Questions on Reincarnation

Questions on Reincarnation


Post by Adam Kadmon on Apr 14, 2007 at 1:49pm
APRIL 14, 2007
RYAN'S QUESTION ... On Reincarnation

Hi everyone,
I still have some confusion about all the new things we have learned over the last few weeks so I asked this question:

Dear God, Jesus and the Angels,

I still have some questions about how we are reborn in reincarnation and how evil is removed from our souls.

I am also still confused about why some people are born into suffering, and if we are cleaned of evil from when we are reincarnated, then why are they reborn into suffering? Also where does the evil go that is removed from our soul and how can it affect humanity? Lastly, if we are reborn without evil then why do we still have hereditary genes that can cause us disease in the future?

  1. Ryan had a question about the genes of life and this is an important question. Genes are synchronized with your physical life and also synchronized with your soul. When you don't have religion then you have evil that is dormant in you and it will surface when you experience emotional evil. When you don't have spirituality, evil will surface in your genes physically.
  2. And when you experience religious evil, evil will attach itself to the genes of your soul. These genes can affect you hereditarily in the future if they are not purged from your soul. Each reaction causes a series of chemical reactions in your soul. The reactions that are evil cause evil evolution unless they have been through reversal. In reincarnation, our soul is spiritually reborn. The evil that was removed in reincarnation is still there with the genes of life and can be reactivated in the future with evil. When they are purged, they cannot be reactivated unless your soul experiences more evil evolution. So that is why religion helps to prevent you from evolving in evil.
  3. Ryan has made some beautiful examples of reversal of evil in the religion of God. And many of you experienced Divine emotion. This caused a reaction in your spirituality and your soul. So you have reversed some evil within your genetic structure. So evil is purged with the Divine emotions of a religious life.
  4. When the soul is reborn in the flesh, you are born into innocence and your soul is at the level of spirituality when you left. The evil that is released, is the evil that you can experience in the future in your life that can affect you physically and spiritually for evil events always affect the future and cause much pain and suffering.
  5. So you have to find a way to not let this evil be reborn in you. Evil cannot be dormant in heaven. It has to be reversed through religion and spirituality. So it depends on how much evil is dormant in your genetic structure that affects the level you are reborn to. You can be reborn at a lower level if you devolve spiritually but not religiously.
  6. When humans and some animals at the top of the ladder devolve "religiously", you are reborn into the same level, but your soul is attracted to an area of physical suffering. That is why there are so many people in this world that are suffering.
  7. The result of evolution of evil manifests itself in our genes to the level of evil and confusion of its spiritual evolution. Evil seeks out evil and will manifest itself in the form that is attracting it. So Ryan if you are human, your soul has reached a level of spirituality that is capable of going to heaven. And some animal species have reached this level as well. But you can always go back a level if you devolve spiritually.
  8. So all of the actions that we take in our life time can affect our spiritual evolution and they become part of our genetic structure. There has to be a very good reason that we go back a level. If we don't care for people and do not have a genuine care of life, then we can devolve spiritually. With spiritual evolution, we are moved to a different level on the creation scale until we reach the level that we can learn religion to be accepted in heaven. So this is God's secret of creation and you have received it from heaven.
  9. And every creature of God has a soul that exists forever. Our souls are a compilation of every good experience that we are able to tap into when we go to heaven. Through them we are able to experience all of God's creations with the spiritual understanding that you will have when you get to heaven. So in heaven there is never a boring time as our soul can relive any experience.



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