Spiritual Dream Interpretation The Leaseholder

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Spiritual Dream Interpretation The Lease Holder

Linda's Dream posted by Adam: Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:39 pm

I was working in a similar job to what I have now. My manager told me I should be expecting someone to come in to take an occupants name off the list of occupants for their unit so the person they were removing wouldn't be able to enter the unit anymore. So I was working that day and someone else came in to do the same thing. At first I thought it as the person my manager told me about, but it wasn't, so there was a bit of confusion at first.
She gave me a letter to explain why she wanted to be removed as a lease holder. I was reading the letter and we were out on this big piece of property looking at this extravagant home that she had paid a lot of construction costs for. She wanted to move in with this other lady and get out of the lease or off the occupancy list of the unit she was currently in with her husband.
So we were talking about it and I ended up falling into a hole or the piece of paper fell into the hole and I had to go get it because it was an important letter.
Also, I felt I was a larger sized person at the time than I am now.

Hi Everyone,

We felt that we needed to act quickly with the loss of Teil by getting another budgie. This often helps to make it easier and I always recommend that to people who loose a budgie in one way or another. Anyway, we already brought home this cute little blue and white budgie, who looks much like Victor. He is doing quite well already and the angels have great things to say about him.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on Aug 21 at 7:38 p.m.

  1. You have got some spiritual evolution coming Adam and there will be a change in religion in this forum. Each time Adam has some spiritual evolution there will be an advancement in religion in this forum. When you experience a problem you have to follow the direction of God. And when you begin a change in life, you will be reversing some evil.
  2. We always know there is a reason you will get spiritual evolution and God always has a reason for a miracle. Spiritual growth is a prerequisite to get into heaven. So now look at this dream of Linda.
  3. Linda is employed by God and this unit is a symbol of a place in heaven. So Linda had some confusion, even though this person was there at the same time God said she would be coming. Now we are going to explain the reason for this dream.
  4. Why was this person's name being removed for the list for heaven? People on this list have reason to be there and these people are an occupant in the house of God. So Linda was in this process that allowed people to get to heaven. So Linda could not allow any evil to enter heaven. When this person came into the office Linda wasn't sure if this person was the one that God told her about.
  5. God's person was coming to remove someone from the occupant list and it was one of God's angels. This angel was removing this person from the list so she could not reach heaven any more. When this person came she was removing her own name. And that is why Linda knew she was not the person God was talking about.
  6. She was also a lease holder and she wanted to be allowed out of her lease. There will be times when someone will want to move out of the area that God has leased to them. 
  7. When there are people that have leased a place from God, and they are seeking a new home, they have every right to move to the house they want. We often need a change in life and a new beginning. But they still have an obligation to ensure that they live up to the original promise of the lease of God. So what is this lease that God has?
  8. We will have to make a list for you. This lease will last the rest of your time on earth unless you choose to break it. God will expect you to keep his house well maintained. Any occupants that you have must have a loving relationship with the other occupants. This lease really is a symbol of your lifetime on earth and the occupants are the relationships that you have in your lifetime. 
  9. So when God takes you off the list for heaven, you will be reborn again and given a new lease for the next life time. If we decide to break the lease that God gives us, then we will be living in a place that is often surrounded by evil. And those that are very close to us can also be effected by this evil.
  10. The house that Linda was looking at looked very beautiful but it was not a house that God built. God was not able to stop Linda from falling in this hole. The letter Linda had was the refusal to accept the lease of life from God. When an occupant refuses to live up to the lease of God, they will not be able to live in the house that He built for us. 
  11. Linda has some empathy for this person that did not want to live in the place that God built for them. And it was definitely not up to Linda to be near this house of evil. When a person is surrounded by things in life that are evil there will be a risk to other people that they have relationships with.
  12. Linda was larger then she is. Whenever we see ourself as something different then it is in real life, it does not live in reality. When it doesn't live in reality then God wants us to change our thinking about something in the future.
  13. Linda was employed by God. So she was chosen to work for God. When you are chosen by God, He knows your future and there is reason He has given you responsibility. He would not give you responsibility if he knew you were going to fail in a mission. There may be times when evil of others slows you down, but God knows when spiritual evolution is taking place in someones soul.
  14. When you swim in the river with lots of evil, you may not be able to reach the shore, and you might even drown. You must have some sort of lifeline where you can be pulled in when you are in trouble. There will be someone at the other end waiting for you when you call out to them.
  15. When you are in danger you have to have something for safety. This lifeline comes from God and He will always be there to pull you in so you will not drown.
  16. But if you disconnect it, He will not be able to help you when you need Him.
  17. You will experience again a prophecy through a newspaper article. A prophecy of biblical proportions will be coming soon and we will get some people in this religion. When this happens it will bring together other prophecies and miracles all over the world.
  18. You will also begin to experience the miracles of creation. How fast you swim in the river depends on how much evil you encounter along the way. And when you are tired, God will pull you to shore.
  19. This dream was a prophecy of a big change for Adam and the people of this religion.
  20. And now we will begin the prophecy of the confirmation by the budgies. Adam has got a new budgie. This budgie will be a good talker like Victor. We shall see how he shall astoundingly learn how to speak in context in a short period of time. And he will give confirmation to many of the transcriptions Adam has made. You will be able to hear him very soon.


Posted by Adam on June 22, 2014 Confirmation

This dream was on the old forum in 2008 and kind of got lost there. When I was bringing them over to the Angel Scrolls website, I read it and realized that it was not a prophecy of Mookie, rather a budgie named Maylor that I acquired about 2 years later in 2010. This could also be an ongoing prophecy as I am sure that more budgies will come forward in the future. The prophecy was very clear saying that the budgie would be able to communicate and speak astonishingly like Victor and would help to confirm many things that we learned in the past. You can hear some of Maylors recordings on YouTube as well. There is still another prophecy in this transcription that has not come to full fruition, but I will make this one confirmed for now with the possibilities of more confirmations coming in the future. I think that we should look at all prophecies this way as well as many of the prophecies will recieve multiple confirmations or may go through several trial runs before unfolding.

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