Lost Tree Dream

The Lost Tree Transcription/Interpretation

On May 21st 2014 I made this comment on The Tarzan Dream

There have been lessons in the past on what is evil. One of the explanations the angels have given us is "anything that holds us back from spiritually evolving is evil." Many of the laws that depict what is acceptable by humanity can therefore be termed evil. This evil may not necessarily be recognized as evil in the society or culture that we live in, because it is an acceptable way of life. For the most part, if we follow the laws of the society that we live in, we are not usually classified as doing something that is evil. However, if it prevents us from evolving spiritually, we should be aware that it is evil taking our choices in life and we should be willing to make changes for reversing this evil within ourselves.

This is the response to that comment. I believe Linda and I still have some work to do on our own relationships. We have been balancing a fine line when we on what is fun and what is overdoing it while we spend weekends at the trailer, and God and the angels are letting us know that we need to be careful about going too far.

On Jan 1 Linda Marie had this dream:

January 1, 2013

I had this dream this morning and thought I would start the new year by posting it right here instead of recording it and posting it later. I was visiting or vacationing at a large house or small resort on a lake. There didn't seem to be any other guests but the family that owned the place was large with several children. Most seemed to be teenagers and I think the family was of foreign decent. The parents were concerned about their kids cleaning up after themselves and keeping the place tidy for the guests. I remember being offered some pie, maybe apple, and there was another person that could have been a grandparent that refused because it was to sweet for them or they were concerned about it bothering their teeth. (I have a tooth ache right now actually) I had a conversation with the owner about the vehicles that were parked outside and noticed one car in particular that was very sporty and sharp looking. I was sitting in a room on the top floor enjoying the view of the lake and the trees that lined the sides of the property. All of a sudden I started seeing the trees losing their limbs and they went crashing down into the water below. It kept happening and the pieces got bigger as whole logs were coming down. I was panicking and I realized there were men in the trees cutting them all down. I was crying and extremely upset as I realized it was to late and there was nothing I could do to save them. Linda Marie

