Old Girlfriend

The Old Girlfriend Dream Translation/Transcription/Analysis

Posted by Chris: 20 Mar 2008 07:14 pm

These two dreams center around a girl that I knew through childhood and was my girlfriend for a while early in the teenage years. I was back in touch with her later on, but I never got the nerve to act on what I was feeling.
I am sitting on the floor of a living room. Amber is sitting on the couch behind me and is braiding my long hair. There are family members in the room as well. I feel very content and happy. I feel loved.
In this one I seem to be talking to Amber. We spend a good amount of time discussing love, how we feel for each other, what happened, so on and so forth. I think we somehow get back together, though that confuses me because she has a family now. She somehow convinces me that there isn't anything to worry about. I become very happy and content similar to the living room dream.

Hi Chris and everyone,
Here is another lesson on spiritual growth as we experience it through the interaction of the angels in heaven.

Posted by Adam Kadmon, April 19, 2008 at 1:55 p.m. EST

  1. Chris had a dream about a girlfriend a long time ago. Amber is a symbol of someone we had a relationship with in a previous life. Yes, there are always relationships that we will be able to connect up with later once we have made it to heaven. There is a reason for every relationship that you have for those we love are the force that drives us on in eternity.
  2. Once you are spiritually evolved with God, you will have a mission to seek out the relationships you had in all your past lives, and help them with their spiritual growth and spiritual evolution.
  3. Someone will get spiritual intervention when there is someone up in heaven who had a relationship and wants you to come and join them in heaven. There are people who love you in heaven that know love is eternal. And they are never waiting to receive you in heaven, for their souls are already interacting with you there. We meet up with most of them in eternity, and once you become an angel there will be a lot of people who love you from your past lives.
  4. And this is part of the process you are receiving here. All the angels who love you here are coming to give you spiritual growth during this lifetime as you keep learning and walking with them in spirituality.
  5. In this dream that Chris had, he was in the living room with his family and he felt loved. You do not have to be with someone to experience their love. Remember, true love is eternal. And each relationship we have, have different forms of love. For example, the love that you have for your family is different then the one that Chris would have for Amber. But they can still have an eternal effect.
  6. Love is the vehicle that people use to take other people to heaven and love never dies in heaven. In this dream that Chris had, his Amber was braiding his hair. And remember in a previous dream reattaching hair was an extension of our soul as we grow spiritually. When hair is braided it is a symbol of how our soul is intertwined with relationships of our past lives.
  7. There is a prophecy that comes with Amber's hair braiding. Our past relationships will always be intertwined with each other. Every time you begin a new relationship and you experience their love, it affects you in heaven. So these relationships are intertwined for eternity and this can affect what is happening on earth. And that is how the love of God has affected everything from the beginning of creation.
  8. In the dream where Adam was giving a haircut, we talked about resistance to spiritual evolution in life. So that is being resistant to souls who love us in heaven. When we are resistant to the angels who love us in heaven, we cannot have spiritual intervention from God. And there is a point in everyone's life where they will have some kind of spiritual connection to heaven.
  9. So what is the connection that God has to all of these angels. He was always trying to form a relationship with them and He has sent prophets to establish this relationship through religion. The relationships that we have in religion, is the vehicle we use to get to heaven. And the relationships that we have in religion are the people that we love.
  10. When we have relationships that lack love, they are evil and love will not be able to sustain you for eternity in heaven. So there is a good reason to immerse yourself in love.
  11. This is how we form relationships of love, through religion. Chris and Amber felt content and happy with all the love of family they had around them. And they felt that they had protection from any kind of evil. And they talked about meeting up later for they knew that love was in their relationship and it was good. They also knew that a life of spirituality could solve any problems.
  12. And the both of them had a mission to meet the people they loved up in heaven. Chris also knew that she had a family and he also really knew that it would not make a difference for we will have a chance to be with everyone we love in heaven.
  13. So there is a big difference between heaven and earth, for our relationships are dependent upon a different form of love. On earth, we are controlled by the laws of humanity, and these laws are very important for us to establish relationships in a physical world. Now, we do not want you to have confusion from this, but love is much stronger in heaven then it is on earth. And we have all eternity to be with the people that we love and even eternity would have confusion if there was no one to love.
  14. So that is why we always have a mission to bring more people we love to heaven. There, jealousy is not an emotion you would ever experience for you can never run out of love. You can spend a lifetime with anyone you love. So now we will have to explain how our relationships of the past are intertwined. When your soul is eternal there is no space or time. Therefore, you can move through it in any fashion that you wish.
  15. In heaven we do not have any evil preventing us from experiencing all the wonders God has created for us. And we will have many people in heaven who love us, who we can experience them with. And through each new experience we have with someone we love, we can evolve even more spiritually. And your love will help to increase the power of God to create new things in the universe. This is the process of spiritual creation that is the fuel that drives everything.
  16. When God uses his strength for spiritual creation, He will not have fear that He can ever run out. For He has the love of countless angels that sustain Him in heaven.


Posted by Chris : 28 May 2008 02:52 pm

Here is another recent dream that included Amber:

I don't remember much from the earlier part of this dream. I do remember being in a vacant room with no curtains on the large window. The morning sun was shining into the room. I am not sure, but I think me and Amber were looking at places to live.

The dream ends with me and Amber returning to her bedroom. She is sitting on the floor while I sit on her bed. After we discuss things for a while, she asks me "What do you think? Do you want to try it again?" At this I leap off the bed to embrace her, feeling estatic. She laughs and says "I guess that's a yes?"

While embracing her I have two thoughts. First I think "But I don't feel sexual, how can this work without those feelings?" After those we start to kiss very intimately at which I think "This is very sexual. Remember its not all about sex."



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