The Attic

The Attic and Stolen Computer

Feb 24, 2007 at 4:21pm

Post by Adam Kadman on Feb 24, 2007 at 4:21pm

Hi Everyone,
This is the dream I had in the wee hours of the morning on my birthday. I just started another transcription and the first line reads, "and you had a dream about being in an attic." So I thought I better post this dream as it is the next transcription that the angels will be doing today.

I dreamed I was in an attic with a whole bunch of people. The attic was a huge place and there were perhaps 100 people there. It was long and narrow and steep at the sides. The last 10 or 15 feet at the sides were only about 1 to 4 feet high and very dark. The center of the attic was bright and cheerful. There were people with cots set up all over the place and they all seemed to be quite happy. I had my laptop computer with me and I set it down by my cot. All of a sudden, someone said there was some evil lurking in the darkness at the side. They said it was some kind of creature. For some reason I went in to find it as I feared it would hurt someone. When I got into the darkness the roof slope was so low I had to get on my hands and knees and crawl across the beams. It was pitch black but I had no fear. All of a sudden something landed on the bald spot of my head. I had fear that it was going to take a chunk out of my scalp. Miraculously a empty can of pop appeared in my hand an I put it up on top of my head as the creature was about to bite me. Instead of biting my head, it bit the can and embedded it's teeth in the can and could not get them out. I brought the can and the creature out of the darkness and showed it to the people there. It was some kind of mechanical bird made of hard plastic with triangular shaped wings and beak. It looked lifeless as its strong beak was embedded in the pop can. The creature almost looked like one of those prehistoric flying birds but it was light green in colour.
When I went back to my sleeping space where my cot was, it was gone and so was my new laptop computer. I started to get a little angry and was wondering why someone would take my cot and steal my computer.

In the next part of my dream I was outside in some kind of court area. I was still looking for my computer and knew it was up in this access panel in the sky. Below the panel was this elevator that would thrust up towards the panel and stop a few feet short of it. It had no walls so the intention was, if you wanted to get through the access panel you would have to use the momentum of the elevator moving up and thrust yourself right at the right time in an upward direction to make it through. Unfortunately, I tried it about 6 times and could not get it right. Finally I thought I would come down and ask someone how to do it. They told me it was all in the technique and demonstrated what I was doing wrong.

At that point I was ready to go back up and try again, but suddenly I was surrounded by a bunch of people who looked like they were going to attack me. Then the dream ended.

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Post by Adam Kadman on Feb 24, 2007 at 7:12pm
Hi everyone,
Here is the first part of that dream translation: 

  1. You had a dream of an attic where everybody was sleeping. Everyone kept away from the darkness. They were afraid of the creature that was there.
  2. And it was always lurking in the dark area, but you knew eventually it would hurt someone. So you knew it was dangerous if it remained there. You decided to go look for it and it landed on your head.
  3. This is a symbol of how people can be suffering in religion, if they worry about evil waiting for them at the side. All of them were afraid to capture it and it caused them a lot of fear. All you needed to capture it was confidence. It made them feel better that Ryan was able to capture it.
  4. The symbol of this can is miracles from God. When you captured this evil, you raised your hand for protection. It wasn't a reaction of evil there and the creature wasn't able to chew your head. And you did not have any fear after. This is how evil is incapacitated.
  5. And when you went back to your place it was gone and you found your computer was stolen. You felt anger because people were not aware that you would return. You never checked the last row because they moved you to a different position. You had confusion and you jumped to a conclusion in your confusion.
    Feb 25, 2007 at 12:28am

    Post by Adam Kadman on Feb 25, 2007 at 12:28am
    Hi everyone,
    The next part of this transcription had a bit of a twist to it. It actually had me convinced I was doing the right thing by going in to capture the evil in this dream, then it explained how wrong it was.
  6. When religious evil is in your life you will have confusion. This was a different evil there. It was hiding in these dark areas of religion. You felt you were protecting others in the future. You felt you were driven by your faith in God.
  7. Everyone that stayed in this attic were sleeping in the attic of religious evil. They thought God would rid them of this here problem. What is this creature that has been waiting for them? The creature lived in the darkness and it was not threatening anyone.
  8. Everyone there did not have a reason to believe this creature was evil. It would not hurt them and it would just run away for it was just trying to live.
  9. So religious evil has a process of elimination. When you are not sure there is evil, you should treat it like any other religion. You have still not got the real gist of it. You think God sent you to capture the religious evil there.
  10. When religious evil is lurking, you will not have a reason to try to capture it until people know that it is there. And it won't hurt anyone until it has a good reason. People have to learn how to live with it for it only reacts to emotions of evil.
  11. It reacts to all the emotions that comes with fear. Even when lots of religious evil runs in the river, you will learn to steer clear of it. You have to steer clear of the reasons why people react to religious evil or you will eventually wander into the darkness.
  12. So actually the people of religious evil sent you, not God. You will always run into a lot of religious evil throughout your life. You can't react to it.
  13. God already helps you because He loves you and He gave you this can. He knows you have been sent from confusion and He gave you a miracle to prevent this evil from hurting you.
  14. So lots of other religions have miracles in them. And this religion won't be for everyone, but it will lead the vehicles of religion in the future with the voice of prophecy.
  15. Capturing evil is usually not a mission in religion for it will cause an evil reaction. Once you know this evil is lurking in the darkness, you are just aware of it.

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