Three Main Rules In Heaven For The Angels Of God

Post by Adam Kadman on Jul 9, 2007 at 11:39am
July 9, 2007

Rev. Ryan posted:

Hi everyone,
The other day I had this dream that I was standing by a whirlpool in a health club. I sensed that the people around me were very critical and evil in a way. I had a coffee in my hand and somehow I dropped it and kicked it in the whirlpool. I was not sure if I did it on purpose, or it was an accident. As soon as I did it, I realized that these people standing around would be very upset and felt as if they might lynch me, so I took off hoping they would not follow me or notice what I did.

I ran down several flights of stairs and I remember thinking that they would most likely not be far behind me. There were many exits that I could take to get away and I felt that it would not be a problem losing them because there were many ways to escape.

Here is the transcription:

Three Main Rules In Heaven For The Angels Of God

1. You threw coffee in the whirlpool, and it was an accident. You knew that they would not understand and you knew that this would stir up evil emotions.
2. You knew that you had to get away and you had a very good reason to escape them. You should not feel guilty for this.

3. During confusion of people, you will need to escape. We do not want you to feel guilty for other peoples confusion.
4. This is the secret life of a prophet like you. You have to know when to run away from all of the confusion.

5. This confusion is evil and you will know all the reasons that people have this confusion. Each encounter it will be multiplied when you have to connect with the angels.
6. The angels they have a lot of faith in you and this is the reason you will be having a miracle. For when you have faith in God, the angels have faith in you. And this is one of the rules of heaven.               
7. And there are three main rules in heaven for the angels of God.
8. You must always respect life. You need to have permission to leave heaven if you are going to react with the physical.
9. And each miracle you make shall be connected to a religious event. And these religious events must be for the preservation of life. And these lives must be used to do good in the future.
10. So this whirlpool is the confusion in life.  And this coffee that you put in it reacted with this evil.
11. You could not believe that this coffee would have such a negative effect on this whirlpool. And this reaction when Ryan began to run, you found there were many ways to go when you were being pursued by evil.
12. And this is one of the rules for God's creations, when they are running away from evil. There will be many ways you can run away from evil. Please make use of them.

13. By making a connection to God's angels in heaven, you are asking for direction and we will try to steer you in the right direction.
14. We do not need permission from God for this intervention, for this is God's gift for his prophets from Heaven.
15. This gift from heaven will always be there to draw on when your confusion becomes too great for you to bear. Whenever you have a question, God will give you the answer.
16. When you don't know, if you listen to God, you will have a metaphysical reaction. You will feel you have the perfect action to ensure you are heading in the right direction. You will feel like changing your life, and God will find ways to give you signals you are heading the right way.
17. In the future you will see the prophecies happen. You will have reasons to be grateful for the prophecies that are unfolding.
18. With each prophecy there will be something that will be related to Jesus' return. And there will be miracles evolving in religion throughout many regions in the world.
19. And we will begin to reverse this religious evil. This is how the future of all religions will be involved here. And when other religions are involved, we will begin the revelations of the survival of humanity.
20. And Jesus will be leading it as our Saviour.
21. And when we free the world of religious evil, humanity will live in harmony with each other.
22. And we will have the beginnings of a world filled with spirituality and God will expand the heavens.


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