Tarzan Dream

The Tarzan Dream Interpretation and Lesson

There have been lessons in the past on what is evil. One of the explanations the angels have given us is "anything that holds us back from spiritually evolving is evil." Taking that into consideration, it means that many of the laws that are acceptable by humanity can therefore be termed evil because they encourage us to devolve spiritually. This devolving of he soul may not necessarily be recognized as evil in the society or culture that we live in, because it is could be an acceptable way of life. For the most part, if we follow the laws of the society that we live in, we are not usually punished for doing something that is evil. So we should be aware if it prevents us from evolving spiritually. We should understand that it is taking our choices away in life and we should be willing to make changes for reversing any evil within ourselves.

Note by Adam Kadmon 21 May 2014

Linda Posted this dream on the 8th Feb 2008 10:34 pm

Hi Everyone,

I had this dream back at the end of summer. It has just come up as the next dream on the recorder to be transposed today. Adam is going to post the audio with the dream transcription as soon as possible.

Sept 25, 2007

I drove up to a place that was like an old marina. It looked like it had a storage place in it. I asked a couple of men that were there for someone. I ended up going to this place that was within the building. It was sort of like a sleeping place for a couple of other girls. I talked to the girls that evening and I knew I was going to a job the next day. The next morning I was shown a bunch of uniforms. I guess they were more like a raincoat or like a mechanics uniform. Before I knew it, as I was trying to pick out something that actually fit me, I was late for work. I went to this place that I was starting a new job at late, and I went to the counter and introduced myself. The lady said, okay, just sit down over there, so I did. When I originally went up to the counter, the other people were in a room behind the counter that were on stretchers and things. They were sick I guess. I sat where she told me and I waited for her to come. I was looking around and people were working in rows of seats and some people had a cubicle but they were not high walls. When the lady came over to talk to me about getting me set up for work, she asked me a couple of questions. The answers were “drivers license and social insurance number”. She said very good, and seemed to be impressed that I knew the answers to the questions she was asking. To me it was an easy answer, but to her it seemed like she thought not everyone would know that. I sat there for a little longer and the next thing I knew I was watching people hustle around and they were bringing food to a large table which was sort of like a buffet. I guess they made food for the workers there and they told me to go and get my food. So I got a plate and picked out my food. I think I only chose a couple of things and put them on my plate instead of having one of everything. Then I went out to tables that were outside, sat down at this table and started eating and everyone else got off work to go and have their food. Some people came and sat with me. Other people were going out for a cigarette, and it was raining while they were having a cigarette. I was getting a little bit wet because the place I sat down was not completely covered. Then this man came along with this cute little puppy. He said "How do you get along with dogs?" So I took him and got along with this little puppy really good. The puppy was really cute. And then this man gets up from the table and he jumps up to a bar near a window up top and he yells like Tarzan would yell. He yelled the Tarzan yell, hanging from this bar that was underneath the men’s bathroom upstairs. He got back down and he explained that. The dog that he had was no longer a puppy but more like a pit bull now. And he said his dog was stoned out of his brain. It seemed like this man was too. When I was done eating, I think someone came over and offered me French toast. They said that I didn't get any French toast and I should get some before it was all gone. I ended up on the inside of the building and I asked the man who was hanging on the bar where the ladies washroom was and he kind of back kicked his leg to kind of point to the ladies washroom and then he went upstairs to the men’s washroom which was on the other side of the hall.


Adam wrote: Posted: 14 Feb 2008 09:10 pm

First off I have to apologize to Linda for something that happened today and yes I am still battling some demons of my own that has affected the relationship that Linda and I have. I pray to God to give me the strength to reverse this evil that has affected me much of my life.

This person in this dream of Linda's who was swinging from the vine like Tarzan is "me". I was working on transcribing this dream when Linda became aware of a problem that was affecting our relationship and spoke to me about it.

One of the things the angels told me in a private transcription almost a year ago, was that they would be working on me and putting me through a process of spiritual cleansing, that would help me to have better relationships. I am starting to understand that I still have much work to do before we can move on with this religion.

