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The Cutting Hair Dream Transcription/Analysis/Interpretation

Posted Adam: 06 Apr 2008 01:56 pm

Last night, April 5th, I had a strange dream about cutting hair. For some reason I had a responsibility to cut the hair of two people that I can vividly remember. They knew they had no choice in getting it cut, however they did not want to do it.

The first one was a male and he was kind of burly and muscular. We were in front of a lot of other people who were watching and the two of us were on this platform. I knew I had no experience at cutting hair, but I had no choice so I began to get ready. The man who I was cutting became very upset and struck out at me. In the beginning I tried to remain calm but when he hit me, I became angry and struck him back. When I struck him, he went flying off the platform and landed face first in some mud. I felt bad that it happened to him. However, after he got up and went on all fours like a dog and became submissive to me so I could cut his hair. He told me that while he was on his face in the mud, he had a vision about me and now he was ready for a hair cut. I was still very concerned about how to do it without making a mess of his hair. In another part of the dream, I cut off a section of his hair and it was like wires and I had to reattach the hair strands with wire connectors.

Next, there was a women with very long beautiful hair and she too did not want to get it cut, and I did not want to cut it, but I knew I had to for some reason. I tried to figure out the best way to do it and it had to be done in a way that it was a certain length. Every time I went to cut it she moved and prevented me from doing it because she was frightened. Finally I told her that she would have to stand on this line and not move and then I would extend her hair straight out and cut off the amount that was required. She still moved and would not stand still. I thought that I would pretend that I had enough and tell her that I refused to do it and walked away. I knew she had to have it done, and that she may finally come to her senses when I said I had enough of her fooling around. As I walked away she chased me and said okay, I will let you cut my hair now, and the dream ended.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon, Saturday, April 12,.2008 10:26 EST

  1. You were having this dream about these people you were giving a haircut. In this dream you were cutting off evil and confusion. There was lots of confusion for these two people that you were cutting hair for. And you also had confusion from it.
  2. We cannot forget it when someone is forgiving. This is how God will draw you out of your confusion. And we have sent this lesson for a reason. You had a fight with this man. It was a natural reaction to give him a strike when he began to strike you. Of course it would have been better to control yourself.
  3. Now this will be your lesson, don't forget you have a lot of reason to lash out at the angels in anger for your confusion but you were ready to hear our explanation. When there is a prophecy from God that you don't really understand, that sends you right into confusion, a prophet can't make a decision of how much hair he can cut. Especially when you are cutting someones hair that you have never cut before.
  4. In this dream you were on this platform for cutting hair. And this man who's hair you were cutting could sense your confusion. When evil can sense the confusion of someone it will take advantage, for it is waiting. When you were up on this platform, it was a symbol of the things we display in our lives when we are in confusion.
  5. You were very aware of the people that were watching you. When you have people watching all this confusion, they will learn from this evil display. They had a lot of things to learn from this confusion. There is a better way people can learn from this confusion with God's help.
  6. First remember, evil has a purpose to cause more evil and confusion and it will try to confuse you when you seek to cut the evil in life. When we cut off the evil in life, we are following a direction of changes in life and we would not put on the same display of evil. During our physical life, remember, evil will entice you to retaliate with evil.
  7. When this man began to strike Adam, he struck him very hard, and knocked him off the platform in the mud there. And he fell in the evil. When he fell down flat on his face Adam felt sorry for him. When you have reason in your life to be happy that you have won over someone else's confusion, then you are putting on an evil display. So you must try and find a reason to learn a lesson in life from it. So lets try and reverse in reasoning with God in this dream here.
  8. When you learn from all of your lessons in confusion, you have found a reason to experience a reverse of evil. And this is how you begin to have change and spiritual evolution.
  9. When this man returned to the platform, it was a symbol of his emotional display of love. He said he experienced a vision that changed his life and he said he was ready to let you cut his evil off. And the people that were watching you opened their hearts to him. When your emotions are changed from resistance to change, to accepting the things that you know will help you lead a better life, you will begin to experience spiritual evolution.
  10. In this dream there was a women who Adam had to cut her hair too. This was a symbol of Adam's reaction to resistance to a reversal of evil. This lady had very beautiful hair and he couldn't see how any evil could exist in this beauty. In the beginning, he was very confused about how much of her hair he had to cut off.
  11. This women was sensing the confusion of Adam, and she had fear that he would cut off too much hair. (shoulder cuff dream to be posted at a later date)
  12. When there is confusion about how much evil to cut off in our life, then we experience resistance. Adam, he knew he had a mission to cut this woman's hair and she wasn't ready to have it cut. We are never ready when we have resistance to change.
  13. When Adam finally decided on how much hair to cut off, it was a symbol of Adam coming out of confusion. Even then this woman did not want to let Adam help her to make changes in her life. As Adam came out of his confusion, he realized that this woman had to make a decision if she really wanted to make these changes.
  14. He thought of a simple process where she could make up her mind herself. He told her he refused to help her unless she wanted it.
  15. So we cannot get caught up in the confusion of another when they do not want to change. This is a law that we have in spirituality. When someone is objecting and never wants a change in their life, we should not try to convince them that they should lead a life of spirituality.
  16. So what is the reason we shouldn't try to make changes in everyone? It is because we can get stuck in our own spiritual evolution. Your mission is for people who seek spiritual change in life and it is not for people who are resistant to it.
  17. This dream also has a prophecy. You have experienced prophecy before which has been displayed in the newspaper. This dream is one that you will all learn a lesson from.
  18. And this is your introduction to people who want to make a change. Those who want a change will find a reason to have prophecy which will release them from their confusion in life. Many people who are coming will seek change and many will be curious and prefer to watch. For we, the angels, communicate with people from heaven, and we have a mission to help those who seek help.
  19. So we are seeking those who want to make spiritual changes in their life. And we are on a mission that comes from God to help reverse any evil of those requesting it. We do not communicate to these people with all these great big words that only the educated can understand. We communicate with all those willing to listen. God wants everyone to have a fair chance to understand what spirituality is all about.
  20. He does not want confusion when it comes to evolution of your soul. And He will never remove evil from you unless you ask for it. However, first you will have to understand what it is. He wants you to know that you must get rid of your evil to evolve spiritually enough so you can join Him in heaven. He wants you to know it does not depend on your religion to evolve spiritually enough to get to heaven.

