The Abusive Priest

The Abusive Priest Dream Transcription/Transcription

Posted by Rainbow: Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:07 pm 

Hi, I am new to your forum. I was glad to see a new Christian forum for dreams and visions. I am sharing a dream I had recently and am looking for an interpretation.

My dream begins with me sitting in church only the pews are not facing the altar. The pews on either side of the church are facing each other with the aisle in the middle which puts the altar to my left at the end of the aisle. Apparently it is a mass with only a few people in attendance and the priest asks if anyone has any prayer requests (since it was such a small audience this is not unusual).

There is a woman on the other side of the aisle and to my diagonal right who begins to speak what is on her heart. Suddenly a man walks in the door which is closest to her seat and starts yelling a her, telling her it is time to go and that there has been enough of this nonsense! She resists but he yanks her arm and begins to whip her around like a rag doll. At this point those in attendance are on their feet and trying to figure out the best and quickest way to get her from his grasp and to subdue the man.

The man begins to throw the woman on top of the pews and he gets closer to where I am sitting. I am doing my best to talk this guy down from his testosterone high with my real goal of hoping he just throws the woman at me and I can help protect her. And he does. The woman flops like a rag doll into my lap and I am praying for her but I know she will be okay so I turn my prayers to the man; praying out loud and practically screaming for God to help this creature who hurts others. He gets disgusted and walks away and the dream faded from there.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Rainbow and everyone,
Thank you for the opportunity of transcribing this dream as I and I am sure others will learn much from it.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon Mar 29, 2008 at 1:01 pm EST 

  1. This is a symbol of evil that can often come into a religious group to cause people confusion. This women spoke her words spiritually, right from her heart, and immediately received religious persecution.
  2. Let's learn how there is a big difference in how we can be admonished by God and a totally different thing causing pain from religious persecution. One would never speak up if they were punished for it.
  3. So what was the reason that this woman was assaulted by this man? There was no reason this should have happened and this was definitely something that was caused by evil. This women was asking for spiritual help from God and she was asking for spiritual direction in life.
  4. Often when we are ready to seek spiritual direction from God, we receive persecution from those who are corrupted by evil. So this is a warning for people who want to make spiritual changes in their life. There is a way to reverse this evil if you can understand the process of the intervention of God.
  5. First, your God does not want you to suffer. He is not a God that needs suffering to satisfy His ego. He is here to help you for a reason, and that is to prevent you from suffering.
  6. This priest in the first part of this dream is a symbol of God and he is asking these people for their requests so he can help them. And when God has a spiritual request it is a very special demonstration in your faith of your God. When you show that you have faith in God, you are ready to show him that you are listening and willing to follow His direction.
  7. You have faith that He will lead you away from suffering, and you are counting on Him for spiritual growth in your life. You seek His intervention and you have a belief that He is just waiting for a relationship with you spiritually. You also seek for His presence in your life. There are many other examples of having faith in Him, and we have only touched on a few of them.
  8. What is admonishment that comes from God? First, it is not God that causes suffering for us.
  9. Admonishment is when God tries to change us to prevent us suffering in the future. Suffering does not come from God for He does not have to satisfy His ego. God's admonishment always has a reason and it arises from the process of love.
  10. In this dream the pews were pointed in the same direction. You saw an aisle in the middle leading to an alter for people to walk up easily. This alter was off to the side for a reason. It is a symbol of sacrifice.
  11. Sacrifice is something that God does not really want if it affects our happiness. This is something that has always been misinterpreted in Christianity. This alter is for the sacrifice of your evil and is a symbol of the preservation of life. We will explain it better for you now.
  12. When life is void of your happiness, then life is a sacrifice. And this is something that is misunderstood in most religions of the world. Why would God want sacrifice for something that would make you happy?
  13. As long as the thing that makes you happy isn't evil, then it is not something that God would want you to sacrifice and cause you pain in life. This whole concept of sacrificing will be covered in future lessons in this forum.
  14. So why is the direction of these pews in this dream pointed towards each other? This is a symbol of being in the line of vision. When priests do not face the people, and people face each other, they will not be able to react to the evil in their congregation and they will not see the true intervention of God.
  15. When they are facing evil in religion, how does a priest react? They often have to follow their beliefs even when they consist of religious evil. If a priest relies on his religion and ignores what is right, then it is an example of religious evil. When something does not exist in love, there is a fear of change, and we cannot grow spiritually.
  16. Now getting back to this dream again. The people that were in this small congregation, were experiencing something that was very evil. They were trying to figure out how to get her out of the grasp of this evil.
  17. And when she was thrown on the pews the priest couldn't even help. So what is the lesson that the people are learning from this priest in this congregation? That there is no compassion for life when we are experiencing confusion.
  18. Evil steals compassion when there is fear. No one found a reason to give her their help, and this assault went on for a long time. If they had faith, they would not have fear, and they could have reversed this evil before it really happened.
  19. Rainbow prayed to God that He would intervene and stop this from happening. Rainbow replaced the fear with compassion and this women was delivered into protection and she was not hurt. This is how the intervention of God causes miracles in religion.
  20. Even though this women experienced some evil, she was not physically affected and it did not permanently have an effect on her soul.
  21. When we give compassion to someone who is suffering, it is a reversal of the evil that caused it. With this action God created a true miracle, which affected the souls of not only her, but others.

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