The transcription begins:

  1. We will do the dream of Linda's. Linda was in a building. She went for a uniform and she was left waiting there. Behind this counter there was a women. She was very nice to Linda when she came for her work.
  2. And she was in charge of these other people. All these people were working for God and they were moving quickly and preparing a buffet. She began to get a plate of the food there and this was the food of life.
  3. She had an obligation to go and sit with the rest of the people outside. They sat with her because she was helping them and she was wearing the uniform God made for her.
  4. What was the uniform that Linda was wearing here? She was there to help God. She wanted to work with other people and not get involved in evil. She already made changes in her life, and she didn't go out with others who were smoking for she had already quit as a visionary of God.
  5. She had no fear of these people there, and she was at peace spiritually. She was ready to eat the food of life and she wasn't being a glutton there. She wanted to hold this puppy. This was a symbol that she was spiritual. This has its purpose with the confusion coming.
  6. This puppy loved Linda like the people there. What does all of this mean?
  7. Love can also be present when there is so much confusion. There was this man who was swinging from a bar. He was swinging from this bar for a reason. He wanted to experience all the fun that the people were having there. He didn't have any second thoughts of being frustrated in front of religious people.
  8. When Linda decided to talk to him, he was filled up with his shame. He knew this was crazy, and it was evil. This is Adam's problem. Yes there is some evil chasing him.
  9. We need to cleanse him of this evil in his soul before we can move on to the next phase of this religion. This evil has been chasing him for a long time and he needs help from Linda because he can't do it on his own.
  10. Linda is aware of this problem as she has just found out about it today. Adam needs to draw from Linda's love to help him reverse his confusion. He has corruption deep within his soul causing this problem, for he has been swinging back and forth and in and out of evil all his life.
  11. Linda is not responsible for his actions and we do not want it confusing you. We know that Linda's feelings are hurt, and this isn't something that should have happened on Valentines Day. And we have worked hard with Adam to change, because we knew it would cause a problem in the future.
  12. If Linda helps him, we know that he can reverse this evil. And Adam will promise you, that this will never happen again. We have seen some progress with him over this past year. And we know that this problem takes away some affection he has for you Linda.
  13. Now you know he will take this seriously for this is not something he wants to do. There was a symbol of him kicking in reverse. In this kick in reverse he showed you the direction that he was going spiritually. But he should have been going in the opposite direction. The angels in heaven know he will change in the future.
  14. Each time he has a spiritual cleansing, he tries harder to change. This is the only evil we need to remove from the soul of Adam besides cigarettes. Releasing him of his need for cigarettes still remains for a future spiritual cleansing.
  15. This one problem, will affect his reasoning with other changes in his life. So we will have to work on one at a time for him. Each time Adam has a spiritual cleansing, he will get better spiritually.
  16. What is the affect of this evil? This is something that affects the relationship of Linda and Adam. It does not affect the transcripts, but it is something that prevents us from moving forward in religion.
  17. We shall have a new prophecy here. If Adam can deal with this problem and never have it happen again, then we will bring more people to this forum and religion here. And this is a condition from God that Adam will have to conform to.
  18. Until this problem is reversed in his soul, he is not evolving spiritually and he is like Tarzan swinging in and out of evil.
  19. We have not supported Adam for nothing. This bar he is hanging onto comes from heaven and he needs to climb down to get help from Linda in this religion. His conduct has been very primitive and he will have to evolve spiritually.






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Posted: 15 Feb 2008 03:11 am



AdamKadmon wrote:

I pray to God to give me the strength to reverse this evil that has affected me most of my life.

Thanks for this transcription Adam. I'll be praying for you & for Linda as well. Our bad "habits" are extremely difficult to change. With a thorough self inventory & God's & Linda's help & understanding, I have confidence in your abilty to delete this evil from your life now & forever.





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Today I was looking through old emails to find the address of a tech guy. I found an email sent to me by Adam very early in this process.

Don't worry about being worthy. God has chosen you to be here and there is a definitely a purpose. You have already started a chain reaction that caused things to happen in this group that would never have happened if you were not here.

I think it is good to re-share this.

In my friendships in life there have been times where bad things were done, and feelings were hurt. What I have seen is that there is opportunity in moments like those to walk out stronger as a person, and to walk forward in an ever-stronger friendship.









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My dearest Adam and everyone,

I would like to thank God and the angels for this dream and the message within this transcript. I want you all to know that I love Adam very much and will do everything I can to help him work through this. I have plenty of love for him to draw on and he is not alone because I am here for him to support his effort to reverse this evil, cleanse his soul and move forward with everyone in this religion.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Love Linda

Linda Marie








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Posted: 18 Feb 2008 05:51 am

I don't know what to say except Thank you God and everyone. And a special thanks to Linda for her support and love.

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