Hiding From Religious Evil

AUGUST 28, 2006


This was a dream that was one of the next dreams to be transcribed in the cue. They would often come close to the time that God and his angels knew that someone would be posting religious evil in the forum.

Last night I had a dream about being inside a gigantic house with many stairs. We weren't frightened, but two of us were hiding from someone for some reason. Our goal was to get to the highest part of the house. When we reached the 2nd highest level we only had one more set of stairs to go. However, we knew that whoever was looking for us was close behind and they would find us if we went to the top. Therefore we decided to hide in large box full of a large plastic bag filled with water. We got in the box and tried to cover ourselves up with the plastic bag. As soon as we got there the person came who was looking for us and peeked over the top of the box. The person seem to look right at us but did not see us and then left. All I could think about while I was in the box was what directions I would get when I reached the top of the stairs. I knew these directions were important and they would lead us to something else that was special in this large house.

Today I received a translation for this dream which was a prophecy of this post by Jody.

I don't know where you got the idea that Mary Magdalene was Messiah's lover, or concubine. The prophecies of the people of God state clearly that Messiah would be "cut off", that is, He would die without issue. His children are those who experience the second birth, with the "seed" being the Word of God, the Bible, planted in our minds and hearts. The whole subject of the children of God is a lifetime study, but it should be started, and continued, and ended, in what GOD has to say about it, and although you claim to have new revelation from God, it doesn't agree with the revelation that is already here.

So do you worship a "god" who changes his mind? Get back into the Bible, and quit making your winged prisoners your connection with a god who is less than the God of the Bible! Yes, the Bible does require a lot of effort to read and understand: God is a lot smarter than humans! But He is smart enough to give us the ability to understand it, and also willing to do so.

Your responsibility is, not to FOLLOW the instructions of those who have been left in your care (the birds, animals, and fish) but to LEAD them into relationship with God. The things we learn from them are the ways that we should be entirely dependent on and obedient and affectionate to, GOD, who is our Lord and Master, as we are, for better or worse, theirs. This is the meaning of the "dominion" involved in being the images of the Dominos (LORD).

There are false gods. They are clever, and very much able to deceive people into thinking they are really divine. But none of them has the love to die in my place, as a sinner, when he himself had no sin, and none of them can resurrect from the dead. These things my Messiah can, and did, do. Read the book of First Corinthians. Read Genesis. Read the entire Torah (Pentateuch). If you deny the authority of Scripture, you deny the very substance of God's attempts to re-establish contact with the human rebels we are. Repent, and turn again to the Lord; lift up your hearts to HIM, that HE may reveal Himself to you! You are special, not because of some genetic thing, but because you are a piece of HIS artwork! Being created and redeemed by GOD is enough honour for anyone. The desire to be "special" was the downfall of the original rebel: read Isaiah 14:12-23 to see what sort of downfall it was! It does not do any good to give a lot of attention to these false gods, but GOD Himself warns us to be aware that they exist, and know how to discern them. The main sign is, they tell lies, and GOD gives us, in WRITING, in the Bible, standards so we can know what is true, and what is false. If you are reading stuff (like maybe the "DaVinci Code?") that is not true (and that book has a statement in it, that it is FICTION) and believing it in preference to Scripture, you are endangering your own soul, your relationship to God, and the souls and lives of those who believe you. You are believing a self-proclaimed LIE (which is the meaning of the word "fiction") in preference to the truth. Invest in a good concordance to the Bible, and follow the entries about truth and lies all through the Bible, and see what each produces for results. I will pray for you to see LIGHT!

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon posted Aug 29, 2006

  1. You will receive a message from the religious evil of Jody.  We will give you access to the reason of the prophecy here.  You have a reason to fulfill another prophecy and the response will be here waiting for you. When there is a prophecy we will fulfill it. So you can tell her you fulfilled another prophecy here. This will happen with a current dreams. These dreams have been waiting to answer all these people and they have a reason. They were waiting for religious evil.
  2. All these dreams will reverse evil that comes here to this forum. So you can respond to them who use evil in their religion. This house in the dream that Ryan had, is the symbol of this religion. In the dream you wanted to hide from people who are evil so you find a box that you can hide in.
  3. But this type of evil will always look for you. They look for you everywhere and don't really have a reason. They are trying to harm this religion.  And she tries to use the words that are in the bible. But she doesn't have a reason for chasing you.
  4. These stairs are leading to God. Ryan will meet with Him very soon and God already knows he is coming.  Ryan and his friend stop to have a break there and she is still looking for you. And when she looks at you, she can't see the truth.
  5. You have already offered her reason to find the true God, but she is too busy looking for evil that isn't in His house. This plastic with water wasn't for  blocking her vision that she has always had of you,  as it was clear and she couldn't even see through it. And when we see people who have a mission of self, they won't have a reason view the real truth because they will have a reason to find evil in the religion of God.
  6. So she will return to the house when she has another reason to put evil in God's house. You will be waiting for her to return after you go to see God. Jody really doesn't have a reason to come back here. You are not afraid when she comes Ryan because you know God is with you.  You saw right here, Ryan's faith in God.  He waited for her to come when he could have been with God. 
  7. But he knew he was close and God would know he was there.  And whenever she is around, God will be there, to fight the religious evil she has. Whenever there is religious evil, God will respond and a prophecy will result from it.


Adam's Response to Jodi:

Keep in mind that God gives us the right to believe in any religion we want and he does not punish us for our belief systems. The evil that is talked about here is the religious evil that tries to make others believe that we will be punished for believing in something different then Jodi does.


This is an interesting news article about a ancient scroll that was recently discovered giving us insight on how Jesus could have been married to Mary Magdalene

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