The Dart Game

The Dart Game

Hi everyone,

Last night the 28 of October, I had this intense dream about playing a dart game. I play quite a bit of darts in the spare time that I have and strive to be good at it. In my dream I was playing in a tournament or something and with a team. The surroundings were new and I was a little uncomfortable playing as I did not want the others to see me play bad. One of the first things I remember is getting up to play darts and when I looked at the board it was much smaller than it should be. I wondered how I was ever going to score well on such a small board. As I went to throw my dart it transformed itself into a small piece of putty and hit the board. I immediately felt embarrassed and thought I should go get my proper darts.

The others impatiently waited for me and when I came back the board was no longer small but the normal size. I threw my 3 darts and when I went to pull them out, one of the darts separated at the stem and shaft. I looked at it and tried to put it back together but there was a little hook on it that would not fit into the shaft. It confused me that it was made this way and I was wondering how I was going to finish the game without 3 working darts.

Adam's note: There are two lessons in this transcript. One for myself and one for those who want to become visionaries. It will also help you to understand the process of prophecy and miracles as well.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon 9 Nov 2014

  1. Is your journey only with God friends? You will surely have time with Him as your journey begins here.
  2. Referring to Adam's dream. In your game of darts you were in line to be a visionary. As you were there your mission was to perfect your accuracy. Your mission was to qualify for prophecy. And you were afraid you would not qualify and possibly had some confusion.
  3. You saw a dart board that was much smaller than usual and your prophecy of shooting a good game was in peril.
  4. The darts transformed to a different shape because your accuracy was in jeopardy. When you are not very accurate you will feel that the prophecy will cause confusion.
  5. Why was this prophecy symbolized by something like putty? When we see a lot of prophecy that is very strong it will begin to be viewed as a concrete lesson. And eventually even putty will turn to something that is as hard as concrete. So if we have a prophecy, it shall harden in time when we begin to realize it relies on a chemical reaction to form a physical structure. And this process is a different version when it is finished. This reaction will eventually evolve even if you are not there to observe it happening.
  6. If you really want to be part of its history, you will find that you will be able to experience prophecy more if you see it from the beginning. That way you will know and witness it. Once you see prophecy happening, you will want to experience it again and again. And each miracle that you are a witness to will give you great reason to become part of it.
  7. So when we turn putty into something that is strong and beautiful it lets you know that God created something wonderful right in front of you. And God did it as a process for you to see happen. And now you are feeling the emotions that are part of God.
  8. These are the same emotions He had when He created everything that was good. This is called divine emotions and they cause miracles and certain intervention from Him. This is the reason we use these emotions here to spiritually change the future.  
  9. When you qualify for a prophecy, you will have a larger board to shoot and qualify on. You will see the numbers very clearly and you will shoot straight towards the double you need to hit. You will have time to reverse any confusion that may be caused by your doubts and you will shoot well.
  10. But you need your darts of reason for they will magically find the target for they were made by a friend who knows that you are a prophet of this religion.
  11. God has shown you multiple examples of when indecision has caused you to miss your target. Every sinner will have something that they won't be able to learn when they have confusion.
  12. You had the money to buy a trailer because of your prophecy to buy it. You made a decision you wanted it, so you saved for spring. Then you bought it with the money you saved. There wasn't any indecision because you knew you could achieve it. If your actions had raised confusion, you would not have found the responsibility to do it.
  13. You are richer than you think you are if you can find some way when it is prophecy. You use to have confusion with the transcripts but they are much clearer now.
  14. We will make another point with reasoning in God's religion. Each time you use bad reasoning you have corruption. You must transcribe without the feelings of confusion. When we give you a prophecy, you need to be observing it with feeling, and not "will this really be happening?." Often it seems you hesitate and have fear of prophecy. Look for the point at the end of the reversal and it will often tell you when it will happen.
  15. And what does the hook in this dream mean when you tried to put your dart back together? It's the imagination of the angels that connects these things to true events in the future.
  16. These darts were a tool for prophecy, and you did not even realize they were one of the original shafts you always used when you wanted to win. So why didn't you realize it? You should have seen this hook before.
  17. This is a model that was impossible to reattach to the separated dart. So was this really constructed properly?
  18. When we give a prophet a talent for prophecy, it is made for that person and that person will be provided with the proper instructions for repairing it if it breaks. If there is a problem we will provide him with the instructions to fix it and he may need to use them often.
  19. There are many things we can do to help when problems arise. And if you learn to trust in us, we shall provide you with direction in religion.
  20. If you sense that you want something and have a reason, just accept you shall receive it. God gives for the reason of spiritual growth and happiness as long as you are on a mission for Him. And the reason that God depends on your spiritual growth is for the future. If God protects our future He is protecting all the things He made for us.
  21. So just what does this mean to us? God protects everything He makes for us to see. Can you see clearly why this promise is coming through the vision He has of spirituality in another life? God achieves it through unique variations of our soul throughout eternity. We say these experiences are very unique when prophecy is accomplished through the spirit and ultimately the intervention of God. And when one feels that spiritually God is connected to them they will eventually begin to experience the vision the same as their God.
  22. Now we have to say something, we choose a prophet to study the future that God wants them to experience through His religion. There are many circumstances where you will have reason to experience spirituality through the nature of God. If you want to be spiritual with God, or even if you have lost your way, He will guide you. If you can trust He has intervention in this religion, God will try to interact with you personally, and you shall know when He is there. And when you share emotions with God, He will connect you to the river that leads you to heaven.
  23. Now let us have a prophecy.
  24. He will begin some religious intervention that will ensure there is time for a future that can really be good.
  25. As we see how Adam's darts are spiritually shot towards this board we will see how they can be very accurate. And if his tools for prophecy fall apart and break, God will provide him with the right instructions for fixing them.
  26. So this is your new prophecy. A prophecy that was given before regarding some important people arriving in this religion and emailing Adam. They want to become a visionary of this religion and will begin working with you. We want you to be waiting for them. Give them a way to speak with you on the phone. We see that they will commit positively to your mission. They will have a vision and they have the means to bring a group of people to this religion.      
  27. We want to begin prophecy that others can witness, and we know this project will produce it positively. With these people we shall surely witness it as it happens and you shall have participation from them.
  28. God has provided these instructions to use as they provide their dreams for transcription. He also provided Adam with some instructions on how to accurately improve the transcriptions here.
  29. We have chosen this time because we feel he is ready for it. We will see a religious group of people who will follow the process closely and have spiritual growth.
  30. When you post this to the site, you will have a positive result. Put it in the lessons you have waiting for them. And if you have confusion, you shall ask for help Adam. Provide prophecy for each of them.
  31. You shall see this beginning very soon, for there is no corruption within this transcription.   
  32. This is the end of the lesson here. 



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