Log and Skunk Dream

The Log and The Skunk Dream Transcription/Interpretation/Analysis

Posted by Chris: 26 Feb 2008 12:14 pm

In this dream I am wearing nothing but white boxer shorts. Somehow I get myself stuck into a hole which I believe to be a log. My upper body and arms are securely stuck in this hole, while my lower torso and legs are still outside the log. I believe I can perceive people around the log, and I think they are laughing.

A skunk comes along and starts to spray my lower end with an incredible amount green stink. I am completely soaked from the green spray.

Posted by Adam: 02 Apr 2008 01:56 pm

Hi Chris and everyone,

This is quite a transcript and it covers both your dream and the question about the number 11, where you see it before and after the hour.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon, 2 April 2008

  1. This log is a symbol of beliefs that we can get stuck into. If our body is restricted in life to carry us spiritually to places where it cannot evolve, then we have restricted our happiness in life. When we only have confusion in where we are going in life, we are wearing nothing that will permit us to demonstrate a religious life.
  2. Everyone standing around while Chris was in this log was joking and laughing at what was happening to him. His lower body was sticking outside this log. That is our naked exposure of a problem.
  3. When you are not wearing the uniform from God, you are exposed to everyone who thinks they have a reason to laugh at anything that emotionally affects you. And this really is a kind of torture. A symbol of religious persecution.
  4. So how can we have religious persecution when we don't have a belief system in life? We are persecuted by those who believe their religion is the only one accepted by God. And if they know that you do not believe in what they do, they will often promise religious persecution from their own God.
  5. A symbol of these beliefs is this skunk that comes along and sprays the parts of Chris' body that were exposed, thus putting evil on him.
  6. Why is it evil in this dream that Chris had put upon him? Let's reverse in reasoning with God.
  7. Chris isn't in this log because he wants to be. When someone is experiencing problems in their life, and they are stuck into beliefs that restrict them, there is no reason to persecute them. When we experience problems in our life, we must find our way somehow, spiritually, to rely on God to release us. And it is torture to tell someone they are going to be punished more for their beliefs.
  8. Persecution is evil and God does not need suffering to teach someone a lesson in life. Someone is getting emotional. These emotions are the result of the love that lives deep down in your soul. And it is a mission of God to bring this love to the surface.
  9. Each time these emotions of love surface from our soul we will have spiritual evolution and we are reversing some evil in our soul. Why is this skunks spray green? This spray was green because it is something that comes from the process of the physical exposure to religion that grows from conditioning.
  10. Let us tell you about the difference between the religious conditioning that the visionaries have been through since they came to this religion here and the religious conditioning that we all have experienced in our life time. Our visionaries conditioning did not rely on persecution for their belief system. It was given to them to prevent problems in their life. It is a religion to help them out of their confusion and everything that they were taught was based in love. They were invited to come here and learn only if they wanted to.
  11. They went through a learning process and they had the right to believe or not. They were not expected to change their feelings. It was their decision and they had a right to leave the forum if they found a reason to question it.
  12. They were given a choice to react towards others with love. And they knew it was wrong to torture another spiritually. They were conditioned to believe by examples, and not conditioned by the evil that was all around them.
  13. They were taught how religious growth can change your life, and how to be exceptive of the religious beliefs of others. They were taught how to be acceptive of others emotional evil and they were taught how not to let their soul be affected by persecution. They all wanted to learn how God's love could help them live a better spiritual life.
  14. They did not have God restricting their happiness. They had a description of heaven so they could make the decision if they wanted to go there or not. We cannot make a choice if we have no idea what heaven is like and if it is something that we want. They were not stripped naked of their beliefs even when they were wearing the uniform of God.
  15. It was up to them how much of the uniform they wanted to wear. In this tree, Chris had most of his body in this tree stump. And his whole body was not restricted for a reason. Part of his body was restricted by his beliefs. When your life is restricted by your belief systems you will feel that your religion isn't something that you have a choice in.
  16. And you will feel that you are living half way between life and religion, you will think that God will not understand when you question Him and challenge Him in what you know is right. You will think that God is not capable of compassionate reasoning and there will be a lot of things causing you religious confusion. If God isn't respectful of everyone’s feelings, then He would not be a loving God.
  17. So what is this eleven that Chris is talking about. Seeing the number 11, when cut in half, has a relationship to the original universal law; that each of us can have a relationship that depends on each of the beliefs that you have and it will not change the other. Each of these ones is a symbol of you and your God and each of them are dependent upon each other for their relationship. And when brought together they are a symbol of the existence of life in the universe.
  18. This is something that we must explain a little better. The number 11 is beckoning God's people for His knowledge. We all need God's knowledge to exist because there would be no existence without the knowledge of your God. That is why it is the universal law of heaven. Eternity only exists as long as life exists within it.
  19. While Chris was stuck in this log he knew that his life was in jeopardy and he knew that if he stayed there much longer he would probably end up loosing his life. It would really be evil if he had to stay there for eternity. That is why God has given us a soul. We will never be subject to eternal suffering of the flesh no matter how evil we are.
  20. So whenever Chris is seeing an eleven, it is a promise for his soul that it will survive for eternity. So eleven is the spiritual number for everlasting life without pain or suffering.



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