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon on May 25, 2014


  1. We want to transcribe your dream about this tree.It was meant for when you were taking a vacation so this is the best time for doing it.
  2. This vacation was at a resort on a lake. It represents the people you will meet during a vacation.The guests were few but the owners had some children with them.
    This vacation makes you feel that you have a reason to alter your mission and this is something we don't want to happen.
  3. So we think we can make it through this with a prophecy, and with this we hope your vacation will be very spiritual. We will begin the transcription for this dream for you will need our protection with this prophecy as well.
  4. These owners were trying to keep a tidy place for you. If you think about it, this prophecy is happening right now, so it is a prophecy of this vacation. We want to make sure that you know this prophecy has come for a reason and will be happening this weekend. So be aware of it. For this is something that you can reasonably prevent from happening.
  5. In this dream Linda was talking with the owner and there was something that he was sharing with you. When you shared something that is so sweet, someone refused because it wasn't good for them.
  6. If something sweet is given to someone who can't eat it, it can be detrimental to them and their health may be effected. If we take something that can result in harm to our physical existence then we shouldn't, for it will also affect us spiritually. When we can learn how to balance our spiritual needs with our physical wants, then we can have a healthier existence. And this can result in the evolution of both your body and your soul.
  7. If you can resolve evil on the scale of your future, it will provide your life with balance. If something corrupts you physically, it also can affect you spiritually.
  8. Linda was looking at a car in the parking lot and she saw a beautiful vehicle that she would like to own. This vehicle was a symbol of something that transports life, using sport as an illusion of a religion.
  9. When the illusion of sport is represented by a vehicle of religion, it is spiritually a source of a beckoning by something you do not need to have spiritual evolution.
  10. And when there is something that beckons us with deception, we know it causes evil and confusion. 
  11. Linda was sitting in a place where she could see all the trees that lined the property. She was on the top floor representing a place that was filled with the peace and love she was experiencing as a visionary.
  12. The visions we have as a visionary usually come when we are filled with peace and harmony. And if they are corrupted by the evil we will know we will need to change the direction you are going.
  13. So in Linda's dream, we have began to initiate a reversal of evil. If we have an illusion we must remind ourselves if it is spiritually confusing us. If we cannot see it as evil, we begin to seriously alter our mission every time. If we cannot reverse the confusion, then we are spiritually devolving and evil can enter our life.
  14. Much of our confusion comes from the things that aren't good for us physically. And much stems from other things that beckon us with deception.
  15. What is the outcome of a prophecy that makes you feel you will die soon. We make a promise that you won't. And we can promise you that you have been evolving honestly for the better. And if you stick to your promise, you shall be okay. We can never undo what we have done, but we can learn from it. If something has changed the mission that you have, it will alter the prophecy and be meant for someone else.
  16. We want to defuse this problem before you drown in the lake of evil. It is confusion when your life becomes an illusion and becomes emerged in something that you may not be able to get out of even if there is a reason. When you are in this room you are surrounded by these walls and you have a vision of beauty everywhere. You feel this beauty beckoning you to carress it. And what you don't realize is that you are really experiencing it on your vacation right now, and it is caressing you with spiritual growth.
  17. This is not an illusion, because there is no deception. And if you choose the wrong direction you would never be able to physically and spiritually experience it. Direction from God will give you a better future where you can continue to spiritually evolve as long as you do not revise your mission.
  18. This is for everyone who is involved in this religion, who is experiencing confusion, for even when you are drowning in the lake of evil, God will save you if you ask for His help. Unless you have evil intensions, God will be there.
  19. When the trees began to lose their limbs it represented how a spiritual mistake can affect the soul of someone. They were beautiful but they became dangerous when their limbs were corrupted. They were an extension of the spiritual life we lead. Every living thing that was spiritually created has a role in the future to evolve into something we can view as a product of the beauty of God's ever lasting love..
  20. Even when it does not continue living it has given seeds for the future which shall raise up many more trees. Each of these limbs are reaching out with the motion of a vision of love. They collect the confusion in the air that is detrimental to life and reverse it into something that will sustain life. This is not an illusion as it really is happening forever. 
  21. So fear the meat of prophecy. It is something evil God spiritually uses to create something else good that will sustain life. When these limbs fell in the lake, they began to get bigger until all of them were gone. This is a warning to civilization. 
  22. If God cannot reverse the evil, these trees will all be dead, and they will no longer be able to provide the future with the things you need to sustain life. There are a lot of people on a mission that visualize the problems you are having and they have made prophecies about the future and they may also be on a mission of God. But they will never be successful unless they understand the spirituality of God and how He can create miracles. 
  23. When these prophecies come straight from heaven, and are provided by God, they can provide you with the right direction. We are here if you need more prophecies and if your philosophy is to seek a different way for spiritual growth.
  24. What is the philosophy we are teaching you with these transcripts? When you are listening to these prophecies, you will see a vision of a way to spiritual responsibility. When you experience a prophecy you will not forget the moment it happened and you will see the reason for it. So what is the prophecy we have given to you here?
  25. The problems you are facing arise from the philosophy that come from a vision of this illusion. When Linda's view of this screen changed for publishing she couldn't forget an old way of doing something she thought was easier. However she will find that as she uses the new way it will be much better.
  26. When you commence a easier mission, you will find that it is easier spiritually, each time you do it. You must realize you can't rely on a philosophy of an illusion for it changes your mission and it effects your spiritual evolution.
