell phone because maybe she was not even really kidnapped. As I tried to dial the phone, I was having difficulty with the numbers and dial buttons as they did not seem to be dialing what I was trying to punch in. The phone changed to a different type and once I got that figured out I couldn't remember what her cell phone number was even though I knew it perfectly. I can remember being very upset with myself when I was dialing the wrong number and just wanted to see if I could get through to her.


Note: One of the reasons that I love this religion so much is that I can also get personal direction in my life if I have some confusion or even evil affecting me. Like anyone, I am not perfect and there are many things that I need to do to help me change personally so I can have more spiritual growth. This lesson can also be used by others who have similar trust problems in relationships as well.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon 6 Nov 2014


  1. Let's go to this new dream with Linda and Kayla's kidnapping. When you were driving in this car you saw someone on your car. You felt this wasn't a good person that was riding along with you. This vision of this person was not attached to this vehicle with reasoning so you thought he was someone that you couldn't really trust in.
  2. Now, if the very mission of this person that was attached to your vehicle was for an evil reason, it wasn't really obvious. So it isn't productive thinking that evil is present unless it is obvious. He possibly has a mission of harming you, but he possibly could just want to join your mission.
  3. You can't forget to always show a reason for believing the mission of someone else is a good one.
  4. When a mission is not a good one you will see how it can affect the future with evil. Evil will evolve rapidly when it can cause confusion and you should not give it reason to multiply at all, even if you are confused about it yourself.
  5. So now, what was your original reason you did not trust this person? He was trying to hide himself from you while riding on your vehicle of religion and you were not able to see him very well.
  6. We've got work for you. Take this job when it is offered to you. You will have a perfect job where people of this religion will respect you. And if you get this job you will have spiritual evolution.
  7. We feel you should not resist this offer. You will have a chance for an option of them giving you something to keep you there. It will be what you really need and this project is something they really need.
  8. Now if you have confusion making a decision, they will need to have a positive result. So they will give you a little bit of money so you can experience a great transition. Be ready to take the money and use it for what is coming. And we can promise that you will become more active in this religion.
  9. Now let's go back to this dream. You and your family arrived at this apartment building, and it was not where you live presently. You left them and had to go somewhere. You did find confusion when things weren't as they should be, especially when Linda wasn't there.
  10. There is a process confusion takes us through when it is present in our soul. First, it makes you believe something that isn't happening. It promises you that you will feel better when you vacate the problem. And then it seeks an accomplishment that didn't happen.
  11. When you seek accomplishments spiritually and honestly it is totally different. Without confusion, accomplishments will always begin to be formed when acknowledgment comes through a mission that you know has a relationship to what you have promised everyone.
  12. If we promise you something and that happens, then it is an accomplishment, so always connect your mission to what you have promised spiritually to yourself and others. What you learned here will help you when you are feeling accomplishments are not really recognized. When you want to feel something spiritual you will experience it with people and it will begin to happen more often.
  13. So when Linda wasn't there it confused you a lot. You did not have a reason to physically experience her departure until you looked in the window and saw her leave with someone else and you thought she was really taken by this evil. If you were with them you would not have experienced all the confusion that came with their disappearance.
  14. We can see your interaction with her Adam and feel you will eventually find a reason to push her away. You need to find something through this religion that will prevent this. You will need a different view of what you saw happening in this dream.
  15. If we want to trust in a prophet, they will need to be able to trust in everybody they have relationships with. A prophet isn't just given all these responsibilities without him putting trust in others. If he doesn't have trust in any people, there will be problems working with him.
  16. Now, what is your reason for thinking Linda would leave with something evil?
  17. If Linda wanted to comment to be spiritual, you should let her do it by herself without criticizing it. For Linda is perfect in what she says, and you should be proud of her. So don't find a reason to delay her progress.
  18. You have not had a confirmation come for the personal prophecy about the transporter. We know you have kept your commitment to us, and we feel that there is evil reversing in the deepest part of your soul. Even when you had temptation, you conquered it spiritually. So you can expect a miracle very soon.
  19. Your mission as a visionary will come as you purge all the emotions in a philosophy of belief and trust. If you have fear about being loved you won't be able to have a life filled with love.
  20. Let's get back to the dream. The boy was telling you someone had taken Linda and Kayla. When you saw them drive away you didn't see Linda driving your car in your vehicle of religion. So why wasn't Linda driving your vehicle of religion? She wasn't driving your vehicle of religion because you had it somewhere else. If she hasn't got your vehicle to drive then she will drive someone else's.
