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Posted by Christine : 25 Mar 2008 04:39 pm


Christine wrote:

This is not a dream, it's question I have. A friend of mine who is not saved (interceding for him) has been seeing 711 off and on for about 3 yrs now. It'll be on the clock when he happens to look at it. on his cell phone and sometimes on paperwork. It's been more frequent the past couple of weeks, at least once a week now. The last two times we were on the phone when he saw it. I was wondering what it could possibly mean...he's wondering too.


Hi Christine and everyone,
It is interesting how God and His angels are getting the new people up to date with some of the previous lessons that the visionaries had in the past. The 7/11 revelation here is new, however, the rest about spiritual evolution and our soul are things we have learned in the past through other dreams and visions. Also, this transcript also shows how God can use intervention in other ways to help us in life as well.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon March 30th, 2008

  1. And now the answer to 7/11. When you have a secret that controls your life, you will see 7/11. You will not be able to tell anyone this secret for it is something that will cause a problem for you. Those who are seeing 7/11 are very lucky that they can keep this secret and have a normal life. So God will often remind them that they must not return to this evil of their past. And that they were forgiven for this evil unless they do it again.
  2. Many of us have secrets that we do not want anyone to know and many of us have made big mistakes in our lives. But we can never return to them if we want to move on and grow spiritually in a new life. If someone sees a 7/11 then they will often be tempted by the evil of their past and this is God sending a warning to them.
  3. So why would God be trying to warn them? He is telling them that they will eventually get caught if they do it again. Reject this evil and God makes you a promise that this can be forgotten and forgiven, but if you repeat it, it will definitely catch up to you.
  4. So when we have forgiveness from God, we can have spiritual evolution without fear, as long as we do not repeat it. Now many things that we do in our lifetime can be forgiven more often, depending on the severity. This also does not mean that if we need to make changes, we should be complacent, because evil can still cause you problems in life and they will affect our spiritual evolution.
  5. When you make some changes in your life that leads you away from your evil, then you will feel spiritual evolution of your soul. How do these visions come into place for you? They come from the infinite love of God.
  6. We have learned how He can have a relationship with every one of us because God is able to manipulate the threads of time. He can always find a reason to have a relationship with anyone that asks for His help. He is always going back and forth in time for the preservation of life on this planet. And many of His angels are doing this as well.
  7. And this is why He needs to have a personal relationship and why you see the miracles of His intervention. So if we do not choose to listen to His guidance and direction, then He will not be able to help us reach heaven. So if our soul does not evolve spiritually enough to make it to heaven within this lifetime, we get to return and try again and He will try again with us in our next lifetime. He has a mission to be with each one of us for eternity in heaven.
  8. And once you are in heaven you will be able to experience His miracles throughout the universe. And this is why He has created all these wonders. And each of us will be able to experience them with the ones we love.
  9. When you can experience the divine emotions of God's wonders, you will never be bored in eternity. So this is the description of heaven and the reason you need to understand the everlasting love of your God. And each experience will always be something good existing in love.
  10. And that is why we have to prepare for this spiritually on earth. If you believe in heaven, you need to know what it is like. We know that spiritually we have experienced many things that are evil, and it isn't that way in heaven.



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