Shooting Star Dream

Posted by Adam: 14 May 2008 09:15 am

Hi everyone,
I have been extremely busy for this last few days and I apologize for not posting this dream earlier. I had it a several nights ago and I was working on it during a trip that Linda and I went on over the weekend. I didn't have access to the internet during the trip so I could not post it. I did not have time to finish the transcription during my trip, however in my session this morning it is finally complete. Here is the dream first.

In my dream I was at a large building with my son Anthony. I knew that there was some kind of conference going on soon downstairs, but before the conference I was upstairs with him. Suddenly Anthony became agitated and said that someone was after him. Before I knew it he grabbed a gun and ran to the front of the building where there was a large window. I ran after him but before I could get to him I heard a shot. I remember thinking that I hope he did not kill anyone because that would be terrible. Luckily when I got there I saw he had shot high in the window and there was a hole near the top missing the people that were coming up the walkway. At this point I thought they were very upset and they were coming to retaliate against Anthony. I think they were three girls but they seemed like men who were very strong and capable of doing him some damage. So I went outside to stop them and as they approached the building I threw them down on the ground and left.

In the second part of the dream I was downstairs at the conference and I believe that many people were watching me because I had a reason for being there. Suddenly I was surprised to see these three girls walk in the door and come right up to me and they began to hug me. I felt peace and understood that they were not there to hurt me or Anthony.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon on May 14, 2008 at 11:08 a.m. EST

