The Arena of Relationships

The Arena of Relationships Dream Translation/Transcription


Adam's Note: This is in response to a post Vicki made and once again the dream was sent to Linda way before Vicki made the post.


Aug 26/07
Linda said:

I had a dream last night and my sister was in it. We were in this big building that was like an arena, but at the same time it was like her house. In the beginning I found out that my sister Deb was having an affair with a man who had a daughter. My whole family was there and they came with extravagant vehicles. My brother Ken came with a big huge truck pulling this amazing massive boat. All kinds of people were coming to my sister's place that was an arena. I think the affair was being hidden from Cameron, who she is with now, but I do not remember him being there. It was a big party and the arena was full of people and groups of people had activities lined up for themselves. It was very interesting as it looked like they had done it year after year and they had won awards each time they won the activities. These activities were all in fun. There was a part where the arena ice rink was filled with costume dancers and actors doing these tricks and things like that. At one point I had to use the washroom but they were kind of strange. People were lined up to use them and when I finally did get in, water was spraying on me every time I tried to use the toilet. Anyway, I got soaking wet while trying to use the toilet. It was not from toilet water however, but some other water. I know there was interaction with my sister, but I cannot remember what it was. Then I went to do something else and eventually was walking back towards the main house and was speaking to a man on the way that was watching a dog for someone else and took the dog outside to use the facilities. The next thing I know the dog had diarrhea and it landed on me and the man took the dog and threw it on the bed in my sister's bedroom. The dog made a mess on my sister's bed. So then I decided to go back to the washroom where all the water was and get sprayed again to get the mess off of me. So I went back to use the washroom and ended up in a line up which was on this tall part of something. We were on this thing and then the ladder fell down and there was know way of getting down, so we were stranded up there. Then these people came to rescue us and they wanted us to climb over the top and go to the other side which was closer to a ground level. So one girl decided to go over and as she did she got poked by one of these sharp objects on the part where she went over. She started to bleed, so I decided I did not want to go over there and started to climb back down the wall. As I was doing it someone said watch out there is poop down there, and I said well don't worry, I already got poop all over me anyways. I think at that point I was still going to go in the washroom and get myself clean.

Here is the transcription that I completed today (Aug 27, 2007)

  1. Come on Vicki write this down. We will transcribe this dream for Linda. This building was this group. It was an ice rink and an arena. This was sent for you Vicki.
  2. Some will feel confusion in love and this here dream was a symbol of it. We cannot feel love if we are full of confusion and we will need to spiritually evolve before we are ready.
  3. In this here dream Linda had a sister who was having an affair, and this affair it was very hidden. Linda was the only one who knew about it.
  4. All of the people in the rink carried on to what they had come there for. Many people who came to this party had spiritual gifts from God.
  5. But Linda was in confusion because of this affair that her sister was having. This confusion was less then her sister's and was symbolized by the poop on her. Evil is the confusion you are experiencing.
  6. When we have an affair it affects all the people that we love and this is not the direction that God wants us to go until we have a reason to feel our current relationship isn't working. And once we have a reason to feel it is not really based on love, then we are living a lie and we cannot spiritually grow.
  7. And God knows what Vicki experienced. When we have a relationship we need honesty first and cannot be in survival mode. When we are in survival mode we are in a lot of confusion.
  8. We are affected spiritually by each relationship and we have healing when we are not living a lie in love. There is no reason to begin a healing if we are always living a lie in our lives for we will never heal spiritually.
  9. What is the spiritual healing that is a symbol in this dream here? Linda was going to the washroom and had a spiritual cleansing when this water got on her. Linda was already in this forum walking around. When we walk around spiritually in this religion, we will find a place to have a spiritual cleansing.
  10. But we won't be able to find it if we think we don't need one. Other people are affected whenever we walk by if we carry something that projects evil on them.
  11. This dog is a symbol of something that projects evil on other people and her sister's bed is a symbol of evil that can collect on the bed of religion. We should never throw evil on the bed of someone else's life.
  12. And what we do on the bed of religion should not be shown to someone else. And we promise that this bed is a secret even to the angels in heaven, as long as you give each other pleasure in a loving way. There is never any evil when you are giving someone pleasure in an honest relationship.
  13. And when a relationship is honest there will be a decision to break the existing connection before any other relationship begins. This was symbolized by the connection of Linda's sister with her husband. This was evil because her sister had not broken the connection.
  14. Some people are not willing to break the connection when another person wants it and evil can result from the confusion. When you have a relationship with someone, you should always make a promise. This promise should be that you will not be dishonest if you are feeling that you are not spiritually happy in the relationship with them. And you will need to find happiness in someone else.
  15. In the dream of Linda, there were a lot of people who were lined up for a spiritual cleansing. Many of them needed a spiritual cleansing from a relationship that they were just in.
  16. And they all stood on this place that was very high. This was a symbol of a place where there was danger and they had a problem leaving.
  17. Linda's mission there was to get a spiritual cleansing, however, she was involved in the danger of confusion and this confusion altered her mission. And there will always be simultaneous evil working against the religion of God. So she needed to be rescued by people in religion, for survival comes first in our lives.
  18. Now the symbol of the way to go without religion was the side where this girl went and was hurt by something evil sticking out. Linda chose to take the side where people in religion were there trying to help her. She still didn't have her spiritual cleansing and she knew she still had some evil attached to her.
  19. When you are in a serious relationship it is always evil to try and hold on to it if the one you love wants to break the connection, for you are breeding confusion for everyone who is involved in it. You must break the connection you have and set this person free so they can move on in a new relationship.
  20. So this is how relationships should work in this religion. We should never find reason to regret a relationship we have had with someone if the person deals honestly with you. And we should not have confusion when someone falls out of love as long as that person is honest and tries to break the connection they have with you.
  21. You can spiritually evolve if you can follow these simple rules in religion here as long as you have a spiritual cleansing. Evil is reversed with love once you can leave behind this relationship and not have any anger to the person you originally had this relationship with. And then this relationship can evolve to a different kind of spiritual relationship.
  22. We all hope that you will find this new love that will provide spiritual happiness in your life. Each relationship we have can often be risky, until we find the right one. But God has provided us with many opportunities.
  23. Each time we have a spiritual cleansing it gets easier to come out of the confusion. It will teach us that forgiving in religion gives you a reason to love and seek the relationship that we are meant to have.
  24. And we will be protected in this religion if we follow these simple instructions. We will not get stuck in a relationship when we are unhappy and we will be able to seek out true happiness free of confusion and guilt.



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