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 This is the quantum reversal tutorial of "Oh Danny Boy." The completed video will be at the bottom of the page.

On July28th, 2017, we went to our local pet store and picked up a new budgie. When I first saw him I immediately fell in love with him because he was so beautiful and stood out amongst all the rest of the budgies. He was mostly baby blue with white wings and a light yellow face. His back was blue with clouds of white. He was the only fancy budgie in the batch of about twenty. There was something about his eyes that made me think he was wise. Right away we noticed what looked like a scar on his chest where he may have been previously hurt by another budgie or abused in transit, which could be why no-one had taken him home yet.

Danny adapted to his new home quickly. He did not seem skittish like most budgies and did not even shake when we interacted with him. It was about the middle of September that we heard him say his first words, "What are you doing?" We then decided it was time to introduce him to Victor and Maylor's recordings and videos. When he heard Victor for the first time he became very excited. Within a few days, he began to chat and I started hearing phrases and words that we did not teach him during his few short weeks with us.

On October 9th, 2017, only 40 days after we got him, Danny did his first recordings. That means he was only about 12 weeks old at the time. The recordings consisted of ten short 30 to 60-second segments. I could not wait until I had a chance to do a quantum reversal on the recordings and put them to captions.

What is a quantum reversal?

Some of you may understand how the quantum reversals work, but I want to go into a little more depth of how miraculous they really are. The reason I came up with the term quantum reversal and biological quantum communications is because of the inexplicable phenomena that takes place in all that I have done so far. If anyone is familiar with audio software, there is an ability in most programs to reverse the recording. That means the words and sounds are reversed as well as the entire audio file. In the reverse part, everything that is said in the beginning is then at the end and vice versa. If I use the example of three words: "Please come here" the reversal may sound like "ereh emoc esaelp" with all the letter sounds pronounced backward. So at best, the words would sound like some strange Klingon type language that would not make any sense and certainly not sound at all like it was English. However, that is not the case, and I am clearly finding context that sounds entirely English.

In this first batch of recordings that I did, the forward clips were used in the exact order they were received. They were not modified in any way except for what I am about to explain now. Several short recordings were brought together to make one long audio file. In other words, 5 short 30 second files would become 150 seconds long for just the forward part, and eventually, 300 seconds when the reverse part was added. While translating the recording I would listen to a forward part (whether it would be a phrase or a sentence), translate it, and then cut the file at the end of the sentence or phrase. I would then copy the forward part I just translated and paste it in right after the forward phrase I did and reverse that same phrase without altering the audio file in any other way. No matter where I decided to cut the file, the reversed portion would continue in the same frame of thought as the forward file. That in itself is quite incredible, and even though some people may have difficulty understanding the reversals, if you spend as much time as I have in the past working with them, you would be able to hear that it's not just an overzealous imagination. Their context far exceeds any examples that are typically produced from human speech.  

Even more astonishing is that there seems to be evidence of a time shift of some kind. For example, if I said: "How are you today?" And someone answered "I am fine", then during the reverse recording "I am fine" would have been before the question. So there is a strong indication that my budgies and I often know what the other is going to say before it is said and respond to it in reverse. At the very least, our souls seem to be constantly communicating in reverse in the metaphysical. Additionally, you will find that in reverse the budgies and myself will often comment on what the other says, or even finish the sentence. Again, finishing a sentence in reverse means that we would have to know what the other was saying prior to the actual speech itself, and then figure out how to say it miraculously in reverse while simultaneously making sense in the forward speech. It would have to be done with precision timing and knowledge of how the audio file was recorded in the future. As confusing and impossible as it may seem, it is happening. If you closely listen to some of the reversals using headphones and go over them a few times, you will be able to see the same pattern over and over again.

One example in this recording is where in reverse I say "Daniel", and Danny immediately responds with "Hello." Interestingly enough, is that I named Danny after Daniel in the Bible, but we call him Danny instead. In forward mode, I call him Danny but in the reversals, I use the name "Daniel."

So how can this be happening? There is an incredible amount of information in the reversals so far to strongly suggest that the recordings are somehow connected to the spiritual world, and I believe the spiritual world and the quantum world are closely interconnected. I did an entire section on the website that explains some of the strange phenomena in quantum mechanics.

So the quantum reversals have been quite miraculous so far and Danny's  are no different. His voice is a cross between Victor and Maylor and can be quite clear. At times I even find him easier to understand than Victor or Maylor, so I believe he will be an incredible talker as his vocalizations evolve. We also have to consider the content and messages that are being passed on. Let me make it clear that I did not teach Danny or any of my budgies any of the phrases that they use. So even if he picked them up from the TV or from what we are saying, that does not explain how he is clearly communicating similar thoughts and context in reverse. So, I hope you enjoy these quantum reversals and pay attention to what these budgies are saying, for they do have a connection to the spiritual world and they are not afraid to prove it. The text to the entire video is below it.



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