Vision of The Heavens

Vision of The Heavens Dream Transcription/Analysis/Interpretation

Note: This is one of my favourite transcriptions and lessons which explains much about miracles, the reversal of evil and creation itself. Thank you dear God!

Posted by Chris: 22 Feb 2008 11:53 am

In this dream there is nothing but a starry sky. It is not like a normal sky, as I can see in all directions. There seem to be no land, clouds, nothing but the sky. I can see both the stars from the northern and southern hemispheres, and what would be both the night and day sides of the sky.

What seems very dramatic is I can see the entire Milky Way stretching all around like a ring. Being able to see so much and see the Milky Way so clearly fills me with amazement.

The stars do not look like normal stars. Rather it is almost if I was in the very center of a perfectly spherical room, and the stars are laid out like a beautiful mural on the walls.

Posted by Adam : 20 Mar 2008 10:48 am

Hi Chris and everyone,

Wow, I experienced a lot of divine emotion during this session with the angels. Thanks Chris for this wonderful vision of the heavens.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on March 20, 2008, 12:45 EST

  1. God will keep the new members coming Adam for you are ready to receive them. And now this dream of Chris.
  2. This starry sky is a symbol of wonders that fill the sky and things in the universe that we know nothing about. And this is an example of the spirituality of God which is the reason for reaching a level of spiritual evolution that can help you share it with God.
  3. Every star is born from something spiritual on earth and yes the earth is the center of the universe. When you look up in the sky towards heaven, you are looking at things that have been born throughout history. Some of them are just coming to light, and all of them have been created from love.
  4. These wonders are for humanity to experience in the future. When we see all these things that exist in love, we will be ready for these experiences. There are no clouds because everything will be clear to us.
  5. In the northern hemisphere are creations that come from spiritual reasoning. They were created from a vision that was beautiful coming from the mind of God. The creations that are visible in the southern hemisphere are those that come from humanity. And these creations are experiences of love that you have been through on earth.
  6. When we are up in heaven, we can experience each of them. And the walls of this spherical room are the boundaries of heaven, that can exist on earth. Let us explain what we mean about this.
  7. When you are looking at God's spiritual creations of love, you are limited to what you can experience here on earth. God will allow you to see beyond the borders, but you will only be able to feel the true experience up in heaven. When we look at the milky way, we see there is a very long concentration of God's creations expanding the galaxy. And this galaxy is spherical and earth is part of this galaxy. There are infinite galaxies up in the heavens. And all of these galaxies exist in heaven for a reason.
  8. So what is the reason for these galaxies in heaven? When something is born from God's love we will always get a chance to experience it up in heaven.
  9. Chris mentioned a mural like it was displayed from heaven. Every mural that is created on earth was painted for a reason. It came from a vision that was sent in one form or another to the person who created it. And it doesn't matter if this creation was a dream or a vision, or even something else, as long as it is created in love, then God appreciates it's beauty.
  10. When God appreciates the beauty of something, it will often have the same affect on humanity unless humanity isn't ready to spiritually receive it. God wants you to experience His creations without the confusion that comes from the lack of spirituality. So when you look at this mural from God you will understand its true meaning. And when you understand it, you will be able to experience the same emotions God did when He created it all.
  11. And this is what you will all be learning as a visionary. When you understand the reason for creation, you will have a better understanding of the universe. And once we understand the miracles of God's creations, we will understand that God is spiritually incapable of creating something that does not come from love.
  12. God's sole purpose throughout eternity has been for creating wonderful things that we all can have a chance to experience with Him in heaven. So everything that He has created depends on the existence of humanity for eternity or else He would be creating everything in vain. Now let us explain what we mean by this statement.
  13. Heaven does not exist in anything that is evil. God never has a reason to exist in anything that is evil. We have already learned that God has created everything that exists in love. If He did not care about humanity, then He would not exist in love and He would not be able to share everything He has created with as many of us as possible.
  14. And unless we have a reversal of evil in our soul, then He will not be able to experience these things with us. And as we learn to experience God's love we can become closer to Him. When we begin to evolve spiritually, we will begin to feel how our creations of love are followed by God's appreciation. Therefore we are affecting God as He is creating more good things in heaven.
  15. And everything that you have created with Him, builds your relationship with Him. So this is why the angels in heaven try so hard to reverse the evil on earth. And every time there is a reversal of evil on earth, there will not only be a miracle on earth, God will also create a miracle in the heavens.
  16. And each time we have another creation from God in the heavens, God expands His eternal love on earth.



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