The Mud Field

The Mud Field Dream Transcription/Dream Analysis/Dream Interpretation

Posted by Adam Kadmon 21 Feb 2008 08:18 am

Hi everyone,
A couple of nights ago I had this dream and did not have a chance to post it.

Adam "Mud Field" Dream

In the dream I was with Linda, and we were pulling up in the driveway to this beautiful home in the country. I knew it was going to be the place that we lived, but I decided not to go in because I had something missing. So I called a cab and I took a trip back to where we came from. About half way, and maybe 10 miles down the road, I realized I did not have enough money to pay for the cab. The cab driver had to make a stop to pick someone else up and I told him I did not have enough money to go all the way so I would get out here. When he dropped me off I had no idea where I was. I walked for several miles worrying about how I was going to find my way back. I didn't know the address and I did not have a telephone and there were no houses in site. I was very confused about how I would find my way back to where Linda was.

After walking some more, I came across this huge mud field. It was quite deep and I knew if I fell in I would be overcome by the mud. However, I also knew I had to get to the other side. Suddenly I found myself skimming across the top of the mud field and I was on the other side at the edge of it. At this point, I realized that what I needed and went back for was in the mud field. I looked in and the mud became clear. There within reach were my headphones. I reached down to grab them and as I did a ugly creature with large teeth bit my arm. However, I had these very thick gloves on and I did not even feel any pain or have any fear.

After I got the headphones I knew I had to get back to the house where Linda was, and that was the end of the dream.

Before I give you the transcription, I had some confusion about how miracles work, especially when God and the angels tell us something and for some reason it does not happen. I also worry that this religion may not come to be like it was prophecied by the angels if I make too many mistakes. This is their response to my question when I asked God to help me understand.

  1. When we send a true miracle, it always has a beginning. God is making a promise for a miracle. When the miracle is beginning to take place, it will have steps to help you understand it. This whole process will help you to make the miracle happen. You will see then how the direction you are taking makes the miracle take place in your life. It is not difficult because we can always amend it.
  2. When you progress in your spirituality, we can see it. Each relationship will get better. We give you ample time to put the miracle in place and it depends on how much evil gets in your way.
  3. Adam had this dream about going to a house in the country with Linda. This house was very beautiful, and it is a symbol of where they will go in the future. When Adam got there he knew he had to return to find something he was missing. This is a prophecy of how these miracles will work.
  4. When Adam got in the taxi, he had little money with him. He knew he had to make this journey to get something he was missing. And on the way to it, he ran out of money. And he was left somewhere where he had confusion.
  5. He knew he had this original mission to get back to this house with Linda, but he didn't know how to get there. He had some fear he would get lost in this unfamiliar area. This is a natural emotion that he had. On the way Adam was slowed down by a mud field. And this is a symbol of the evil that can get in your way.
  6. We all know that we are safe when the angels are walking with us and they will help you when there is evil obstructing you.
  7. This is how Jesus walked on water. It was a miracle from God that suspended him on top of this water. So what does this mean for this religion?
  8. In this dream, Adam was suspended and slid across this mud field. And this mud was terrible. It was very thick and very deep with evil. It had creatures in it that could hurt you.
  9. After God helped Adam skim over the top of it, Adam knew there was something that he lost at the bottom of this evil. This was a symbol of the thing he needed to help him hear God so he could follow his direction. Every time we go through evil there is something that we loose.
  10. Evil will steal something from you, even if you try to skim over it. So you must find out what you are missing when you get over it. Every experience we have will affect our soul and our actions in life. So you have to go back and get what you lost.
  11. This is not as hard as it will sound because the angels will be helping you. When Adam went to reach in this now lake of evil, he was able to see through all this mud and reach the bottom.
  12. He was protected by this glove. When he reached down this creature bit him on the arm, and he didn't even have a reaction to this danger. When visionaries here have evil gnawing at the extremities of their body, such as their arms, they will be wearing the glove from heaven.


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