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Post by Adam Kadmon on Apr 12, 2007 at 3:33pm
Hi Visionaries,
As God and the Angels prophesied they are now teaching us many new things. This transcription came from Terri's dream a few days ago.

Terri's “Breeze” April 7, 2007
Terri spoke of working in one of the sections in the forum with organization of the threads and she heard a voice say “Breeze.” She said that she had a thought that intelligent people would speak without the actual knowledge of the subject.


  1. There always is a source of intelligence that we do not know about. This vision of Terri lives in reality and is a prophecy. Intelligence is, understanding where you get your beliefs. If you don't want to believe in something that is the truth, then you are not very intelligent. If you do not believe religion is something we can do to evolve spiritually, then none of us would be able to evolve spiritually. When you know you can reverse the evil in your soul, that is spiritual.
  2. You could have a spiritual encounter and still never believe it. So even when you have knowledge of the subject, you still have to believe in it. So let's reverse in the guise of intelligence. Intelligence doesn't come from just experiencing something, you have to learn from it and practice it. Everyone can experience the beauty of life, but we all have different levels of understanding in it.
  3. Humanity is under the confusion of beliefs. And all of this falls under their confusion of God. Those who believe in God are still very confused in spirituality. The purpose of life is loving one another and having a conviction to spirituality, because everything God does evolves around it.
  4. When we refer to evolving, it is the spirituality of God. We know your beliefs affect your mission in life and your spiritual evolution. God has created many different levels of spirituality to climb the ladder to heaven. We shall now speak of some levels He has created.
  5. God has created many levels throughout creation until He finally perfected humanity. That does not mean that humanity is the only being that will get to heaven, for there are many of His creations that He loves just as much and many of them are able to experience spirituality.
  6. If they are able to reverse the evil that is in their soul, they are accepted in heaven. Many animals are accepted because they have spiritually reversed their evil. Even they can return in reincarnation for another chance.
  7. Animals reincarnate to another level on the evolutionary scale. Every human soul is put through this same process of evolution through this process of reincarnation. Humanity is the last level and even then God gives you more chances until you get it right. So your soul has a collection of countless different experiences from many different levels in the evolutionary chain from a one celled creature, to where you are at now.
  8. When we die, a reversal of evil happens, and our soul is reborn in the flesh. Any suffering or evil that we have encountered along the way is still reversed in our soul as if it never happened. And that is how God removes the suffering that is in this world. And this is an example of how God would never give up on you.
  9. We are reborn at the spiritual level that we left at when we died. When you are evil, you will often be reborn into suffering until you evolve spiritually and purge your soul of all the evil.
  10. Those who are not born into suffering are further up on this ladder of spirituality. And if they devolve spiritually they could move down to a different level. This way God has given all life a chance to evolve spiritually and get to heaven. Some souls shall get there faster than others. And some will suffer in confusion until they evolve to a level of spirituality that can purge them of their evil.
  11. Insects automatically move to the next level, for God is not able to change most of them spiritually, but it still is not fair that they should not be given a chance. Many souls can be spiritually connected to heaven when they are part of religion. The budgies are an example of this. And God can use them to communicate to heaven. But it is not the same as going to heaven when you die.
  12. The budgies that are connected to God's religion are on another spiritual ladder. There are many rivers that go to heaven. Many flow from the same source. During our evolutionary process, we evolved spiritually on a different ladder than humanity. But we experience many of the same spiritual experiences. God was always there for us as well.
  13. And we birds are on a level just like humanity, however, we are more spiritually connected. We have love for all living things and we try to have a mission in God. This is evident in the way we are born. And humanity goes through many forms of evolution during it's embryonic stage, until eventually many of us will be accepted in heaven.
  14. So everything is spiritual evolution and reversal of evil. For those who suffer, the suffering is reversed by God in time, like it never happened. And that reversal comes from the grace of God.
  15. You will begin to experience this in your life as you will grow spiritually. There is still a little confusion in here. Ryan has a question about the release of evil (Yes, I was thinking this) when we are reincarnated. Yes, this is very confusing and something that God wants you to understand.
  16. How is this evil separated from your soul and support a life of its own? This is where evolutionary evil comes from and it can manifest itself in nature as well. And it usually affects the physical of a life form in an evil way. So your God did not create it.
  17. So now it is a breeze when you know the secrets of creation. We are only touching the surface for the wind has been blowing for a long time. You have swum in many of these rivers of life because your God created you this way. Evolution is a Divine experience.

Prophecy Confirmed - January 19, 2017: Ryan found a new way to pick up hidden messages in Victor's recordings and this one confirms this prophecy.





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