  1. Anthony was trying to hide from someone when Adam saw him panic. There always is a reason to hide when you know evil is coming to cause you harm. Especially religious evil.
  2. There was a conference going on in the basement and this was a religious gathering. People were there to learn spiritually.
  3. What was this fear of Anthony? It was a symbol of rejection when Adam was living with his mother. He saw that his mother and father always found a reason to reject the love of each other and each time he had a relationship he relived that rejection.
  4. It caused him confusion when he started to go on dates with women. If Anthony is confused in the first relationships he has experienced in his life, then it will be difficult for him to process what love really is.
  5. Adam tried to prepare him for the separation the family was going to experience two years before it finally happened and this was not easy for Anthony to accept in the beginning. We know this process was not easy, but there was a reason.
  6. Adam told Anthony he was not happy in the relationship that he had with his mom. From this Anthony understood that Adam needed a change in life and he used it as a learning experience. Now he is very well adjusted in the relationship he has.
  7. He plans on going to college with his girlfriend and he really is maturing well for his age. What is the reason that Anthony is well adjusted with his relationships now? He knew that happiness was very important in life and he understood that love is something spiritual. He doesn't feel rejected from his father because he wanted to seek happiness. He is not confused by the anger in his parent's relationship and he knows that Adam is closer to God. This is how you begin to realize that love is important in our lives.
  8. He understood any evil that his father did was a result of his unhappiness and he knew that his father loved him and Anthony forgave him. Now lets get back to this dream that Adam had about Anthony.
  9. Anthony had this fear that someone was coming to get him and he wanted to protect himself with a gun. Adam knew that this gun was dangerous and that Anthony could take a life. And before Adam had a chance to catch up with him, Anthony shot the gun through a window towards the people that he thought were after him.
  10. This is a symbol of mistakes we can make in relationships in life. These three people came for the religious conference and not because they wanted to hurt Anthony. The glass was a symbol of something that can easily break when a mistake is made. And every relationship can be broken easily when a mistake is made and once the glass is broken you will have to put in a new glass.
  11. If it continues to be broken time after time, then it is no longer a mistake, and that is when a relationship can no longer be mended. When Adam realized there was a problem, in haste he went outside, and threw all these people who came to the ground before they could do any harm to Anthony. Adam demonstrated protection for his child even though he knew his child was wrong.
  12. And this was a natural reaction. Even though it was natural, that did not make what he did right. So Adam was drawn in to Anthony's evil and Anthony's evil was bread from the confusion of his parents. And often this is how confusion will cause evil in a family.
  13. And each action where confusion causes evil, will cause more evil. When there are marriages where the parents are unhappy they are often blind to the evil they are causing for their children. Children learn spiritually from their parents. They are like a spiritual sponge at a young age.
  14. And every spiritual lesson effects their reasoning. So what are the spiritual lessons that will effect your children in life. You must show them that you know what love is and your love must be consistent. You must show them that you have compassion for life. You must show them how an evil reaction to something is something that is wrong. You must show them how evil can effect their reasoning and how nothing should have an evil reaction. Teach them the reason for compassion and how a reversal of evil can effect them spiritually. Teach them there is a reason for spiritual growth that exists in heaven. And everything that exists in the heavens is a result of the love on earth. Teach them that God is not existing in anything that is evil and He has a mission to help you grow spiritually so you can join him in heaven. Teach them not to have fear of God and that He does not seek punishment for our evil.
  15. Now lets get back to the marriage of Adam. When it is time to make a change we will find that evil will be drawing us too close. And when we make a decision we do not want a life of confusion, we will have to find a way to begin growing spiritually.
  16. When Adam knew that his marriage was doing harm not only to him but Anthony, he had to finally make the split with his wife. When we break a marriage up, it will often result in more confusion for everyone unless you have help from God. And when you think your marriage is something that you cannot mend, then you will need some help from God.
  17. There is no reason to stop growing spiritually because you have made a mistake in your life, especially when it comes to love. If love is consisting of evil, then you won't know the meaning of love, for all good things depend on love.
  18. When you have spiritual companionship you have a promise of eternal love. And each relationship where love is eternal comes from the grace of God. We have already seen in the paper how this women was pressured into marriage and this was a special lesson. Her marriages were based in confusion and she was involved in two unhappy marriages.
  19. Her parents didn't care if there was love in them because they hadn't experienced it for themselves. So they didn't show spiritual reasoning and their first instinct was to protect her from the reaction of everyone connected to her family. And she was drawn in to their confusion.
  20. God cannot fault her for the mistakes she made. She made her decision for marriage without a choice. When we marry someone where love is missing we cannot seek happiness in intimacy. When we are forced to be intimate with someone we don't love then we are interacting with evil in a relationship. We must understand the difference.
  21. When we are intimate we are filled with the compassion of love and we have chosen someone to experience the pleasures of that love for the rest of our physical existence on this earth. This pleasure is void of any evil when love exists in the life of these two people. And that is the process of creating a new life.
  22. There never is a guarantee of eternal love until our soul is spiritually capable of sustaining it. And God does not chose who you can attain eternal love with. The only way God can give you a better chance for attaining eternal love is through spiritual growth. And you cannot have spiritual growth unless you have spiritual experiences. So there is no reason to maintain an intimate relationship with someone you do not love.
  23. In Adams dream these people arrived at the conference. They found a reason to forgive Adam and give him a hug. Even though this wasn't intimacy it was display of love that was free of evil. So this was a symbol of love that did not exist in intimacy. When we chose to love someone without intimacy it is the kind of love we have with relations in our family. We know that intimacy with family would be wrong and it would be evil. And we know it is very evil when someone confuses them. And each relationship we have out of family should be the same kind of love unless you have chosen a single relationship to share intimacy with.
  24. Outside of your family God gives you a choice to change from one kind of relationship to another loving relationship. But he expects us to let the person know when intimacy is something you no longer want in a relationship. There will always be evil when we try and maintain two intimate relationships and you will not have any spiritual growth during these times. So we must always make an effort to not seek out anyone else unless we are unhappy in life. And if we are unhappy in a relationship, we should not be intimate with someone. And lastly we should always try to maintain a different kind of loving relationship with those we have had intimacy with in the past unless the relationship is going to effect your spiritual growth.
  25. Often when we have a intimate relationship with someone else it consisted of evil and we have to be free from them totally. This is when we should make amends to people we have hurt in our lives for they are still connected to your soul and you will eventually meet them in heaven. Remember every soul is eternal and God has a place for them in heaven so you want them to evolve spiritually. So you can eventually rekindle your relationship free of any evil there.
  26. So this religious conference where Adam met these people, it symbolized the rekindling of relationships in heaven.


Posted by Chris: 20 May 2008 01:17 pm

I did want to relay some of what has happened recently in my life. I have two close friends who I have long considered my big brother and sister.

Last week, Gary, suddenly left Delores in a fit of anger. He had unhappiness he was holding up inside, and never told anyone until it resulted in his blow up.

It has been very difficult dealing with the pain, everyone feels like something was violently ripped from them. The dream's mention of the glass, and breaking it really helped me understand and relate to Dee about something feeling broken.

This dream helped me deal with this, as its hard to overstate how badly this hurt us all. Having some understanding helped me be supportive.



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