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Post by Adam Kadman on Apr 9, 2007 at 2:12pm

Hi Visionaries,

Before I went to visit some of my family on Saturday, I had a couple of dreams on Friday night. This is the first one.

April 6, 2007 (Good Friday)
Dream: Cave Of Hiding

I dreamed I was in a cave that had two entrances. One from the front, and one from the side. For some reason, I had a little bit of fear and I was hiding from someone. They came to the front of the cave entrance and looked in. I was at the back of the cave and it was kind of dark and they did not see me, so they did not come in. A few minutes later, someone else came to the side of the cave and they saw me and I was glad to see them.

1. We will now do your dream of this cave that you were in Ryan. There is a reason God sent you this dream.

2. Usually when you are hiding it is a warning. There will be warnings for many people in this religion, and you can change your direction when God is warning you.

3. This tent is a symbol for accommodations of Vicki and Ryan. And God will find you a place in the near future. That is the prophecy of your accommodation. You have family that you can go and stay with. Accommodations are solidified when you go and speak to them. And your relationship with your family can get better and you shall establish some business relationships.

4. There were two entrances to your cave there and you were hiding from people who were trying to reject that you were a prophet.

5. You harbored a fear to tell them and this cave lives in reality here.

6. When they looked in the other entrance they could see you very clearly. These were the people that were in religion here.

7. So what is it God is warning you about? Your family will not be convinced that you are a prophet and he wants you to be prepared for this. Ryan has choices if he tells them or not and you should never feel that you have to tell them. You must take some time to establish a relationship with them first.

8. When they come to you, you shall be there waiting for them. And if you tell them too early, you shall be breeding confusion. Whenever they need you, you will be there for your family.

9. With direction from God you will evolve in relationships around you. Remember you are building the walls of the religion of the future.

10. And you will just tell them you are practicing a new form of Christian religion and when they are ready they will ask you about it. You can tell them if they have a dream you can transcribe it for them and it will give them understanding of it.

11. This cave that you are in will depend on which door the people are coming from.

12. Confusion always breeds emotional evil so you will have to prove it to them before you tell them you are a prophet. You will have to give them many reasons for believing in you.

13. So you will have some miracles that will begin to convince them and they will find you.

Dream: Bus of Religion

My second dream was when I was on a bus with a bunch of other people. I believe it was Vicki that was holding onto my arm tightly beside me. There were no seats on the bus and the floor was made of stripped hardwood flooring. Everyone was standing up holding on to bars to stabilize them. When the bus began to move it was very bumpy, and almost like an earthquake. The windows started vibrating and the hardwood floor beneath our feet started to break up and bounce all over the place, however, the steel floor of the bus was still underneath and we had no fear of falling through the floor. I knew I had to hold on tightly to the bar and to Vicki or else she might fall. After a while the complete wood floor was shattered, but there was no great fear. I looked at Vicki and leaned towards her and gave her a loving kiss.

1. This next dream when you were on the bus, the floor was breaking up. It also lived in possibility. The bus is a symbol of the vehicle of religion.

2. When the wood floor of this vehicle was breaking up, you still had the steel floor to stand on.

3. The journey that you were taking was very turbulent and you are with Vicki on this bus here.

4. You felt her holding on to you Ryan and you had a strong grasp on the vehicle of religion. There were others who were with you as well but you could not really see them well. When the floor was breaking up the others had a strong grasp to.

5. There was turbulence for a reason here. The bus was going very fast and it didn't have some seats to sit in. If the seats were down, the floor would not break up all over the place.

6. So what is the action for this here dream? People were holding on to the faith of this religion even when comfort was not provided for them.

7. This is also another prophecy for this religion here. If there is turbulence in this religion people will continue to hold on with their faith. When the prophet of this religion is moving, they will have to have faith that he will find comfort. When this vehicle is in motion we shall receive turbulence in religion but we will find comfort when we get to where we are going.

8. So Ryan will begin to go through a turbulent journey, but he will always be protected by this vehicle while he is in motion.

9. The other people that are there will always be protected as well, as they will never be in any real danger.

10. When Ryan is with Vicki he kisses her because he knows that she needs comforting. And Vicki knew that everything would be okay.

11. When you are on the vehicle of religion, you cannot be harmed by the turbulence of evil. You know you will get some comfort, when you are not harmed by evil. God's love will repel all evil

Just an update on Vicki and I current situation. I am still waiting for my income tax check as it was delayed due to the computers being down with Canada Revenue. I am hoping that it will arrive this week at which time we are going to meet in Buffalo and go to the Embassy and submit the paperwork. It is going to cost some money to do it so that is the reason we had to wait.

Secondly, when I went up to visit my sister about 150 kilometers east of Toronto, I made a decision that I want to be closer to my family. Both my sister and mother are in the same town. My sister says she will put us up for a month or so until I get a place to stay and get my business started. Also they have a beautiful farm with horses and I will be helping them out for a while as well. Meanwhile, we may have to wait for a few more weeks until Vicki can get into Canada but I will find that out when I stop at the border. By getting the proper paperwork and information at the embassy we want to make sure she is free to go back and forth whenever she pleases.

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