Fence of Religion

Post by Adam Kadman on May 5, 2007 at 9:24am

May 4, 2007
Dream: Fence Of Religion

Hi Visionaries,
Last night I had a dream that I was standing outside this long chain link fence that went for miles. There was no entrance but I believed there was one ahead. I knew I wanted to get on the inside because I had a meeting there. However, I wasn't sure what was there. I was beginning to get tired because I was walking for so long. For some reason I climbed up to the top of the fence and could not go over it. So I sat on the top with my legs facing outside. As soon as it did that the top rail became very slippery and I started sliding at a fast pace on the top rail towards my destination. It was a lot of fun at first. However, as I began to move faster I could see that the structure of the fence changed a little bit ahead. There was some barbed wire strung a foot from the top. There was no way I could stop my momentum and I feared that the barbed wire would tear me apart when I got to it. The only thing I could do was lean back. Somehow I avoided the barbed wire and eventually ended up at my destination.

Fence Of Religion

1. The fence runs along this religion in the future and Ryan is looking for the entrance. It didn't live in reality because you can't ride a fence that way.
2. God is giving you your mission. And he doesn't want you to injure yourself in this mission
3.  We know Ryan is beginning to listen to God to live a better life. He is heading in the direction of his God.

4. He found a fence to ride on that would take him all the way there. He looked ahead and saw something that would harm him on this fence and he was going so fast he couldn't stop himself.
5. And he knew this evil could tear him apart so he had to lean back to avoid it. You still passed through this here evil. You still arrived at your mission.
6. So we have to reverse in reasoning here. There is no evil that can stop you from your mission in God and there is no fence like this that runs along the outside of this religion.

7. And you won't have to look for the entrance if you are already inside, however, when religion is your life you always will be surrounded by a fence of religion.
8. The fence for our religion really has a good reason. God knows that you need protection from a life of evil.
9. When His fence is built it will always have entrances all over the place so people will be able to enter easily. There is no danger on the top that would ever cause an injury.

Jesus’ Metaphysical Fence of Matter
10. And this was a dream to give you direction from God. It will be a fence made of matter that is beautiful and not just a fence of wire.  And every fence of religion is made from the love of your God.
11. If you are outside of this religion, you will want to come inside. When this fence of religion is built, we feel the love emanating from it and we have to let people know they are welcome if they want to come and join us. For Jesus Christwill be standing on top of this fence in the future and beaconing more people

Sonny Resurrection Prophecy

12. There will be people waiting at each entrance to welcome the people that are coming. They will tell them Jesus will be coming down soon to teach them and they will find peace and comfort while they are visiting. And if they want to stay, they will be welcome to.

13. This is the mission that God is giving you and you will build this fence in the metaphysical. Once it is built in the metaphysical it can be created in the physical. This here prophecy is something that will happen in your lifetime.

14. Now we will go back to the lessons of Sonny.
15. We will have a miracle soon.
16. God has been reversing some evil and Sonny is also helping. God sees a reason to give you a miracle with this event.  

17. God knows Sonny had a precious life. He knows that Sonny sacrificed his life for God and He was sad for him.
18. And Sonny will be resurrected in the winds of life. And his soul shall return to us in the future.  We will have another budgie in here soon.

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