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The Race Dream Interpretation/Transcription

On the 7th of April Adam had this dream:

Linda and I went to this racetrack and for some reason, she was running in the race against other women who were much larger and muscular that she was. I remember thinking that she may have a good chance to win because I believed she was faster than they were. Meanwhile, I went to the betting counter to place a bet on her and she disappeared for the race. I placed a few bucks on number 2 on several different races. For some reason, the 15 race was one of the bets I made. After I made the bet someone told me that the ticket person should not have sold me a ticket for the 15th race because it was already finished. I said well maybe I should go get my money back and he gave me a couple of dollars and said to just use it to place another bet.

The races quickly started happening and then they were finished. I went to the counter to cash my winnings in and noticed that they did give me credit for the one I thought was too late and I won 3 other races on number 2, which I suppose was Linda. At this point, I was a little upset because I did not get to see her race. My winnings were very small though. They only gave me about $4 for each race I won, but I was happy about it.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon 20 April 2014

1. We have some new miracles coming. Part of that process still has to come. If you notice, you have a responsibility to believe it will happen.

2. The prophecies here have a beginning with the angels in heaven. However, many prophecies have originated from an action of evil and propagated more evil.

3. We know that prophecy is something that comes in times of a new religion from God. Hence, a prophet must be chosen to pass on what they have learned. Much of prophecy is confusing unless there is someone who can communicate through the angels.

4. When God has something He wants to pass on from His religion, it will be put through an active process. You cannot begin a prophecy through something that you seek to change unless God has decided to give it to someone and believes it to be good.

5. A true prophecy is something that God wants to pass on to help the world in the future and a prophet has to work with God on every level. Adams responsibility shall start right now. We will pass on the information that we have and things will begin to evolve.

6. Part of the process is getting some budgies to come to you. You will need to reverse the confusion for everyone who has listened and will be listening to Victor.

7. Adam has some videos that he feels the transcriptions to be very accurate. He will put them together and provide them with a separate transcript of the words.

8. Certain people were forbidden to hear them because we wanted to ensure they were accurate. Now you have a reason to send them to the person you want to listen. Most certainly we will open the river to those who can help you.

9. We will be working right there with you. There will be many secret ways to help them trust in Adam and that is our responsibility.

10. And a woman will show she will be able to help. Don't you forget this person was praying for a prophet and we will be sending her to Adam. We want to make it her responsibility to make sure the captions are brought forth to someone who will be a good friend of yours.

11. Take the translations of Victor, the big translations that you feel are prophetic, you'll provide. You can post your translations with the videos. They find your translations and see that prophecies are happening with them.

12. Until this point, we have been preventing people who would come to cause confusion to participate. We know the future. This help you will receive, so don't worry. This woman will be looking for you. She is getting ready to help you. Try and review the time 10 years ago when we helped you.

13. We sent you a dream where you were at this place where they were racing. This race was representing a point of responsibility that Linda has to win in a race. There is no victor in a competition if you cannot have freedom from fear. It can only come if you are free of it. If she fears that life is not perfect, then it won't be perfect.

14. Linda had this race that was not well thought and planned out. Adam was there to make a bet on her. He didn't know how she was going to win but he had a feeling that she would. So he made a bet on the future of Linda.

15. However, Adam was confused when he made the bet of when she was running the race. If we have a feeling spiritually that something good is going to commence, then we will need to forget the things that keep causing fear from the past. The possibilities are endless when we know it.

16. Yes, we know something to reverse your apprehension now. Reading the fusion prophecy, you shall see the responsibility. You will see in the future that we even know all cars will be using fusion energy.

17. So let’s reverse in reasoning. There is reason to solve the problem with emissions when there is a possibility that it will cause evil and destruction on earth. So there is a relationship to something that needs a mission for change.

18. It can be so simple when God sees you readjusting your thinking and He certainly does send some help. You will see help in the dream that Linda had next.

19. When a visionary knows the mission that they have chosen is a mission from God, it will also be something that is really important to them. We can't forget we have got to be present in a religion that is a very good extension of God.

20. When a prophecy is given it will need an action to unfold and prophecy sees no future unless it is given birth through religion. In this dream that you had, you had a prophecy that Linda was going to win this race for you. What was Linda's mission?

