Understanding The Tree of Life

This is a dream that I had and did a translation for on one of the other forums back in 2007. I have edited and rewritten it in a easier to follow way, but the transcription is still basically the same. This is the only transcript that I rewrote in this way. All the rest are as I received them.

I had another dream were I was in a interrogation office and police were asking me about a crime that was committed by someone I knew. I felt that they thought I was involved as well. I did not have any recollection of any crime, however as they interrogated me I gave them some names of past friends who had done me some harm in one way or the other. When they asked me if they were my friends I said no they were not. For some reason I felt they knew I was not telling the truth. Then the interview was over, and before I left the police gave me a gift. I remember looking at it and seeing a electric saw that one would use for trimming branches on a tree. However, I had no idea why they were giving it to me.

This is the transcription I received for this dream.

We have to understand why we cannot hate people if we want to get to heaven.

When we evolve spiritually we do not have a reason to hate someone, no matter how much harm they have done to us. In this dream the police were asking about a crime someone committed and he tried to remember the names of the people who did it. The police thought he was involved with it and when they asked him, it caused him confusion. Then he remembered people who did him harm and was not able to feel compassion for them.

So what is the lesson we can learn from a reaction like this? The person in this dream still has to show an action of forgiveness for some evil that has affected him throughout his lifetime.

When this man told them they were not friends of his, the police did not believe him. This is a product of evil in his life, for he shared friendships with all these names he gave to the police. He let the evil win by finding a reason they were not his friends. In heaven there are people who have caused us evil in not only in our present life, but our past lives as well. Once we reach heaven, we must care for each of them like everyone else there. If they are not really forgiven, then we will not be happy to be near them. So if we cannot be near them then we won't be able to live in heaven.

A life of spirituality is attracted to the soul of all people that are able to change and it helps them in the process.

We should never find a reason to ignore anyone who needs our help. This will allow our heart to separate from any evil that it has collected. If every person found there was no reason to forgive people who caused them any harm, we would be in the middle of corruption and evil and we would see everything revolving around hate.

"When he finished his interview with the police, they gave him a gift and he didn't even realize what the saw was for."

The saw was given to him as present so he would have a mission.

The police knew he had a lot of confusion and they wanted him to find a tree and cut off a branch on a special angle. It was the angle of Religion and it had a spiritual reason. This particular branch needed to be cut at an angle to ensure that it would not die. That way, it would be able to collect some sunlight and water and heal itself.

When you cut a branch off a tree, you should face the angle to Heaven, for if you cut the tree and the angle is facing towards the ground it will never heal properly.

So what does this mean? You must get the right angle to point to Heaven. So what is the angle that points to Heaven? It always must point towards love for the branch is from the Tree of Life. The tree of life has to be trimmed on every life cycle or else it will grow wild. Life cycles are like being reincarnated and leaves are reborn every year on the tree of life. This tree will always grow new branches as long as it’s trimmed branches point to Heaven to be healed. They have to draw on their life from heaven to allow their roots to have water. So the Tree of Life needs to draw from Heaven everything it needs in the roots of its’ soul to survive.

All living things come to life again.

Even the plants of God have spirituality in this world. Not all plants return to life in the same way, as some grow from seeds. But they go through the same process. Even though plants do not have a soul, they rely on the principles of God's creation.

So how does this relate to forgiveness?

Let’s go back to the tree of life. If its branches were trimmed and didn't face heaven, the soul or the roots that God gave it would not be able to draw on the nutrients it needed and the tree could become diseased and die. So in essence its diseased branches are a symbol of our lives that have been cut with the saw of evil. And when this happens we will need to go back and re-cut the angle with a saw from Heaven. When we feel that there isn't a reason to face them towards Heaven, then our soul will not have enough to draw on to get all the nutrients of life.

Forgiveness is one of the nutrients that our soul will need to regain its strength in reincarnation.

So you have to listen carefully. Life for your body needs a direction, where it can become reliant on Heaven. Whenever a soul is reincarnated, it will draw from its roots on the nutrients that it has received in previous lives. The evil can also be redrawn from earth and affect the whole Tree of Life. Emotions are like the nutrients we draw from earth. All of them affect our Tree of Life. Each life always draws on emotions from the past. Our soul draws on and feels emotions that are Divine while facing Heaven.

Trees that draw from roots of evil, will reuse their emotions of evil that they have experienced.

Therefore they will not get enough nutrients from the earth and when the branches grow they will not be very strong. That is why they will need to be trimmed and have to be re-angled towards heaven. When this happens, they will start to use the nutrients of previous lives more uniformly, and the branches that are left will become stronger.

Now what does this trimming mean?

You have many branches attached to your Tree of Life. And each one of the good ones are angels. These are the strong branches that will live for a long time and help you draw good nutrients. You also have branches growing wild or dead and these are the branches of evil. You should never cut branches that are strong and beautiful for they will remain with you in reincarnation. Every tree has stronger branches that will draw good nutrients for eternity. When your soul is drawing on a Divine emotion from Heaven, the roots will draw the nutrients of life.

So I will recap. If your soul draws on emotions of evil, its branches will not get the nutrients it needs to remain a beautiful and strong tree. If these branches begin to loose their strength, they will have little resistance to evil unless they are trimmed from Heaven.

Angels have to cut these branches.

There is a lot of evil that we experience in every life time and this evil does affect our soul. So we must always trim the branches that are a result of evil. These evil branches that are left on the tree can prevent us from reaching Heaven.

They must be removed by angels for we cannot remove them by ourselves as they exist in the metaphysical.

This is the reason why Angels have to attach themselves to all the souls they love. They must remove the evil branches from our Tree of Life so the branches of love can grow. And they want you to draw from Heaven instead, whenever your roots are used to drawing on evil emotions.

Eventually all of the trees branches will be angled towards heaven.

It is the responsibility of all Angels to help the ones they love reach heaven. So they seek out the ones that need to reach Heaven. So each of us have many angels helping us during our life times. They exist with us in our soul, and they are with us until we reach Heaven with them. Once we get to Heaven, we will be able to experience the love all of them have for us.

Each of them work on the emotions that we experience in each life time and point us in the direction of Heaven.

They will always be there when we experience the good things, and try to protect us from evil. The angels are a collection of all the love that we have had in our past. They will always be working on our Tree of Life, cutting the evil branches until all of them are facing heaven. They forgive us for every evil thing we have done to them or others in your past lives and want us to join them in Heaven. We will be able to accompany them everywhere in Heaven. We will exist with them on another plane which will be more physical then the one on earth. Our life is a collection of the emotions we have that exist in the metaphysical and they are many more times powerful then the ones we feel while we are on earth. There we will be able to experience the ecstasy in the magnification of our feelings of love, for this is the reason for life.



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