Evolution of Visionaries

Post by Adam Kadman on Mar 29, 2007 at 8:22am

Hi Everyone,
Last night I had a couple of dreams that I am posting here:

In the first dream I was in church listening to a sermon from a minister. During the sermon I felt a strange sensation come over me and I began to feel myself levitating off the floor about six inches and moving around the church. Before I knew it I was right beside the minister while he was doing the sermon. Things were a little blurry so I asked him if he noticed that I was levitating. He said he did not, and my feet were touching the ground. Shortly after he said that, I became week and collapsed beside him. The next thing I knew was that I was outside with him and he was worried that I was sick and should go home. He called me a taxi. As I was waiting for the taxi, I remembered I did not have any money and told him that I was feeling okay and would be able to drive my car home. He objected but I apologized for messing up his sermon and told him to go back inside. Then I went to get in my car but I could not find it because I didn't remember where I parked it. I searched for it up and down streets and in parking lots for quite a while and still could not find it.

In my second dream, I was at a dinner with a couple of people. Two people were sitting at the table and I was talking to another person off to the side about God and how he can create miracles to give us direction. I had a tough time convincing him that he did not hurt people like it often says in the bible when he creates a miracle. So I gave an example of when God knows someone it going to get hurt how he can redirect them. For example if someone was going to get hit by a train in a car how he would try and prevent them from crossing the tracks so the train would not hit them. While I was telling them this, I could actually experience and see God send down a bolt of lightning that hit in front of the car to stop the car from crossing the tracks. When I was done explaining the other two people at the table said they heard my explanation and it was a fantastic revelation and they now believed me.

In my third dream, I dreamed about Topper (one of my budgies). This is two nights in a row I dreamed about him, but I can't remember the first dream. In this dream, Topper was on the floor, up against a wall where there was a small hole in it. For some reason I started skipping rocks at him and he went into the hole to get away from me. He disappeared into the wall. When he did this I was worried and realized what I had done, so I got a small key flashlight that Vicki had given me and shone it in the hole to find him. However, I could not see anything in there. I was worried that he was going to get eaten by the little creatures that were in the wall.

Hi everyone,
Congratulations, God, Jesus and the angels have moved you up to the next level of understanding. This is a very important transcription. Let me know if there are any questions. I think there may be more to this as well.

Evolution of Visionaries

1. You had a dream of levitation. This minister that had the sermon did not really want to believe it. And Adam's symbol of levitation is the conflict that you are experiencing in religion.

2. God is lifting you towards heaven, but you refuse to let him do it. Everyone we have in this religion is counting on you and they know heaven is part of this religion.

3. We need to clear up this confusion.

4. There is a question from Terri about Easter. How shall you visionaries practice Easter?

5. You have to remember Jesus' crucifixion and forgive all people who live in their confusion.

6. When Adam was at this sermon, he levitated towards heaven. The reverend didn't believe his own eyes.  His own confusion prevented him from seeing the truth.  But he was still a very good person and tried to help you.

7. You collapsed here and he called the taxi to take you home because he felt you were too sick to drive your car.

8. And you experienced some confusion because you couldn't remember where you parked your vehicle. So you had to find a reason for risking your life when you knew you didn't have any money for the taxi.

9. So you had regressed in confusion in religion. Often we experience a regress causing us confusion.

10. That is why God is here to give you direction. You have a responsibility to ask for direction when you are confused. God needs you to always come to him for direction so you can lead a life that is healthy.

11. If you experience an attack of confusion, it could change your future. So you cannot let confusion sit long, or it will get worse.

12. The visionaries here need to ask questions if they are experiencing confusion about something. You have to remember Adam can get the answers straight from the Angels in heaven and if Adam is confused we will set him in the right direction.

13. When there is confusion you will not be moving in the right direction and you will forget where your vehicle of religion is. This is no fault of Terri, as these new changes come as we evolve in the process.

14. Many of you have evolved in the understanding of the threads we have chosen for you and you are finding your way through the swamp of religion here.

15. Each one of you who have done some work is in the river that meets up with the river of God.

16. Now you will get your directions from God. Remember this is part of the prophecy. These answers will come in your dreams. And you will be able to understand each one of them.

17. These dreams are for you to lead your life. You will not need to be posting them here because you will be able to understand the direction He wants you to go. If you need it, Adam will be able to help you.

18. There are still many dreams and visions that we will be working through in the future  but you will have your own. God will make them as simple as possible.

