The Grasshopper

Post by Adam Kadman on May 15, 2007 at 11:55am

May 13, 2007
Dream: The Grasshopper

Two nights ago I had this dream. I was holding this precious and beautiful rock and carried it with me wherever I went. I was looking at it and all of a sudden, it broke apart in many pieces and a large grasshopper came out of it. When it jumped out, it jumped erratically constantly changing direction but at the same time briefly meeting people. I had great feelings of love for this grasshopper and wondered how it could experience love for humans, as it was only a grasshopper. It would not stay with me though and began to hop around the house doing tricks and interacting with others in the house. I was concerned for it's safety, when it interacted with people. Therefore I followed it all over the place making sure it was okay.

Grasshopper In The Rock Of Religion

1. This rock dream has a symbol of a grasshopper jumping from one direction to another in life. This grasshopper cannot decide on what direction it wants to go. The grasshopper was alright when it was in the rock of religion. And Ryan has a relationship to this grasshopper.
2. This precious rock was a symbol of religion before it was broken apart. And you were happy to have it with you all the time. Once this grasshopper broke out, you were wondering how it could have a relationship with people because it did not have religion surrounding it.
3. So we need to evolve in some reasoning here. It is often difficult to take the direction that God has choose for you and you need to break out of the rock of religion once in a while when it just gets too difficult for you.
4. This rock is precious for a reason. It is made from the understanding of God. If it breaks apart it will reassemble when you follow the direction of God if you always carry the pieces with you.

5. When it is broken there is confusion there and you will not be able to figure out how to put it together on your own.
6. Ryan is experiencing confusion in his relationship with Vicki. And you all need to know that God understands Ryan's reasoning.

7. Ryan feels there is confusion in the direction that God has chosen for him in this relationship. And he has made many mistakes in other relationships in his life.
8. So how does Ryan get God to help him reassemble this rock of religion and get the confusion to disappear?
9. He may have to make a decision on his own to find out which way to go. God does not always give you direction in everything you do in your life, but He will help you if you have a problem as long as we seek out His direction.
10. All of you have a choice to seek your happiness. Certain actions depend on the reactions of others and you cannot always be held responsible for changing the direction that God wants you to go.
11. All the mistakes that you make in life are not necessarily caused by evil, because they often depend on others. You cannot force others to go in the direction of God, and you cannot hold them responsible if they don't. But you will need to ask God to reassemble the rock.
12. Our mistakes will always cause us a problem. We can't blame the confusion of someone when we are having relationships. It is a natural thing for humans to change their mind when they feel a relationship will have problems.
13. We will always begin a relationship with feelings of love. When you feel your reactions in a relationship are not based on loving emotions, then you will experience evil reactions that will confuse you. Then you will need to question whether your relationship will help you grow spiritually.

14. And we have a right for spiritual growth in every relationship that we encounter. And every good religion is based on relationships that help us grow spiritually.
15. When two people have a commitment in a relationship that is the same, then there will be less problems between them and less confusion.

16. So Ryan’s decision is based on his spiritual growth that he has had in his relationship. And like a grasshopper, he does not want to jump back and forth out of a relationship that isn't helping him to grow spiritually.
17. You cannot depend on your soul for spiritual growth for you are the vessel that carries it through life and you guide it to grow spiritually. And you have a responsibility to take it to the places where it will experience Divine emotion.

Mission Based On Survival and Spiritual Growth
18. So what is the problem that this grasshopper is experiencing? He can't really have a relationship with humans because he fears if he has a relationship with humans, they will hurt him even if he knows these humans love him.
19. He has never experienced a proper relationship with a human that was not based on survival. When his survival is his only mission, then he will not be able to have a relationship with a human. So it is natural for him to have a mission of survival in life.
20. God, He understands that our mission of survival is important for even God puts this on the highest level for all his creatures that he loves. So when God gives you a mission too, He basis it on your survival and your spiritual growth.
21. The only way the direction of this grasshopper would move forward in a relationship with a human would be to jump on someone's shoulder and stay there. He would have to evolve in his relationship with a human to move on to the next level.

22. And this grasshopper was always running away from you. But this grasshopper needed people to evolve spiritually. Its survival depends on the relationship it decides to have with the human.
23. Now how can the people return this love to it? They have to begin to understand it. They both have to have a proper understanding for their survival and they will have to begin with religion.

24. So you have to reverse in reasoning here. Because Ryan has not evolved in the relationship, can his love react with emotion that will reverse this evil? If he can reverse it, he will begin to have spiritual growth.

25. Which part of his decision is based in love here? Was his decision a reaction of evil? And was it a selfish reason that he is having all these problems with this grasshopper? And has he resorted to religious evil here?

26. Reactions that are based on an evil decision will not be based in reasoning. Even though he is experiencing this confusion, the decisions of Ryan are based on his love.
27. If they are based on love, there is a reason for him to choose a life with God. Only God and Ryan can feel if his reaction will result in an emotion that isn't based in evil.
28. This is how God knows we have a resistance to evil. If we have resistance to evil, then we will go in the direction with God. When we go in the direction of God, then we know that our life will change.

29. So his relationship to this grasshopper is for its survival and protection and is something that is based on his love.
30. And even though there is confusion here, and the grasshopper is broken out of religion, Ryan still has feelings for this grasshopper and he wants to protect it.

31. So Ryan seeks God's help to reassemble this rock of religion. Whenever we try to have a relationship that is based in religion, we get closer to heaven.


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