The Two Snakes

The Two Snakes

Posted by Adam: Sun May 04, 2008 9:37 am

Hi everyone,
I had this dream a couple of nights ago, and I worked on it yesterday and this morning with my session with the angels. This is quite an amazing dream and there will be another post with some news coming shortly after this one. The two snakes have some significance which I will post later. Hold on to your hats folks there is some wonderful things about to happen. 

Two nights ago I had this dream where I was with a man I use to work with in the past who was from India. In real life, we never did develop any kind of relationship except working together and I am not even really sure if we were even friends or not. In the dream I was walking and running through a jungle. The journey seemed long and treacherous, while at the same time quite spiritual. I can remember jumping over logs and going under trees. On two occasions this person moved ahead of me and I was lagging behind. As I was going between a group of trees this huge snake leaped from a tree behind me and grabbed the sweater right off my back and took it. It was odd how the same thing happened twice and it kind of slowed me down, however, I did not have a great amount of fear as it happened. Finally, after a long time of trudging through the jungles we came up to this tree with two cabinets in it. By now I had taken the lead again and was the first to get to the tree. The man I was with was standing behind me. These cabinets looked antique and as I opened one of them I was shocked to find out it was full of explosives. At this point I closed the first cabinet and opened the second where a small box was sitting. When I opened the box I saw a stamp with a bottle cap on top and in the bottle cap was a gold coin. That was the end of the dream. 

  1. You had a dream about a journey in life. The symbol of a jungle of life that is connected to the spiritual. This is a new phase in this learning. You have begun a phase in life where you will be going on a trip. In this dream you were not traveling alone. If we are not alone, you are taking a journey with someone God has chosen to take this journey with you.
  2. Together you will have a better chance of getting away from evil and there will be a major prophecy from your dream here. When life is free from confusion you will be able to go on a journey with people and you will not have the journey stopped by any evil. And when you complete your journey there will be a present waiting.
  3. In this dream Adam was with a man that he didn't have a good relationship with. He made no effort to get to know this man so they could never develop a relationship. This person was a spiritual man but he was still consumed with religious evil in life. So even though he was a religious man, he was a very confused person. And God wanted this person to take a journey with Adam so he could show him there was something better in life waiting for him at the end of the journey.
  4. We know heaven exists in love, so we must learn how to travel with relationships we have. And every journey in heaven has a gift waiting. So we can start learning this while we are traveling on earth spiritually. We can journey with every intention to be presented with a gift when we are guided by love. You can always find a reason to take a journey with people you have a relationship with especially as a visionary. You must also realize that you have lots of reasons to be with the people that you have relationships with. And you should always be open to receive new relationships.
  5. Yes a gift will be coming for everyone who takes a journey in this religion. We must use it wisely though for we are on a mission of God. We are unique when it comes to any other religion. We have been on this journey with Adam, and each visionary has been provided with a miracle. This small miracle was just an example of what God can do for you.
  6. You have been chased by evil. Like in this dream, Adam had a snake steal his sweater. This sweater was a symbol of evil stealing love from him. It was a result of two other relationships that slowed him down because he got caught up in his own confusion. He had a mission on this journey and it wasn't a journey that was easy. He had to learn while he was teaching visionaries spiritual growth. God chose some people to accompany him on this journey and they weren't even sure they wanted to be with him. They weren't even sure if evil was waiting when they got to their destination. Each one of them had their own vision from their own religious conditioning and they often went ahead and left Adam behind.
  7. They went ahead on their own, only to realize they needed him to lead the way again. When we loose faith when we are on a journey we will often have to return to a place that we are familiar with where someone is waiting to lead again and that is the correct process of spiritual growth. When someone gets lost on a journey they will eventually encounter evil unless they find someone to help them.
  8. And we will have many journeys in this religion if we choose to rely on Adam to lead the way with the help of heaven. God is ready to intervene with more of His miracles for there is a good reason for them to begin. Soon Jesus arrives on earth. He is beginning a new birth and he has begun his new life through Adam and Linda. And these prophecies are becoming reality.
  9. And the visionaries have been witnesses to this process. We know this is the right time for Jesus to return and we know there will be miracles coming for him. And he wants his new visionaries to be ready for him. All these dreams you see are lessons in spiritual guidance that Jesus will need to connect with God in heaven. And each miracle given will be there to protect him in this religion of God.
  10. When Adam arrived at his destination there was something waiting. First he opened a cabinet that had some destructive material. It was very dangerous and it was a symbol of religious evil. Adam knew it wasn't the present God wanted anyone to have. So he closed the cabinet and opened the second one.
  11. And this gift was very small but it had a lot of meaning. It consisted of a stamp, a bottle cap and a coin. So what was this gifts true meaning? The symbol of this stamp was spiritual creation for it was something that would be collected by only one person. It was very rare and it was the rarest stamp in the world. The bottle cap was a symbol of something you would discard when you opened a bottle which had a drink. It was a symbol of a drink that you would never forget that you had. So what is this drink that you will never forget? When you are a visionary you drink the liquid of prophecies and miracles and this is something that will quench your soul spiritually. As each prophecy quenches your soul it will be backed up with a miracle that will physically sustain your life. Miracles that follow a spiritual quenching cause spiritual creation. This is how Jesus will return to the earth.
  12. The symbol of this coin that is in this bottle cap is financial freedom and prosperity. And this is a promise that all the visionaries will have. There is a reason you will all be receiving financial freedom and prosperity in your life for it will help you to accomplish your mission. When each of you receive these blessings you will know they come from God and they will help you to do what God has planned.
  13. Each new visionary will have a reason to know that this religion has changed their life by the time these miracles are released to them. And as these gifts arrive they will direct you from any evil that you may encounter before Christ arrives here on earth. The first present will come very soon to Linda and Adam and they have a mission to take a long journey. This is their first journey with Jesus' soul where they will make relationships along their way. And it is their responsibility to take this religion with them and keep regular contact with people in this forum. They will take their animals with them as well.
  14. They are responsible that their animals are taken care of during their journey and there is a reason their animals will be traveling with them. We must ensure there is a safe journey for them. And this here prophecy will begin very soon.
  15. There is a reason that all the prophecies have taken time to unfold. They had to build their love and faith for everything in this religion and we are sure Linda will be a good mother. We are also sure that the visionaries have a reason to have faith in them. So we shall give you a quenching by showing you how these prophecies will begin. And they will change your life and you will be able to witness the miracles of Jesus Christ as they take form in your own lives.
  16. We don't want you to have confusion about the way these miracles will unfold. For now is the time.

 Posted by Adam: Sun May 04, 2008 10:34 am 

Hi everyone,
These last few transcripts have been quite amazing and they have talked much about the creation of life and spiritual creation. Well Linda and I have some great news, she is pregnant and the prophecies are beginning to unfold. Here is a picture of Linda's pregnancy test taken yesterday. As you will see, 2 stripes are positive. Just click on the image to enlarge and wait for it to load. Another miracle may happen as well if the baby is born 2 weeks early, then it would be very close to Dec 25th.


Note: Unfortunately, our first attempt resulted in a miscarriage, and we had a baby girl about a year later.

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