The Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil Dream Transcription/Analysis/Dream Interpretation


Posted by Adam : 23 Feb 2008 01:18 pm

I had a dream last night and even though there were other dreams that I would have preferred to transcribe first, they angels made this one a priority.

In my dream, I was hiding from what I believed was the Tasmanian devil. You know, the one in the cartoon that goes around in a circle so fast, causing destruction every where. I guess you could say I had fear for my life and I was looking for a place to hide. So, I was in this room and I could see someone laying on a bed. My thoughts were that this person was a good person, and they did not have any fear, even when they knew that the devil may be coming. To the left of the door, was this long curtain that covered the entire wall, and the rest of the room was empty, except for the person on the bed. So I thought going behind the curtain would be a good place to hide. I slipped behind it, as far from the door as possible and waited, hoping that I would not be found. Soon two figures came in. One was kind of leading the other, and the second was the Tasmanian devil. The first figure kind of glanced behind the curtain as they walked by, and then the devil went by, and suddenly came back. It lifted the curtain at the opposite end so he could see me. It had a big evil smile on his face when it noticed me there and I had quite a bit of fear. Somehow, I took the curtain and rolled the devil up in it so it would not be able to harm me.

In the next part of the dream, another person and I, had somehow subdued the devil in this room and we were standing in a doorway trying to hold it back. I had a broom stick and I began poking at it very hard. However, as I was doing it, I felt sorry for it and thought that I should not be poking at it this way because I could hurt it.

That was the end of the dream

Dream Transcription by Adam Kadmon 23 February, 2008

  1. Adam was being chased by the devil and then he tried to hide behind a curtain. When the devil saw him behind the curtain, Adam used the curtain to cover it without touching this evil. A symbol of this here curtain is religion and this was an easy place to hide from evil. However, it will not prevent evil from seeing you.
  2. We will now reverse in reasoning here. God knows every prophet needs some protection from unrelenting evil. This devil is a symbol of approaching evil. When evil is approaching, God will send you a warning in a dream. We question our religion if we do not have a way to know deception. And it can cause us much confusion in each relationship we have.
  3. In this dream you were afraid this evil would find you. So we sent you this dream to let you know that religion is not an easy place to hide from evil. But it is a place that you can avoid touching it. And there is a reason to have caution with evil. So we sent you this warning.
  4. We have to make it clear that these warnings are not a prophecy of something that is going to happen. For once you are aware of approaching evil, you can reverse it before it becomes a problem in religion. If our actions are based in love, and once we know we will always have protection from heaven, we can control this evil.
  5. So what is this evil that has resulted from deception in here. We will not disclose it before it happens and that is why it is not a prophecy. When God is protecting you from evil, he can only protect you from the effect of the evil. When God protects you from the effect of evil, you will have no evil reaction to it, and it will not affect your soul.
  6. This is a secret of spiritual evolution. Often the secret of spirituality comes with your reaction to things that are evil in life. In this dream there was someone laying on a bed of tranquility. This person did not have any reaction to the evil that was coming into the room, however, Adam was hiding behind the curtain there.
  7. Even though the person in the bed was in full view of this evil, the evil looked for Adam behind the curtain first. There was a reason that it looked for Adam first. When you are in this bed of tranquility, most evil cannot harm you and it will look for someone who has fear that it is coming. God is protecting us if we are cautious, and as long as we are tranquil when it arrives, it will not have any negative effect on us.
  8. In this dream Adam wrapped up this evil. There was a visionary there helping him. And this evil was reacting so they both put this evil in this room. We will say it is religious evil and this evil is in a room in this religion here.
  9. And Adam found a reason to poke it with a stick causing it to be angrier and angrier. So we want to prevent something like this from happening. When we said we want you to be tranquil when evil is attacking you, that does not give you a license to be accepting of your own evil in you. If God gave you license to be accepting of your own evil, then we could all become like a sociopath causing confusion and destruction everywhere.
  10. When you have no feelings for other people, you are leading a life of evil, even if they are evil themselves. There was confusion with Adam when he poked this evil with a stick.
  11. He knew he shouldn't be hurting it, and he knew that his actions were not something that would help the situation. He didn't want to touch this evil, but he used something to aggravate it. So we must reverse this evil before it happens and it will stay in a room by itself. Adam will not accept his evil and he will not be poking others who are evil as well.
  12. In every religion, there is evil lurking behind the curtain, and we will learn how to hide from it in tranquility. We told you before that we would be learning about different kinds of evil. And we will have some lessons about how evil can be conquered. Especially how we conquer evil in relationships.



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