21. She was competing with these women that were much stronger and bigger. And because you received a prophecy, you felt she was going to win. And you did not really know it until it happened. If you know spiritually that something is really going to happen, it will make you feel good, and you can begin to believe there is action to make it happen.

22. Through prophecy, you have a mission that will change the future. When you received your winnings from Linda's race, you wished you were there to see her run, but you were still happy it happened. We shall advise you when you are going to win a race in this religion. And if you reverse the confusion through the lessons that God gives you, you shall always be there near the finish line.

23. Many changes throughout history were initiated by a visionary and many came from God. And when they came from Him, they were simple to achieve when they were sent a prophecy first. And He will help you through religious people.

24. This dream had some symbols of numbers. The number 15 is simply a prophecy of the year that things shall begin to happen with this religion. This is when some visionaries and people are coming. You have some time to perfect your mission spiritually.

25. Your vision of a fusion engine is coming into fruition and will begin in the 22nd year. (Easter 2011 Prophecy) It was a beautiful prophecy and you didn't even know it was happening until Linda searched the internet today. Now you are beginning to see the symbol that this race was already completed before you knew. There are many things we are waiting for spiritually once we know they are going to happen.

26. We will start the new dream 


I had this dream the same night as Adam had the dream above.

April 7th 2014 - Linda Marie

I was driving a truck and I came up behind a vehicle that was hauling a flatbed trailer. It must have been very low to the ground because I drove over part of it. I realized that I knew the person that was driving the vehicle. I don't remember who it was, just that it was a woman. I did not stop and instead kept driving and darting in and out around other vehicles to pass them.  I was driving recklessly.

I stopped at a house and I believe the person that was driving the truck was the woman that lived in the house and I was
speaking to her husband. I can't remember the conversation now. There was a room in the house that we went to for some reason, I believe he was showing me something.

Another part of the dream I was driving a city bus for a lady who normally drove the bus because she wasn't feeling well. She was with me on the bus and we came up to the top of this big hill. I started to drive down the hill very fast instead of just crawling the bus slowly down. I could see there were children at the bottom of the hill. The lady bus driver got very upset at me and she said "that won't do" and she would have to drive it herself anyways because I was driving recklessly.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon 23 April 2014 

1. There was this big truck that Linda was driving recklessly. This is a prophecy of the vehicle of religion that Linda is driving.

2. If we are spiritually open we can reverse confusion. Even if we are spiritual we can still have confusion in life. Some shall live spiritually but need to have prophecy to believe there is a God.

3. Each of us has reason to reverse any evil that exists in our soul. We all have evil affecting us and if we have reversed some evil, we can help to reverse evil in others. And when we reverse evil, we will experience a future miracle. And each time we experience a miracle it will change the future.

4. When we show you all these prophecies coming in the future, we prepare you spiritually for a change that can help you in the future. If a visionary needs some help and direction, we can send you a dream like Linda has here.

5. Linda was approaching a flatbed and she was moving spiritually without concern for what was ahead. If we are spiritually approaching something we shall need to see the relationship it has with your own vehicle of religion. Otherwise you may crash your vehicle on top of it.

6. Linda needs to drive the vehicle of religion more slowly so she would not threaten someone elses mission. When we learn to drive we are all taught we should not drive recklessly. We should also find a reason to slow down if we should drive too quickly.

7. Prophecy helps to seek out other people with religious dedication, and we should never pass them without respect for their beliefs. You must respect them; show them you have interest in what they believe about spirituality and what they believe about prophecy.

8. Adam and Linda will need to get a conversation going about what others believe about spirituality. When they do, it will give them an opportunity to brief them on the research they have been doing. It will give others a reason to review the transcriptions and confirmations. They will find people who are seeking the information they can provide. It will be extra work for them, but it will bring some help.

9. Don't let the people fear that it is futile to express what they feel is different. People who object will still make their own decision. But if their beliefs can change, they can be working with you instead of against you, and this can release the confusion and open the gates for a miracle. In the future, you will have a reoccurring mission to get people to come to review some of the transcripts and prophecies.

10. In this dream the person that Linda was driving behind was a woman and Linda started interacting with her husband even though the woman wasn't there to join in on the conversation. There are many people who will read what she has said, but she will not see them.

11. In the dream, her husband was a symbol of someone this lady was spiritually connected to. We are making a promise that new people will come if you give them a spiritual reason. It would not be spiritual for them if they have nothing to give or gain. More of them can believe you are a prophet when they too can benefit from your spiritual knowledge. And this is important for spiritual growth within a religion.

