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Dog's At Grammas House Dream Transcription/Interpretation/Analysis

Posted by Chris: 10 Mar 2008 03:56 pm

In this dream I am with my Sister and Brother in Law. We are outside my Grandmother's house. I believe we have to get something from the house. However there are two dogs outside, one is brown and has features that remind me of both a Pit Bull and a Great Dane. The other is black and with longer fur.

So that my Brother in Law can get whatever from the house, I must keep the brown dog busy. No-one seems concerned about the black dog. I try and hold the brown dog down, and my primary concern in the whole thing is to not get bit. In order to do this I take my hand and force it all the way to the end of the dog's muzzle, so that he can't get leverage to bite down. It is a constant struggle to keep the hand in the proper position, and the dog is constantly trying to get where he can bite me. At one point I have only a single finger in the proper position.

I do periodically cry out that I think I'm about to lose the dog. This seems to cause my Brother in Law to check back on me instead of getting what we need so we can leave. I do remember that at no point did the dog actually get a bite off.

Posted by Adam: 15 Apr 2008 12:15 pm

Hi Chris and everyone,

Here is the transcription for this dream.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon, April 15, 2008 posted at 2:13 EST

  1. Now Chris has had this dream where he is outside his grandmothers house with his sister and brother-in-law. There was confusion with these two dogs. Your brother-in-law needed your help. The big dog was a combination of a Great Dane and Pit Bull. This is a symbol of how one dream can have two different meanings and when this happens there can be confusion in religion.
  2. When there is an original transcription, there can often be a second part to the lesson. And we shall now show you how this process works. Even symbols can have structure that change through spiritual evolution. When we have prophecy of the future it is symbolized so you can understand it in the present. And this is where the transcription involves a lesson. And once the lesson causes a reversal of evil, the miracle comes later.
  3. So we always need a reversal of evil for the prophecy to come true later in life. And this is how everything evolves with intervention from heaven. And we also can have a second transcription from a dream once there is a reversal. Chris had a responsibility to his sister and his brother-in-law and they needed something from their grandmothers house. So they needed to progress in their mission and this dog was stopping them from doing it. And these dogs were a symbol of spiritual evolution.
  4. One of them had confusion and he was very angry. Chris had to find a way to stop him and prevent this evil from interrupting the progression of the people he loved. And there was this other dog that was already evolved spiritually and there was no concern about it.
  5. So now lets reverse in reasoning with God. When people ignore spiritual evolution, then evil can give them a hard time. So we always have to find a reason to look for spiritual evolution in everything. Even a dream is spiritually evolving and so are the transcriptions that Adam gets from heaven.
  6. People don't have confusion forever. When this dog was trying to bite Chris, he was in a situation where there was a lot of confusion. And Chris didn't even know how he would continue to hold it. Everyone has regression in spiritual confusion unless God can intervene.
  7. So why is there another dog? This dog was a symbol of the evolution of the lessons in spirituality. The dog had a reason for it's spiritual evolution and to be there. So what was the reason this dog was black with longer fur? Usually a symbol of black is evil, but everything in the beginning was black. But through the process of spiritual evolution even evil can be changed through God's intervention.
  8. When we talk about spiritual evolution, there has to be a change from something that is evil, to something that is better. It is the opposite of spiritual regression and similarly the opposite of evolution of evil. When there is an evolution of evil, there will be an increase in our evil and this will not be something good for our soul.
  9. When we evolve from evil spiritually, there will be less evil happening and we will progress in life. The longer hair of this dog was a symbol of evolution and spiritual growth of this dog here. Now what is the relationship that Chris and the people had to this black dog?
  10. He was not there to hamper their mission and this dog was a symbol of evil in spiritual evolution. In the beginning we are all like this black dog unless we spiritually evolve. When this symbol of black, changes to something that is spiritually evolving, it isn't the same as someone who does not want to spiritually evolve. So this here other dog was brown.
  11. It was a symbol of confusion and anger. So why wasn't it's colour a representation of evil? In it's confusion it was not spiritually evolving, but that doesn't mean that it was evil. So what is the lesson that we can learn from these two dogs? There is a very big difference in evil that is caused by confusion, and evil that has evolved through spiritual evolution. There is evil also that has no reason for evolving spiritually as well. When this dog was trying to bite it was a symbol of the relationship that evil has in your life when you are in spiritual confusion. When you have confusion and you are resisting spirituality, there can be some regression and you will not be able to learn the lesson you had the first time you were taught it.
  12. However, once you have spiritually evolved you will see the change. That is why two lessons often come with every dream or vision. There is some confusion with these newspaper prophecies. If you can have a reversal of some evil through the lesson originally sent in the transcription, then you will experience prophecy. If you cannot learn from the lesson, then you ignore spiritual evolution.
  13. Once Chris knew he had a serious problem, he cried out for someone to help him and his brother-in-law returned to assist him. And this was a symbol of the intervention you received from God which always happens through love.



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