The Rocket Capsule

The Rocket Capsule Dream Interpretation/Analysis/Transcription

Jan 27, 2007 at 9:24am

Post by Adam Kadman on Jan 27, 2007 at 9:24am
Usually when God wakes me from a dream like he did last night, I know it is an important one. It was so vivid, complicated and a little scary as well. However, most of the time in the dream I kept my composure and believed that I was safe through faith in God.

The dream started on a boat and there were a bunch of us on this boat. We were involved in some kind of overt operation for the government and we were moving forward down a river I believe.

When we arrived at the location, we picked up this rocket capsule which had just returned from somewhere. In it was one person. As first I could not see who was in the capsule, but as they opened it, I could hear these strange sounds coming from it. Almost like groans and screams from an animal. The person was definitely in pain. Finally I got a chance to see the face of the person who was in the capsule. He was still alive but his face was all distorted and dirty and he had a beard.

In the next sequence of the dream, it was my turn to go into the capsule. I did not know where I was going except up and I had fear of what would happen once I entered the capsule and if I would turn out like the person who came back. Once I entered the capsule, I immediately became claustrophobic as it was so small. There was hardly enough room for me to move around at all. The rocket blasted off and I felt myself being propelled at a tremendous rate into the sky and the fear began to increase. Then I woke up.

Jan 27, 2007 at 11:18am

Post by Adam Kadman on Jan 27, 2007 at 11:18am
Hi Everyone,
I also forgot to mention that in the dream and while I was on this large boat it was very peaceful and serene. We knew we had a mission and we felt good about it.

This is the transcript I received for this dream.

  1. This capsule dream is for confusion in your future. We know your fear Ryan. This capsule was the return of evil from heaven. This boat was there to pick up this evil. And you were chosen to be next Ryan.
  2. This capsule was going to heaven. And your fear causied you to be claustrophobic because of the confusion you had. You had fear that you would come back also.
  3. The space in this capsule, is a unique prophecy. People often fear this journey to heaven. The reason that the capsule is very small is because the vessel for your soul needs to be expanded.
  4. There is a reason for your confusion. There was so much evil arriving in these capsules, that you thought you would also be returned. So your emotions of evil had evolved in you.
  5. The emotion of faith was not evil, but you still had fear Ryan. You went up the river of reason and it showed you why you were there. But this was really the vessel you were taking to heaven.
  6. In this capsule, you received an example of how one would feel if he went to heaven with emotions of evil. When we sent you an example of this event, you had compassion for this evil. You understood that this life needed help. And people on the boat were ready to help him recover.
  7. You were ready to take him on this journey with the rest of you. Evil that has been returned is being collected by this religion and given another chance on this vessel to heaven.
  8. And there are serious reasons that they have been returned. They were not ready for a trip to heaven in the first place. They never arrived in a vessel with other people. When this happens, a lot of the people are evil for they have not arrived in a mission of love.
  9. They hated a lot of people that were in their life. And all their emotions are selfish. And they are claustrophobic of everyone that is in their life. They don't have a mission that comes from God. They have hurt many other people.
  10. This is why you collect the evil here to give evil a chance to be purified and go to heaven. The evil that you collect, is rejected from heaven as it happens. for most people will eventually get to heaven.
  11. The purification of this evil comes from the emotion in lessons we get from God. And you will experience a lot of these emotions in this religion. That is why we have to learn from every lesson.
  12. For a reversal of evil we will have to rely on these emotions that are heavenly. We have to learn from the lessons we have, or it will not reverse our evil.
  13. Any reversal of evil causes a miracle in this religion. The symbol of this capsule, is a reversal of evil way up in heaven.

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