19. Whenever you need some direction, you will ask God for it and He will give you the answer.

20. Adam will still post his dreams in the forum so you will still learn from these lessons. When new people come here, they will have a chance to have their dreams transcribed. Each time a dream is resolved you can make a comment about it here.

21. So now you can feel that you have evolved in understanding the dreams that God sends you. And Terri's dreams will still be transcribed by Adam, however, from this point forward, she is following the direction from understanding her own.

22. This does not however, give visionaries the right to do transcriptions here, for the direction from God will pertain to their own life. If they have a dream where they feel evil is present, they shall not act upon it. For it may be sent from the devil.

23. You all have an understanding when evil is present and if it isn't something that is based in love, and sends you in the direction of love, if it gives you confusion, you will send it to Adam and he will try to answer any questions.

24. So you have graduated to the next level here. You are aware that you receive communication that comes from God and he will begin to answer your questions.

25. If you have a question they will have to relate to religion in here.

26. When you get an answer from one of your dreams, you post it at your own discretion and make a testament, if the answer helped you. Adam will help you if you have a problem.

27. You are about to have miracles in this religion for this is part of the evolution of this forum.

28. God has promised to make this easier and you visionaries will have some prophecies coming.  

29. Terri's dreams are still reserved for the bible in the future. We will use Adam's dreams to teach in the forum for now.

30. He will also have simple ones as well here and we will show you how to analyze them. Whenever you have visions you must post them in the thread with your new dreams from God.

31. Now you will begin to receive prophecy every time you have a dream and it will help you change your life with the actions and direction you take from them. Just remember that religious prophecy gives us direction through religion.


Hi everyone,
I have to say that I made a mistake in my last entry. When I heard that there were a couple of people killed in the storms in the US I began to doubt the prophecy of survival. However after going back to the transcription, I realized the prophecy specifically mentioned Texas and that there would be no loss of life with much destruction. Terri was right when she acknowledged it was a miracle that no one in Texas was killed or even critically injured, with all of the tornadoes, flooding, washed out bridges etc. This was definitely intervention from God and part of the prophecy of survival. I just found out on the news about 30 minutes ago that Texas was spared any deaths. So this is the transcription I received next that relates to that and it is also a prophecy from the dream about Topper in the wall.

Prophecy Of Survival In Texas-No Loss Of Life

32. You need to listen to this clearly people.  This religion is for teaching the visionaries for Jesus' return.  You have all been part of the procession for Christ and you will teach the visionaries of the future.

33. These prophecies are all related to the future of humanity and show that this is a product of the intervention of God.

34. And each prophecy is a reverse of evil. Prophecy is an action of intervention of your God. Do you think Adam was sent all of these prophecies for no reason?

35. So this adventure in religious prophecy, has given each of you a reason to make religion your life. Do you have faith in this religion? Do you have faith in the prophecies that Adam has been performing? Do you feel a reverse of evil?

36. It is all for a reverse of evil in this world and you can make a difference with this religion.

37. It comes from the Angels in heaven.  You have to realize the events you have experienced in this forum are coming from heaven and everything we do is to make this world better.

38. If you have some fear then you have emotional evil and you need to ask God to not allow it to steal your faith here.

39. In this dream that Adam had about Topper, he had emotional evil and he was throwing rocks at Topper.  And he was a symbol of Adam's faith. After he threw rocks at Topper, his faith disappeared.  

40. Adam then made a decision to find it again. When he looked for Topper, he was very hard to find. He disappeared in the wall of confusion.

41. His flashlight didn't work when he tried to look for him in the hole. He saw him disappear, so he knew he was in this wall.

42. This was still a prophecy of survival. Adam knew it was important and he needed his faith in this religion.

43.  And he immediately knew when it disappeared. With faith God is able to give you direction. When Adam was looking in this forum and lost his faith, it was lost in the hole of confusion.

44. You have to understand that God made a prophecy of survival here. The storms that went through Texas produced destruction but no loss of life and this was the prophecy of survival and shows you God's intervention. It was a miracle that there was no loss of life.

45. And the loss of faith that Adam experienced came when he thought the destruction caused death in the region. Adam just found out there was no death in the region there so this has restored his faith in the prophecy that was made.

46. And that is why this is a very important event. He knows it was a miracle of survival. He knows this prophecy was a product of this religion. You have experienced a prophecy in the making.

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