  21. Let us explain. Your actions with Kayla seem to have interrupted your feelings of safety. Every time Kayla wants to experience something where she would be at risk, you won't let her. Of course you have to be vigilant, but you need to give her some freedom. You know she is spiritually learning different things as she will continue to do for the rest of her life. And what you need to do is show her you will forgive her.  
  22. Within reason, you will feel a reverse of many of the bad things that she will do. If all your reactions involve only praise and love she will grow up to be the very special little girl she really is.
  23. Now, if you need to submit your intervention when she is doing something that is wrong, you should advise her that you really love her reasoning and offer her some help so she can do it better. God sees you trying, so don't give up on her, especially when she is just trying to impress you. There is something special in her and she can do great things in the future. If you make a promise to yourself you can do this very easily. This lesson will give you much spiritual growth in your relationships.
  24. We have deferred the prophecy and hope you can follow through with this tonight with God. There are lots of problems tonight that you will just have to deal with spiritually and God will find that there are reasons to help you. We know that there will be many experiences from this lesson that will be spiritual and we shall begin to see a process happening. Each experience in a reversal of evil shall make a miracle happen within your family.
  25. We have lots of faith in this coming prophecy. At least you are trying. Keep going for God is instructing you. And we will work through the problems you are having.
  26. God has found a reason to give some of His intervention which will help you. Can you promise a conviction to what we are doing?
  27. God, He has a prophecy for you and your family. And please, when we give you a prophecy, you listen to it carefully. For once you find a mission with prophecy it will be perfect for you.
  28. What is hurting you spiritually in life that you want to make changes to? When there are choices that we have in life, you need to go in the direction that God wants you to. When you resist, it all leads away from your mission. When we give a prophecy, it runs in the river and kindly waits for a reason to happen.
  29. If you commit to prophecy, it will eventually happen. When you are able to commit to something, it gives you strength for anything that happens. And God will know you are at least a forward thinking visionary.
  30. When there is forward thinking, it is a dream of what is going to happen and leaves us feeling better that all of life depends on prophecy. For usually dreams must interact with your soul, changing the future of your reasoning. They will change your life if you let them.
  31. It is not something that we are used to doing because we cannot use them in the proper way unless Adam or someone like him translates them. If Adam's claims are the truth, then they will show a special talent. We assure you there shall be an abundance of prophecy which you will be able to measure.
  32. So here is the mission God instructs you to do. If you doubt your own direction, request a dream to provide direction in the field that you are having trouble in. You must write down the question you are having doubts about. When there is some confusion, reverse this evil with love, and if you have some intervention, write it all down.
  33. Your actions affect your soul. It will help you to change. Don't interrupt it with lying if the problem causes you to relapse, for it will begin to grasp you more. For once you feel you can repeat a lie it will spiritually begin to affect you.
  34. People have to face different problems much more than they did in the past because they have support with the internet, TV and overall population. In modern times, we have to change the way we strive for spiritual evolution as a civilization as well.
  35. If you make this problem a spiritual conquest, then it shall give you strength. And although you are not allowed to admit to it publicly, you shall be privately speaking the truth to those you have relationships with.
  36. So why should you not admit there is evil that you are working on publicly in this religion? It will often find a reason to return when you have acceptance from everyone for it. When you are purging you must function normally to reverse the problem.
  37. Now you have the original instructions for getting direction from God. If you want to evolve spiritually, you will have some time to allow it to happen.
  38. Now in your dream, you thought she chose to run away with evil and you thought you would call her on the telephone. There was much confusion when you tried to dial. Each time you tried, you could not find the number you knew.
  39. But this time it is different. You must find the spiritual part of you that knows this number easily. It will not be so confusing if you participate with the family. You will not need to be frightened each time you decide to go somewhere else.
  40. Even though this witness was a person who was looked after by you, he did not let you forget it. And that is the philosophy that you should begin to commit to if you seek spiritual evolution. If you can't commit to this, a philosophy that results in the evolution of trust, then you will not trust anyone at all. Just like this little boy who tried to give a reason for you to doubt Linda.
  41. If what you choose is distrust in people, then you will find reason to let others down. And if you have a reason to let others down, then you shall not be trusted.
  42. Now we completed your lesson, so see what you can do. 



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