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Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:47 am Adam wrote:

Hi Everyone,
I was browsing a dream site yesterday and this dream was the first dream up for request of a transcription. I thought I would give it a try and perhaps email it to the person. However, after I transcribed it, I changed my mind as it is for us here and a continuation of what we have been learning about spiritual evolution. There is a bit of a story to it though.

Here is the dream by an anonymous poster.

I don't remember much about this dream, except that my mother and I were looking for some things - clothes, jewelery, etc - which we hadn't seen in a long time. I found a cardboard box which had been left by my dad, who I haven't seen in over 10 years. When I opened it, the clothes and jewelery we were looking for were inside, along with a load of paintings I'd done as a small child, some toys, and my cat's bed.

First part of transcription April 26, 2008
by Adam Kadmon

  1. The symbol of looking for things with your mother are things from the past that you needed to find. Often things from your past can always be used in the present. These things always will be something that can affect us in our lives.
  2. The symbol of clothes is something that you can wear to protect you and are often a symbol of love when given to you by someone else. The jewelery is a symbol of the love you have received from people you have been intimate with.
  3. So in this dream you are looking for different kinds of love from different people. So love is something that you are missing. You are looking for this love with your mother and she knows it is important for you to find it.
  4. This present was left by your father who you haven't seen for a long time. Your father left this gift so you would open it for a reason. He knew a time would come in your life when you would be looking for this love.
    He always knew there would be a reason to look for this love and he stored it carefully for you.
  5. There is also some paintings in this box he left for you. These paintings are a symbol of the process of creating spiritual images of his love. The process of creating spiritual things is something you can experience when you look at the paintings someone has made.
  6. There is a spiritual reason for everything that is created from love and each vision that is painted is something very spiritual. As long as it is painted for a spiritual reason consisting of love, it is something good that we can experience.
  7. We can learn from each of these experiences when we put ourselves in the place of the person that created them. Each time spiritual creation becomes a process in our life, we are defeating something that consists of evil. When we are defeating confusion we have created something that we can use in our life.
  8. This dream also has a prophecy. You will think about finding a reason to look for this box that your father left and you will be blessed with a miracle. You have a reason to look in this box that your father left, and when you look in this box, you will find a miracle waiting for you. So we shall promise you there is a reason for this dream.
  9. This box is filled with loving things that your father had and that is why it created a miracle. We want to make sure that you go through this box very carefully and you can reverse that evil that has happened to your sister. We needed your admission knowing your father had some love in his heart.

    At this point I realized that I had picked up some things from my X wife's last week, and one of the things was a box from my father who had died about 8 years ago. I never really went through the box that carefully as our family did not have a very good relationship with him for that last twenty years. Without getting into detail, he had done some evil things in his life and he moved a few thousand miles away, and we only saw him a few times over the next 20 years. However, when I did the first part of the transcription, I knew that there was something important in the box and decided to go through it carefully. When I did I found out that he had written some letters in the last month or so of his life, some of which I had not seen before, and that he had suffered greatly in these last months because he was so alone. (I did go and see him about six month before he died and stayed with him and tried to make him comfortable as he was sick at the time.) I also found that he kept all the cards that we had sent him over the years, and tried very hard to make sure that we received something of his small inheritance. This was the most important thing in his life and he was on a mission to try and make amends with his family somehow.

    After Linda and I went through the box, I continued with the transcription
    on April 26, 2008 and posted it at 9:48 EST
  10. There is no reason that he didn't spiritually evolve and he had chose to be an angel of light and he still needs your love. He is with you right now and he promises that he changed from a life of evil and he is very proud that you chose to lead a life with God. He knows that he had a lot of confusion later on in his life that kept him away from his family and he has chose to return in this life and try to make amends with the people he loved.
  11. He knows that he will have to make amends with everyone so they will seek him up in heaven. And he is now having a vacation there.
  12. Can you see how this process is working now? We have to make a decision to seek out the people that we love to have an affect in their lives and if we have to return and be born again, we want to be close to the people that we love.
  13. And when someone in the family that is close to you, who we love, is having a pregnancy, we will choose to return with them. So often those that we love, are reborn as children within our families so they can have some kind of affect in our life.
  14. This spiritual connection will maintain your love so your soul will continue to live on, eternally in heaven. You will often have relationships with people that you have known for many lifetimes. And this is why our bloodline has importance in our life.
  15. So you must understand that you need to have relationships with as many people as you can in your family. Or this will cause you a problem when you get to heaven and you will not have enough love to maintain your soul eternally.

    Lastly, I will be scanning one of the letters that I found in the box and post it here as soon as I get a chance.

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