Posted by Adam: 12 Apr 2008 10:01 am

Hi everyone,
After I finished this, I felt there were a few areas in the dream that did not come through in the transcription. They are obviously symbolizing something so I need some clarification on them. So if possible, perhaps the angels could answer these questions.

In the dream when the man came back and said he saw a vision and was ready to make the change, he got down on all fours, which symbolized a submissive position. I am just wondering why God chose this position, as it kind of makes me think of a position an animal would be in, and I do not believe God wants us to be submissive like animals, when we are ready to make change.

The part about the hairs being wired back on, was also not in the transcription and I was hoping that would be explained as well.

Lastly, the part about the women standing on the line to extend her hair was a symbol as well and perhaps the angels could elaborate on that.

Looking forward to the answers and my thanks to God and the angels for this lesson as it helps me in many ways to understand more about some of the problems we have experienced in the past.


Posted by Adam: 17 Apr 2008 04:22 am


Thank you God and the angels for answering these questions.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon, April 17, 2008, 8:23 a.m. EST

  1. We still have some questions to answer with the Cutting Hair Dream. When this man went down on all fours, it is a symbol of the decision to change your life from an animal to a spiritual being. For we are all animals in the physical form.
  2. We spiritually evolve from animals. As we move up the spiritual ladder, every soul was an animal of some kind. This is how spiritual evolution lets us evolve from animals. Animals are not usually submissive to spirituality but experience it. A soul can go through many forms of animals during spiritual evolution. Every soul of animals throughout creation, experiences spiritual evolution.
  3. God has found a good reason for our soul to experience many different forms of life throughout it's existence. Every form was made to spiritually evolve and we are not given memory of this until we get to heaven.
  4. This hair that you were reattaching represented how you get an extension of your soul as you are growing spiritually. Every hair was attached with an electrical connector.
    So this meant that each hair had energy in it which had a different purpose and you are trying to reconnect them once the evil ones were cut out. When they are reconnected, through spiritual evolution, you will be able to experience the same emotions that animals used to spiritually evolve.
  5. Every other form of life has experienced growth through spiritual evolution. Through this growth, they have also experienced a form of love. They have also been through many forms of confusion that affected their soul as well. So this is the true reason for Darwin's Theory of Evolution and this is the driving force for evolution.
  6. In this dream you tried to get the woman to stand on the line so you could give her a hair cut. This is a symbol of your place on the line where you spiritually evolved.
  7. In this position you extended her hair so you could cut off some more evil before she could cross the line. And when she refused to evolve, she turned back and walked away from the line. This is the reason you must make changes in your life.
  8. And when you make some changes in your life, you shall begin to spiritually evolve. So now some lessons in spiritual evolution will be coming and you shall be in a position to choose to evolve or not. Just remember, when we have resistance we cannot grow spiritually.



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