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Posted by Linda: 20 Mar 2008 07:49 pm

Mar 10 2008-Disabled Lady

I was at a festival with a couple of friends. One was an older lady with a disability. We had walked through this festival and at the end my friends went to catch the bus. I wanted to go see something else that the lady with the disability couldn't go see because of difficult terrain. I believe I went down to the docks to see a boat that was in the water there. So they went to catch the bus and I went to see the boat. When I got to the bus station my friends were no longer there so I waited around to catch the next bus. After waiting quite awhile they decided to take this small group of people that were going in the same direction in a taxi. So this taxi was loaded with people and I spoke to the taxi driver about the bus driver not wanting to drive anymore that night. I got dropped off and I was outside with the two women I was with before and we were walking down this driveway that was all muddy. The lady with the disability got picked up by someone who carried her to the house. I believe she was shocked to be picked up. In the house the person with the disability was talking about the decorations that were hanging from the ceiling in the house and that they would have to be taken down before they fell onto peoples heads. That seemed like a funny thing to say and kind of a critical thing to say.


Hi Everyone,
This is the transcription that was next in the cue for Linda. It is amazing how these lessons fall into place and seem to always continue where we left off in the last lesson. God and the angels make sure we have a very good understanding before we move on to something different.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon April 13, 2008, posted 9:18 am EST

  1. This is the dream for Linda when she went to the festival. This festival was a symbol of what you can experience spiritually. Every religion will be showing their spiritual connection. And Linda went with someone that was physically handicapped. She had another friend who had to leave early. The lady with the disability, was not able to go where Linda wanted to go so she ended up on her own.
  2. When someone isn't capable of going in the same direction of spiritual growth as you, then they will have to find a way to spiritually move on and hook up with you again later, as long as they can survive spiritually without you for that time.
  3. Now, we don't want you to think that you should be leaving people behind that need you. But as long as they are not suffering, God does not want you to experience suffering because of them. We will need to explain this for it to make better sense. When Linda decided to take her friend to the festival, she knew it would make her feel better being with someone who cared about her. And this person was enjoying the festival.
  4. When Linda saw that she wasn't ready to go with her, she knew the difficult terrain would cause her some suffering. So Linda knew she had to take the journey on her own. This person really wanted to go where Linda was going, but she wasn't able to spiritually. And her other friend who left early needed to go on a journey somewhere on her own.
  5. So she was able to have a spiritual connection to both of them before they left. And she had a very spiritual journey to go on. So she had reason to go alone for the rest of the day. She did not feel that she was neglecting her friend.
  6. When you are on a mission that is spiritual, you should not feel you are neglecting anyone. There is always a good reason in life to carry your soul to a spiritual destination, for this will help your soul to evolve. When you are in relationships that are on a different mission, then you should take the direction that your own soul needs.
  7. Linda met up with her friends later and this was a symbol of reconnecting spiritually. She knew that they did not wait for her and they ran into a little problem.
  8. Linda felt good, and she was happy. Moving ahead, Linda thought is was very pointless when the lady thought the decorations were going to fall on someones head. So what do the decorations represent? The decorations are symbols of peoples reaction to spirituality.
  9. They often find a reason to fear that spiritual things will begin falling on your head. Many people feel spiritual people are confused about reality and we know it is the exact opposite. You can't change the perception that many people have about spirituality for even those who think they are spiritual, may not have an idea of what it is really about.
  10. Linda had these two friends that she was in a relationship with. And they were always counting on her to be there when they needed her. And they were spiritually open to Linda's journey, however they were much lower on the ladder spiritually. And they didn't even think of her when they wanted to go their own way. They were suppose to meet her at the bus station but they left without her. This was a promise to her and Linda waited for a long time, then took a taxi. And Linda didn't feel any anger towards her friends. This shows Linda was spiritually reacting with forgiveness.
  11. So Linda wasn't consumed by emotional evil and her mission was to make the connection once again with her friends. She also wasn't consumed with any guilt for choosing her own direction. She also didn't blame her decision for her situation. When she asked the taxi driver why the bus stopped running, she was trying to get a lesson in all the confusion. So what was the lesson that she learned here.
  12. She learned that her friends had a reason to go without her and they must of had confusion. She also knew their reaction and decision to leave would spiritually affect them.
  13. When someone does something in confusion it will affect them spiritually and it will cause them emotional suffering. If Linda reacted with emotional evil she would have been very angry at them, and she would have spiritually regressed in her journey that day. And spiritually her connection could have been broken off with her friends.
  14. When she arrived there was mud. This was a symbol of the problems her friends were experiencing when they were emotionally affected by this event. So they were experiencing some guilt because they knew they broke their promise. Often guilt in life will prevent us from progressing. If there is no reason to feel guilty about things that commonly happen to people, we can use it as a lesson and move on in our life.
  15. Your God understands you are human and make mistakes. Everyone can take the wrong direction but there is always a way to get to your final destination as long as you have a spiritual reaction. When we react spiritually in confusion we can be sure we are taking the direction God wants us to go and that is when God can intervene. Linda's friend who was in the wheelchair, was very surprised when she was carried over the mud. When someone is stuck in their spiritual evolution, our spiritual reactions can release them from the evil.
  16. And that is how we help someone move forward spiritually. She was stuck until Linda arrived and when she was freed from guilt, she was able to continue her journey. The intervention of God will help anyone move forward when someone connected reverses some evil. When Linda reversed the guilt in her friends, this caused God's intervention.



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