The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Dream Interpretation/Transcription/Analysis

Posted by Christine : 20 Mar 2008 02:07 pm

I had a dream a few weeks ago that a cartoonish looking caterpillar attached itself to my left thumb between the two joints. It had a tight grip on my thumb, every time I tried to pull it off it's grip got tighter. When I did finally manage to get it of it took a little bit of skin with it and you could see the indentations where it had gripped my thumb. This caterpillar was a yellowish green color and look like one of those Japanese cartoon characters. I just need some idea of what this could mean. I know that caterpillars in the Bible are not good.

Posted by Adam : 21 Mar 2008 06:23 am

Hi Christine,

Thanks for posting your dream and welcome to the group.

Sometimes there is a bit of a learning phase that God and His angels will put us through before we experience prophetic dreams and sometimes there isn't. Also, dreams are often sent to us to help us when we are experiencing problems in life, or even before we experience them so we are ready for them when they come. Through them we can get direction and prevent something happening in our lives that could cause us more confusion. This transcription is something that we can all learn from, and it may or may not have a personal message to you right now. Also even though we experience these dreams and are the person in the dream, it can also represent someone you know as well. So just remember that this dream is not directed at you personally, but it will be something that you can use at some point in your life to help you if you choose to learn from it.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon, March 21, 2008

  1. In this dream Christine is in trouble with a caterpillar. This is not a prophecy but it is an example of all the challenges that Christine is experiencing. When something evil attaches itself to us it can cause us some fear. Usually, people do not have fear of a caterpillar, for they are not usually something that can hurt you.
  2. This caterpillar resembled a cartoon and that is something that is not living in reality. When we dream of something that is not possible, then this is how God gives us a warning, so you can change the direction that you are going in your life. When we feel something attach to us that is evil, we must find a way to separate it from us. Even when this evil is something that is humorous.
  3. Not everything that is humorous exists in evil, however, if this humor is based in evil, it will attach itself to us unwillingly. And it is often too late before some damage to our soul is done. There is a reason that this is a cartoon as we all know that evil in a cartoon cannot hurt us physically, but it can affect our soul.
  4. If humour is used to hurt someone, then it can affect them spiritually as well. Especially if there is no compassion for the victim it is directed towards. This dream used a caterpillar because there is a transformation that happens to evil.
  5. When one directs their inappropriate humour to someone who is having a spiritual experience, then they can transform this experience. The experience is transformed into something that is not very important in the eyes of someone who is open to experiencing humour instead.
  6. Let us explain this better. The main reason for humour is to give us a pleasant experience. We can affect many people with humour and it can make a whole group of people laugh. And it feels good to laugh and this experience affects us spiritually. However, when we show no compassion for the person who the joke is directed at, then some will think it is funny to hurt others to make us laugh. This is similar to the way that a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly.
  7. The caterpillar has grown wings but it was still once a caterpillar and it was still the thing that hurt you before you removed this evil from your hand. And once you removed it, it transformed and it was directed towards another person. And even though it looked beautiful to a group of people who watched it fly through the air, it was out to harm another.
  8. And usually butterflies are not evil as they are docile, and would never hurt anyone. We should never have a reason to release our evil so it could hurt someone else. And we should never try to disguise it as something that will not hurt someone. You saw how this evil had teeth, and it spiritually affected you in your dream. And this is similar to the way the humour can affect people in real life.

Posted by Christine : 21 Mar 2008 03:25 pm

Thank you for the insight. I glad for your site, I have been wanting to get a deeper understanding of my dreams since this is one of the ways that God communicates with His children. This is very helpful for me.

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