Falling Boy Dream

Falling Boy Dream Interpretation/Transcription/Analysis - Dec 23, 2007

Posted by Linda: 01 Jan 2008 09:25 am

Two girls that I would have ordered clothes from asked me if they could use some space in the place I worked to lay out pictures and things. At first I said it was okay but then afterwards I realized I should not be doing it because I was new at this job and I did not have permission for them to use the space they needed. They were upset because I had to ask them to leave after they had set up.

People started to come to the place I worked and getting ready for this party that was going to happen. I don't know if I was invited to this party or what is was for. I went into the back room of this building and could see through a large window. I could see this big building at the back that was really tall. It was broken at the back and seemed like it was condemned. There was this big metal bar at the top that was hanging there and not attached very well.

Another time when I looked out the window, I saw these two boys up there and I was frightened because they should not have been up there. The next thing I know both boys were fighting and pushing each other around and one of the boys fell off and landed in the sand or road below. So I suppose the boy actually died from falling down off the building. I remember that the big bar had fallen down before hand. I called Adam over to show him what had happen. I believe the boy was no longer there, we could just see the indentation of his body in the sand where his body was.


Posted: 05 Jan 2008 09:24 am

Dream Transcription by Adam Kadmon in session with God and the Angels on Jan 5, 2008.

  1. This will be a perfect time for this dream transcription. Two girls needed a place to display their love for her. They wanted a place to display this love for Linda. A place for this beautiful love.
  2. This is a prophecy of the future here. They filled this order of Linda. These pictures are a symbol of something that is spiritual. This place is a symbol of religion and Linda had a special relationship with them.
  3. Linda wasn't sure if the decision was a good one after she let them use the space because she didn't have permission to put them there. Linda's relationship caused this decision to be based in love.
  4. She had made this choice without her employer and her employer is a symbol of God. This is something that caused fear in her life for she had fear that this was not the direction that God wanted her to go. However, she really had no reason to fear this decision because it was based in love.
  5. When she told them that they would have to take this love here away, it caused a spiritual rift in their relationship.
  6. If a certain direction in religion causes a problem, then you should think about changing it. The most important thing for God is to show your love in relationships. Then you will always react spiritually in life.
  7. Linda was starting to get ready for this party. While she was at this party there was a window. When she looked out, she was frightened by this building. And when she looked up, she saw these two boys fighting.
  8. This building was a demonstration of a display of evil. She automatically felt fear for it was a demonstration of something that did not consist of love. And this caused Linda a lot of confusion for this was some evil propagating. And it wasn't part of her religion.
  9. And one of these boys had a big fall from the building. When you see something that threatens life, then this is evil. The boy that fell left an indentation. This is how a death can make evil in a life of love.
  10. Spiritually it can really make an indentation in your soul and begin to propagate more evil everywhere. God places the highest importance on life. God places the highest importance on survival of humanity forever and He gives His love to each life in this world.
  11. This is a good time to start your religion. You will have to rely on this decision and take this direction from God. You will have direction for life, and you know you have the training. And God will be guiding you in your spiritual relationships.
  12. So the instructions for your church are now beginning.
  13. At this point I asked God if we should start His new church soon. He responded: Write down this ad.
  14. "It is a new age of Christianity based on the ever changing world that we live in. God is teaching each of us to have relationships in spirituality and is calling us to make a new church. If you would like to get involved please contact me and you can become part of this miraculous process."
  15. Place this ad in the local paper.
  16. Now we shall help with the confusion about the name Adam Kadmon. He is to use this pen name that I gave him. You can direct them to your forum and this will begin the spiritual process of establishing your church. In the beginning you will not need to hold any meetings in your home, for you will leave them a message to come to this forum. And you will change the introduction to this forum a little later.
  17. Adam will tell them he has changed his name for religious reasons. And some of them will get to meet the both of you when we have enough people to move forward in establishing this church. You will not be asking for any money for it is supported by God.
  18. Our instructions for Linda will help her too. She should try to relate to her experiences in life. She should not be worried about correcting all the mistakes that are in the forum for it is more important that she shows support for Adam by making comments in each thread. She does not have to make a comment for every post that Adam has, but she should show that she has been there. She can comment and ask questions to God. It's that easy.



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