  27. When Linda saw the car in this dream, it challenged her with this illusion it was used for a religion of God. If there is confusion within a religion a prophecy will be given to reverse it and it will give you a reason to seek change.If you trust a vision of an illusion within yourself, then you are not seeking the real truth. If you practice your illusion, it will cause you confusion, and it will change your mission.
  28. Now lets go back to this dream. When we represented a religion with this sports car, we demonstrated the vehicle was an illusion of a vehicle that transported your spirituality in your life.
  29. This vehicle portrayed a vision of something that was fun and beautiful, but it was not a religion and it was not something which was part of your spiritual evolution. If this vehicle was part of this religion, it will give you a vision of a philosophy that demonstrated the responsibilityof the prophet who was driving it. It would display a philosophy of transporting family and the philosophy you need for this religion.
  30. When a philosophy contradicts what is part of your mission for God, it accomplishes the opposite of what you are trying to do. So this is a prophecy of the philosophies you demonstrate and something that causes much of the confusion in the relationship Adam and Linda have.
  31. If you seek a change you won't forget the responsibilities you were given on a  mission for God. If you can truly adhere to the philosophy that God has given in a religion, then it will always be blessed by God and it will become easy for you.
  32. The illusion of this car was really demonstrating how life can be driven by a philosophy of something that can take you away from family when you have responsibilities. And this causes much confusion and fear. If you commit to a mission which involves spiritual growth, then you can commit to your real mission and God will provide you with everything you need for this religion.
  33. Adam has to find a reason to trust in the vision that Linda provides to him and this will give him the strength that he needs to keep him out of the confusion he has.
  34. So this is where Linda can help him and if he has some fear you need to make use of it and try to reverse it so a miracle will happen. And this has been one of the original roles of Linda as we knew she could provide him with the strength and love he needed when he is chased by evil and confusion.
  35. What is the issue with some events you will be involved in in the park you are vacationing at? Put yourself in the shoes of  the group you are visiting with and the way they look at you. Do they have a good reason to want to walk in the shoes you wear? Do they seek the spiritual life that you display? Do they see you reacting with evil when there is evil all around you? Do they see you get wrapped up in the confusion they have? If they do, then you are only feeding their own confusion.
  36. Can they rely on you to deliver them your version of enjoyment without the confusion? Can they see that evil has no place in your life? Can they see what is important to you spiritually and what drives your happiness all the time?
  37. So if they would like to befriend you in a relationship, they will feel you have the answers to the problems they experience. You will find it really easy to give them your secret when they ask for one, for they will be searching for it. When you seek the answer for your happiness, you will seek those who are void of the issues that you are having. So when you are imerged in evil you should never feed on it, for it will eventually consume you.
  38. And once you begin, these prophecies will become regular. Once you begin your spiritual cleansing you will also feel better physically for God is waiting for you. God is waiting for you to experience this spiritual evolution.
  39. If your vision has changed, He will remain to love you but we shall advise you if He revises His plan. If you can't resist confusion, we will interupt this stream of religion and this mission will not evolve. We chose you Adam because you were special and we still feel that you can resolve to this reasoning.
  40. This will result in the spiritual reasoning that both you and Linda shall feel while dealing with other people. And once you begin to feel right you will have less confusion physically as well. We know on this trip you have begun to realize you need a change and the angels have seen there is improvement, but this is something you will need to continue.
  41. If you have some confusion you'll realize it came from the actions that you displayed in the past and what needs to be changed. We need both of you to be committed to providing the best display for this religion. Every witness in the future will have testimony to the way the history of this religion began. It is the original training for the visionaries that changes the future with the love of God.
  42. If you are seriously committed to this, spiritual change begin with the extension of your love for your children and God shall provide you with something that makes this river stronger.
  43. Do you realize how Kayla responds with her love every time you have given her special attention? The angels have been watching you Adam. If you realize that this illusion can interupt the river and God brought you this prophecy, we will promise that Kayla will seek a reason to really start listening to you.
  44. We will love you more if you listen too, and we will respond better if evil is not there. Now these trees for the future will begin to make seeds when you begin to learn from these lessons of God and they will be strong enough to support the weight of humanity when the limbs are corrupted by evil. So just like in your dream when everyone uses them up in confusion and chops them down, there will be something left that will begin to reverse the evil that gave them a reason to chop them down. 
  45. Every reaction that gives you the vision of a philosophy of evil shall have a reverse action. If you cannot reverse these actions in your future then God sees you on a mission that may risk the lives of many, and we cannot have that in a religion of God.
  46. In the beginning we gave you a vision of beauty and tranquility, and it ended with all these tree limbs falling all over the place. What you have been promised is within your view, and God has left you something else to think about. And He wants you to see when you are living an illusion that is dangerous, for not only you, but others, who will depend on these prophecies.
  47. You need a philosophy that will reverse confusion in religion by seeking intervention from God as Linda did in the last part of this dream. Linda knew that her vision was in jeopordy because of this evil.
  48. When you see the future of religion is supporting something confusing,  then it is always the wrong direction. When the limbs fell in the water, they made a splash and caused a lot of turbulance in the lake of evil.
  49. Don't forget that God has given you this prophecy so you can learn from this event and use it, for if you loose your connection in the river of religion, it will cause much turbulance breeding more confusion and evil. Remember you have a responsibility to rely on your God for the direction of this religion. If you cannot take the direction that you recieve from the transcripts then how is anyone else suppose to. 
  50. And yes, we can feel that you have evolved with our help, but we need to rid you of all evil.


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