Prayer By The Bed

Posted by Christine: Sun Mar 25, 2008

I had a dream this morning that I was in the basement of a house, it seemed like I was living there but, surroundings were not recognizable to me naturally. I was distracted by my mom who was ironing something and the t.v. was on, so I went up stairs to room (still praying as I was walking) knelt by my bed and continued on praying.

Posted by Adam: Sun May 04, 2008 6:54 pm

Hi Christine and everyone,
I hope you are still around and have a chance to review this dream transcription as it helped me understand a few things.

  1. This is the dream where Christine was in the basement of a house praying. This is a symbol of our faith in religion.
  2. When our attention is on prayer, we often have problems in our life, and we are asking for God's intervention. So then we often pray for a miracle. So every religious person prays for a miracle from God.
  3. In this dream you were in the basement and that is a symbol of being new in this forum. The surroundings were not recognized because you are new to the lessons in here. Your soul knew it is something natural that you are experiencing through your spiritual evolution, but your physical existence is not aware of it.
  4. The TV was on and this is a symbol of religious conditioning that your family has been through during their life time. This thing that your mother was ironing was a symbol of some wrinkles with someone you love. If there are wrinkles in a relationship your mother will try to iron them out with experiences she has learned during her life.
  5. And even when she is right and often has good advice, she is often directed by emotional evil. When we are controlled by emotional evil, we will act emotionally to things we have learned. And we are often just reacting to evil with another action of evil.
  6. This symbol of ironing represents flattening out something that is wrinkled. Why does it need to be flattened? Every wrinkle that exists in something that you wear will eventually reappear after you have worn it for a while.
  7. Clothes are a symbol of the love that we wear when it is received from someone else. And we should never have a reason to put a crease in someones love. When we use fusion to put a crease in a loving relationship, we can damage it, and the crease may never come out.
  8. Each relationship has differences and we have to let them decide if they want it ironed or not. So often interference from someone else can put wrinkles where we don't need them in a loving relationship.
  9. When love is in a relationship you will need to decide where you want your creases to be for no love is perfect.
  10. Christine continued praying for she had a problem she wanted God to help her with. And it was something in a relationship that she needed help with. She needed God's intervention to create a miracle in her relationship for she knew that she still loved this person.
  11. The symbol of her praying next to her bed was tranquility in life. Christine was praying for tranquility and peace in the relationship that she was going through. And this is how we can make a reverse of evil happen in a relationship if it is something you can grow spiritually from.
  12. If you can grow spiritually from it, then God will intervene with a miracle. And if it is a relationship that will cause your soul to spiritually regress, then God will not iron the wrinkles out of it. We have to have a reason for each relationship that we have.
  13. And that reason is spiritual growth, however, each one of us has to choose the love we wear. If your love is causing spiritual growth then it is resistant to evil and it will be good for your soul.
  14. If it consists of confusion and anger, then it will cause you to spiritually devolve. And this is when you should try to find a love that will be better for your soul.
  15. We cannot spiritually evolve if we are lost in someone's confusion. And God knows the relationships that are good for your soul but He will always let you make your own choice. And God will only give His intervention when He knows it will benefit your soul.
  16. When He knows you will experience more confusion then He will not answer your prayer. The suffering that each of us go through in relationships is always the first thing that God will try to help you avoid.
  17. So why was religious evil a part of this dream? We cannot expect God's intervention when there is going to be evil resulting from it. And this is the miraculous process of God's intervention. God does not answer your prayers because He thinks you do not deserve it. He will answer them if He knows you will experience spiritual growth from them.
  18. He knows how your whole life will be affected every time you receive His intervention. Everything that comes from God is reversing some evil that is in our souls. And when religious evil is in reverse, we will experience a miracle, and this is a process of God's eternal love. For He knows that every one of you has a soul that is eternal.
  19. So if we pray for His help, we will receive peace and tranquility so we can grow spiritually and get closer to Him in heaven. If you have some evil affecting you spiritually, then you will have many problems in each relationship you have, and you will have to find a way to make changes in your life.
  20. So this is when God tries to give you a reason to make these changes and this is the simplest form of intervention. He will do this by trying to put relationships in your life that can help you to change.
  21. Each relationship will affect your soul if they consist of love and these are the relationships you will want with you in heaven.
  22. Our spiritual growth is something we acquire through the love of others and we will grow through every love we experience, if we follow the rules of loving relationships. Intimacy is another lesson.



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