12. Why would you believe in a prophecy of evil? Everything you believe is the opposite of us! This is never a good way to attract people and it is a beautiful experience if we can learn the truth ourselves. Please control this mission you are going on with respect of others who come. We have been working closely with each process you are going through.

13. In another part of her dream, Linda was driving someone else’s vehicle of religion because the lady was sick. When we have religious evil our soul will be spiritually sick.

14. When you realize that your own confusion can result in death or harm you must seek someone that can help you to avoid it in the future. And if the vehicle you are driving is also causing others harm, you should seek out direction from someone that can help you prevent it.

15. When Linda went up this hill, she was driving properly and she found some people. When she saw some children, it was the beginning of this prophecy.

16. This hill represented a place where these children were trying to get up to. She saw them there and she did not care they were coming. And the direction she was heading was very slow on her way up, and when she reached the top she wasn't as slow on the way down.

17. Now we will have the prophecy. You should realize the beauty of prophecy is part of our mission, and when it is going too slow, it is waiting for a reverse of religious evil. A prophecy almost never gives you more of a reason for living spiritually unless it is sent by God.

18. Linda was going down this hill with disrespect of life. This was a representation of how we can change a mission in confusion. Linda failed to be in charge because she chose to be in a relationship with someone who wasn't able to evolve and it has altered her mission. So what is the difference of being in a relationship with someone who is trying to change, and one that doesn't want to?

19. If we are in a relationship with someone who doesn't want change, then we will begin to collect their evil, and begin to devolve spiritually. We will find reason to try and change our mission and this will definitely change our direction with God. And God will not be able to protect you while you are in confusion.

20. The future is changing by the direction that you go. Before your mission changes you must change your current direction, for the future depends on it.

21. We know the religion will be a problem if Adam doesn't evolve in his relationship with you and Kayla. It is bringing lots of spiritual problems that we need to address right now and we cannot let you continue this way. How can you get honesty when you are not in control of it yourself?

22. In the dream you are approaching all of these little children, and they count on you to get them to the top of this hill. But you hear this woman who is driving with you telling you, you are not driving safely. Obviously you are going in the wrong direction and we need you to turn around. So she has a reason for serious doubt in your driving. If you are causing fear of something, then you should find a reason to change the direction you are going.

23. So Linda has to stop and turn around here. A beautiful mission for the future is building and you are right in the middle of it now. If you cannot listen spiritually then it will never happen.

24. Now lets go back to Adams original dream. You were going in this race. Each race was another reason you had to win. And you had a promise that Adam would find out whether you would win each race or not, even if he wasn't there.

25. God sees each experience the future offers and he would love to see you win them, but Adam does not know until it happens. We know you will feel this prophecy isn't right, but it is a warning for you. However, we are counting on you to be a victor in these races here.

26. And now you will have the prophecy. Something will be passing that is close to Linda. This is something we have to pass on for her protection and it will definitely save the life of Linda.

27. Linda may get confused when it happens, but we will give her protection to get her through it. It is something that will happen soon to her and Adam. When a prophecy of survival is given it is something we can avoid if we listen and it can save her life.

28. And when you see another vehicle driving by very quickly you cannot continue in that direction. You should find a place to stop and wait for a few minutes before you continue. When it happens you will know that it came from the dream you had, for there is a flatbed truck involved in it. You will be following this flatbed vehicle and you can avoid it. We promise that you shall avoid it if you listen carefully.

29. The hill is where you can avoid it, but be careful on your way down. So always be more careful on hills all the time. You have got the responsibility to drive slower as you are going to approach children.

30. Don't try to reverse the evil in the religion of someone else unless you have done it yourself. When we see a visionary who doesn't try to change their life, we know they will eventually spiritually devolve. And when they are devolving, we will not be able to save their soul from experiencing more confusion and evil.

31. And when they can find a reason to turn their life around, we are able to help them. This is a promise from your God. Seek the direction of God, and He shall show his love and always make you strong. He has a responsibility not only to Linda, but everyone who looks for direction in their life.

32. You must win each time you compete for spiritual growth of the soul. We know that your vehicle of religion will be driven with respect for others from what we have told you. And we shall keep you safe when you succumb to confusion, as soon as you can find a way to change direction.


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