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Posted by Brenda: 05 Apr 2008 01:31 am

I don't remember clearly all that happened in this dream, but will do my best to put it down. I was in a building with a lot of people, mainly teens. It seemed like a high school. I was wearing a long pink skirt and a white blouse. It seems I may have been there to address the audience in some manner, perhaps to speak or sing.
I suddenly realized that I had started menstruating and that it had stained my pink skirt. I was not sure what to do to keep others from seeing the stain.
I was very embarrassed and worried and I think perhaps I was teased and ridiculed by people in the crowd, but I don't know for sure. It also seemed there was more blood than would be normal for menstruation.

Hi Brenda and Everyone,
I know it must have been difficult for you to post this dream, as it was for me to transcribe it, but this is a great lesson and one that we have to understand when it comes to Jesus' Crucifixion and return.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on April 6th, 2008 at 12:49pm EST

  1. It was a miracle. Brenda's dream with prophecy is now coming. Brenda started to bleed. This blood represents the injury your soul gets when it is starting to experience the problem of spiritual regression. And this is the reverse of spiritual evolution. When we experience some evil, we draw from our spiritual bank to defeat it. When we draw from our spiritual bank, it is not spiritual regression.
  2. The symbol that is represented by blood is an important symbol. This blood Brenda discharged wasn't pure. It was filled with residue from the body that it doesn't want. Every drop of this blood has something in it which is stagnant. It is blood that the body cannot use. So it represents something that your body doesn't want.
  3. Now how does this relate to your soul? We will explain. There are many people who have a problem with spirituality. When they reject it on a physical plane as something their body does not need, then they will have spiritual regression.
  4. When God uses intervention, He can mend your soul and your body won't reject what it needs. And all these things that became stagnant with this discharge of blood will miraculously be purified. And once they are purified there will be no need to discharge them.
  5. In this dream Brenda was in a building and she was a visionary. She had a lesson for them and they were very young. The clothes that Brenda was wearing were white and pink for a reason. The white blouse was a symbol of the importance of purification. The pink skirt symbolized blood once it went through the process of purification. So the clothes she was wearing were a symbol of spiritual purification. So why was Brenda bleeding if all of her blood was purified?
  6. If religious evil attaches itself to a life it will unpurify your soul. We will explain it entirely. When is your spirit in regression? Let us look at Jesus Christ.
  7. He had a life that was exceptionally open to spiritual purification. And he was trying to open the rest of the world to see how his blood was cleansed in spirituality. And spiritually, he was a vessel that carried the purified bloodline. In one lesson he symbolized his blood as something others could drink. Now can you see that this lesson was a representation of his bloodline? If they learn his lessons right, they could purify their own blood like him. This whole lesson of Jesus signified the process of spiritual purification.
  8. This is a serious symbol for spiritual evolution which we all have to understand. For if we have rejection of spiritual evolution, then our soul is in spiritual regression and we will not make it to heaven in the end of this lifetime. Brenda was in front of lots of people and she began to bleed. She had confusion when she was ridiculed. This is how confusion can affect your soul.
  9. When Brenda was being ridiculed she was affected and we now know that this is like torture. And this is the process that evil uses to make us feel punished and when it affects us like this it changes our life. And we will often re-experience these feelings each time we are in the same situation in our life.
  10. And at Jesus crucifixion, there were many people who relived his suffering. There has always been a problem in Jesus' crucifixion and the way it happened has resulted in a lot of pain and suffering. Jesus would never return if he knew this evil might happen again. Suffering causes confusion in life, and he is returning to prevent so much suffering in this world.
  11. He has no fear of his own life, or the suffering of his soul, his concerns lie in causing more suffering in Christians, if something similar happened again. So let's begin his integration. He is primarily teaching these lessons. And Jesus Christ has made the decision for his own return to this earth.
  12. His soul can never regress once it is in heaven but he will always need help once he gets here on earth. And he will continue his original mission. This dream of Brenda's symbolized a prophecy of regression of the soul. This does not live in reality when it comes to the soul of Jesus Christ.
  13. Once you have spiritually evolved enough to get to heaven, you can never have spiritual regression. As we know your God keeps His love for eternity. This does not mean the angels are perfect for they will have some confusion in heaven. But they will not be cast from heaven, unless they request to return and correct all the mistakes they made in their lifetime. This is a reversal of their evil through intervention.
  14. There are different kinds of intervention and we might as well get it straight for you here. God knows what His angels are capable of throughout eternity. And He knows which ones return even before they do. And He will often preempt a life before any suffering, very near the time of their death. And He tried this with Jesus Christ, but Jesus refused Him. Jesus had no idea the suffering this would cause. Even then God took the suffering away from Him.
  15. So God did not want any suffering from anyone related to the birth of this religion. Jesus harboured this evil crucifixion while he was suffering from persecution and he wasn't able to take the proper direction. This was the only sin that he was guilty of. When his death became part of the formation of his religion, it showed spiritually, that suffering was part of being a Christian. Then those that followed him felt it was a natural thing for them to suffer for God. And God does not want His religion to be associated with suffering for it was sent for the opposite in life.
  16. Jesus Christ will not have full redemption within himself until he has reversed the evil that his crucifixion has caused. And this was not God's decision but He is proud that Jesus is going down to earth to try again. Since God has seen all this evil that relied on human sacrifice throughout the middle ages, He never wants to see this happen again. This world will experience the Saviour that was prophesied not only spiritually, but physically.
  17. For we rely on our physical existence to be able to carry us to spiritual things in life. When Brenda was bleeding, it tainted the physical clothes that she wore and she suffered spiritually from evil. She was confused at what she was going to teach the people. She wasn't able to benefit at all from this blood. There was corruption and evil all around her and this evil that came out of her, created more evil.
  18. When there is a visionary that displays suffering, then it is not the direction God wants.

Posted by Brenda: 07 Apr 2008 02:37 am

Thank you Adam, God & the Angels for the transcription.
Since becoming a visionary, I've learned that God wants me to post every dream or vision I have. In the past, some dreams have seemed to me to be strange, unimportant, petty, or difficult to share with others. I'm learning that God will help us through our dreams. At times our dreams are warnings, some are instructional, some are prophetic. They are all dreams that God has sent us for a reason. I want to listen to every thing He has to say to me. By posting my dreams here for Adam's transcriptions, I feel I'm communicating in yet another way with God and sharing His gifts with others. I continue a close walk with God every day, in prayer, meditation, praise & worship, reading the Bible, through dreams & visions, with an open heart and mind. I encourage every one of you to appreciate His desire to be an integral part of who you are!

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