Kissing Chelsea

Kissing Chelsea Dream

Posted by Petrarch: Fri Mar 28, 2008 11:33 pm

I had an odd dream back in September 2000. I was just starting high school back then. There was this girl, Chelsea, and she was in my math class, as she had been the previous year.

Three weeks into the school year, I started having this odd dream. To explain, I will say that all of the math classrooms are in a single hallway on the second floor of the school. Anyway, in the dream, it was the mid-class break. I was across from the math classroom hallway, standing by a balcony overlooking the first floor of the building. Chelsea was standing to my right. Just then, I walked up to her, and then she and I started kissing. Then, I woke up.

This dream happened three times in two weeks. I remember how I reacted upon waking after the second occurrence, which was that I was amazed that I had dreamed of her again. I was emphatic that although I thought she was cute, she was just a girl in my math class, meaning that I had no desire to date her, and had no friendship with her. But looking back now, I realize another difficulty in explaining this was that if I had been romantically interested in anyone at that time, it would have been one of Chelsea's best friends, not her.

This is one of only three dreams I have ever had to repeat itself, and the repetition is what I wish to explain most. I have posted this online elsewhere. There seem to be two camps. Some think that she and I are soul mates, which I regard as ridiculous. The only contact I have had with Chelsea since high school graduation five years ago was a Facebook message where I confessed this dream to her. She and I are living in different cities these days as well. The other opinion is that the soul mate suggestion is nonsensical, but give no alternate explanation.

As a final note, I have no idea about any religious convictions she might have. If anyone could explain this to me, let me know.

Posted by Adam: Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:18 pm

Hi everyone,
I was beginning to get a little concerned about this dream as it has been here for quite a while, and I have had no transcription on it until today. There was a reason for this post and a time for this to be transcribed now though.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon 27 April, 2008, 12:10 PM Est

  1. This dream is a symbol of a spiritual connection. When our soul is reborn in another form it will have a reason to reconnect with souls of past lives. This may create problems in relationships in a current life that we are living in.
  2. There is no explanation when you feel an attraction to someone that you know other than you have a connection with them in a previous life. Now we will explain how this attraction affects you spiritually.
  3. You can evolve spiritually with all the people you know from your past lives if you can resist your sexual attractions. In each new life we evolve with different types of love. When we have a physical attraction to someone of a past life, we must nurture the love in your soul for them.
  4. What is the reason that you would risk destroying an old love when you are already involved in a new one?
    In each lifetime you must establish lasting relationships and there is never a reason to destroy love for relationships of the past.
  5. When we feel a connection to people from a past life we will believe we can't wait to be intimate with them, even when we are already involved intimately with someone else. Acting on this impulse can destroy the relationship our soul has with both of them in a lifetime and this is another way our soul can devolve, because our soul can remember the love it has in each lifetime.
  6. So our soul will remember all the loves it has had in other life times, however, it will not remember the ones where love was lost due to your evil.
  7. You have to be in a relationship where both of you maintained the love and respect for each other during the lifetime. When you maintain a relationship there is no anger or hate towards anyone we are connected to in heaven. And this is the same on earth, in order to maintain the relationships we have in heaven.
  8. When we are involved in an evil relationship, our soul is not spiritually evolving in this lifetime. And it will ultimately affect each relationship we have in this life. And it is very difficult when we replace love with hate in a relationship. And forgiveness is the only thing that can repair it for eternity.
  9. We can learn to forgive the people that we have loved in our life time, but we cannot make them forgive us for our own evil. So we can establish a different kind of relationship with them when we find a connection.
  10. We will always seek to spiritually reconnect with each relationship we have had in past lives. And we will be drawn to these relationships through the eternal love we share with them. Now there is a difference to a physical attraction to someone we are attracted to and never met. The connection has to be mutual and it is a natural thing to want to seek new relationships. We can also make new relationships where there is no physical attraction and we can experience new friendships which could later evolve into something different.
  11. Now lets get back to this dream he had here. He had a dream about kissing Chelsea. In this dream he was on mid break with someone he was connected with. He had no physical attraction to her in this life time. Spiritually, he was connected to Chelsea through a past life time. They were connected spiritually through eternal love. Their love was still active spiritually. The symbol of the mid break represented their relationship.
  12. Even though we are in a relationship with someone, and we do not maintain the same involvement with them as time moves on, that does not mean that the relationship has lost it's love. People maintain friendships with people they haven't connected with for a long time. And there will always be a chance to reconnect with them in heaven or on earth.
  13. Each relationship that you have will not be connected for nothing. And if you nurture this love it will benefit you in life. This is spiritual creation and there is a reason for every relationship we have in our life time unless it is evil. Then it is something that is not coming from God.
  14. In this dream he was standing in front of the math class. This is a symbol of how people are attracted through mathematical equations. When you add up the relationships you have had in your past lives, they represent about 50% of your current life. And these are relationships that we have to keep for eternity if we don't destroy them.
  15. When he was standing on this balcony, it was a symbol of not forgetting that they would be reunited in heaven where they would be able to pick up where they left off in the past. For in heaven we will have eternity to be with the ones we have loved in our past lives as long as we have maintained a good relationship.
  16. In a spiritual relationship, we can chose to be with anyone, for as long as we want. And in heaven there will be times when we need to be free of one relationship to seek out another and we will still be able to maintain the love we have for each other.
  17. So why is it so important in heaven to try and re-experience all the love that you have had in your past lives? God in heaven gives us a choice to love who we feel is right for our spiritual evolution. When you live for eternity, you cannot cause any suffering to someone when you decide to seek out someone else you love.
  18. We know in heaven there will always be someone you love waiting to re-connect with you. And you can re-connect with them any time you miss them and you want to be with them. In heaven every soul can be materialized in the human form for as long as we want. We can also choose to have experiences in the metaphysical.
  19. So there is no reason to experience anything that would affect our happiness throughout eternity. So on this balcony we make a promise to be with those who seek our love. In heaven everyone’s love is constant, and we do not love someone else more then others for this is how God loves all of us.
  20. Your love is a process of spiritual evolution and it cannot have any jealousy or evil.
  21. How can we maintain it if it is different for some then others? Everyone’s love is waiting to be spiritually reconnected to each other. And this is the process of spiritual re-connection. When you know that you will be able to re-experience love from all past lives, then no life is ever wasted. And we will always strive to reconnect with relationships on earth that we will see again in heaven. Many souls have been reborn over periods of thousands of years and they have experienced much good and love. They have also experienced much evil that effected their spiritual evolution.
  22. And when they mess up every relationship they have in a lifetime, they must be reborn to reverse the evil in these relationships. This will end this lesson now.

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